Brentwood Tennessee | Alternative Medicine

 Eric Potter M.D.

Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting
E-Mail Address:
Web Site URL:
Street Address: 7105 Crossroads Blvd
City: Brentwood and  Serving Spring Hill and Franklin areas of Middle Tennessee
State/Prov: TN
Zip/Postal Code: 37174
Country: Country
Home Phone: 4234168019
Business Phone: 615-714-0002

Areas of Expertise

  MTHFR, Epigenetics

Spiritual care of patients

  • Organizing health education (printed and group)
  • Master’s level seminary education (underway)
  • Organizational leadership (various roles, interacting with pharmacy, informatics, and patients)
  • Physician mentorship
  • Biblically-based medical business models
  • Electronic medical records
  • Medical Spanish
  • Parental rights (education, health, including testimony before state legislature)


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