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"Christ gives us the words and love needed to bridge us back to our souls. He corrects what we have been taught in error and tells us, God is not a religion and no soul is more important than another. There is only love."~ Nadia Khalil Bradley

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"The surprise of truth is freedom." ~Nadia Khalil Bradley

"When we are not doing what we love, our antenna stays up. We never settle where we are, with what we are doing, or even thinking about doing it. What we love is what is always formost in our minds. Our souls rest when we even think about just doing what we love most. That is how powerful love is, even in thought it is more powerful than anything we do."~Nadia Khalil Bradley

Love is not complicated. When we listen to our hearts, we just love, accept, allow & choose Bliss.~Love Heals

"We are simple people who were sold we were complicated and just didn't know it. And now we know we are not and we are uncomplicating ourselves. We are simple at heart and simple in love. When that's in place everything else is doable. The more we love the less we need and everything we do have, we enjoy."~Nadia Khalil Bradley

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"If your journey takes you to an experience that you don't like, remind yourself that it is your journey to teach you something, learn it and grow on, it is meant to take you to love in one way or another. Trust that you are not being singled out, or punished, or that everything is happening to you, it is all of us on our way to a better world. The stronger that we are the more our world is in our hands."~Nadia Khalil Bradley

"If there is every a winner in life, it is love. Love always wins. Always. It is the one time we can say 'always' & mean it. It's the one thing that heals us even when we think it can't. It's the one energy no one on Earth can mistake. Love is the softening of our souls enough to see that it is medication & the healer of all that exists. It's the mover & the shaker of our decisions & it is the reason we are alive everything else-is the story to it." Nadia Khalil Bradley

"Healing your soul, Is truly in your hands. In your hearts language, In it's fight to keep you whole. Healing by telling yourself, that you care about you. That you want to be prudent to your soul. That you want to be your best And that sometimes when you don't feel you are your best Simply ask yourself why? And then tell yourself, I love you anyway. Accept that you are not perfect, that you are love And love in itself is perfection, and in that perfection of love and not your actions you have room to grow and then let yourself grow.

You see Acceptance of yourself is Healing. It really is that simple! When you accept yourself, you accept other things, too, other people, too. All things are doable and when things don't work out, You truly understand it wasn't meant to be or isn't time yet That is love, love of self, acceptance of your soul, healing of your Heart My entire body rests as I write this, It is healing to just tell you that the love of ourselves isn't in the big things, it is in our moments alone. When we lay down to sleep and we can breathe in our day, our decisions, our detours and our love And say, "I worked from my heart today, enough to rest my soul for the night" Good night Nadia Khalil Bradley

alt text I PROMISE
"I promise to listen to you when you have something to say. I promise to really mean what I say. I promise to do what I say. I promise I will love you and put that first always. I promise that I will never hurt you with my mind when my heart can't do the talking yet. I promise that I will remember that life will throw us a curve ball and I will make it no matter what. I promise to love me in this way, so that I can love you in this way."~ Nadia Khalil Bradley

"The day we were sold judgement, we sold each other out. The day we were told we could be better than anyone, the race was on. The day we found we were different colors, we found a way to make that mean something. The day we realized different ways of life, we named them & then said one was better than the other. The day we said we were sinners was the day we found we hid anything we thought would be looked at as a sin. The day we were told we could get sick, some of us got sick. The day we were told we were poor, we found all the ways to say we don't have anything. The day we were told we were rich, we looked around us and felt we were exempt from the issues at hand. The day we were told we can do something we no longer wanted to do it. The day we were told we can't do something was the day we wanted to do it. The day we were told to trust others, we wanted to know what they are doing. The day we were told to trust no one was the day we felt alone and isolated. The day we wanted to change the world we found the world can only be changed by us as a whole. The day we started to feel us as a whole, we no longer needed any of the above statements." Nadia Khalil Bradley

"Love is our greatest resource, our mover and our shaker, our friend and at times we think our foe. Yet love stands there still as we wiggle around it, and it gives itself to us until we can share ourselves with it."~ Nadia Khalil Bradley

Your heart yearns for truth to be shared with others. Heart to heart & love is unbounded.~Love Heals

"If you don't listen to your heart, you let yourself down and you will forever seek what your heart seeks. Speaking it's truth is the greatest freedom of our soul. Our heart knows what heals us and when we share our hearts, we heal and we allow others to do the same. We always feel that truth." Nadia Khalil Bradley

"No matter what happens in your life, no matter where you went, what you did, what you bought or who you met, all you remember is the love before you fall asleep at night and when you wake up in the morning." Nadia Khalil Bradley

Nadia Khalil Bradley

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