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A  & M Chiropractic Clinic Arlington
Dr  Andrea Milne, C.C.S.P.
4012  Southwest Green Oaks Boulevard
Arlington, TX
(817) 572-0072
Dr  Andrea Milne, C.C.S.P. blends the natural approach of
chiropractic  therapies with advanced options for your Holistic
Health. Your personal attention and professional alternatives
for your Best Care are her purpose in practice.

A Chiropractor help keeping the nerve system as clear of interference as possible so the body can work better, naturally.


"Most people think Chiropractors treat mostly orthopedic problems, especially backaches, disc pains, sciatic problems, whiplash-related injuries and the like.

In these cases one would try the chiropractic approach first, for the art of manipulation has proven beneficial in treating these conditions since the time of Hippocrates.

Other disorders such as those which involve organs and internal glands of the body also often respond to chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic is based on the premise that every gland, organ and cell of the body needs a nerve supply to function properly.

Therefore, it would seem logical that malfunctions in these areas would also respond to chiropractic adjustments.

"So what is treated?" It is as varied and vast as the nervous system itself.

Chiropractor | Aligns Your Body Mind Spirit

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