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Natural Healing  Acupuncture Clinic
Dr. Kaiyan Luo
830 E. Higgins Road #115
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 899-5468
He possesses a thorough knowledge of Oriental medicine including
acupuncture, herbs and food therapies. He prescribes personalized
treatment for each patient.

Inner Harmony Acupuncture
Mavis A. Bates, L.Ac.
412 N. Lake Street
Aurora Illinois 60506
(630) 605-9244
I believe that everyone can and should be pain free, energetic,
and joyous throughout his or her whole life. I strive to make this
happen through gentle, compassionate care. My offices are
beautiful and peaceful, and give my patients a sense of restoration
and rejuvenation.

Brainwave Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave  Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.


Buchar Family  Chiropractic
Dr. Bill and Sonia Buchar
3015 East New York St. Ste. A11
Aurora Illinois    60504
(630) 820-1330
Find out why other Aurora and Naperville-area residents are choosing
the chiropractors committed to patient education, understanding and
wellness in Aurora, Naperville and the surrounding communities.

Healthy Futures Chiropractic
2418 W. Indian Trail Ste A
Aurora, IL 60506
(630) 907-1300

Olson Chiropractic
2116 W Galena Blvd # 112
Aurora Illinois    60506
(630) 897-1895


Psychotherapist,  Holistic
Gina Spielman
LCSW & Associates
123 Washington Street, Suite 221
Oswego, IL    60543
(630) 212-7048


Diana   Kushenbach
(630) 269-0115
Oswego, IL*
Reiki Master / Teacher,  Remote  Healing,  Intuitive  Energy  
Healing,  Crystal Healing,  Aromatherapy, Tuning  Forks,  Psychic
Medium / Channel.  Diana has developed a personalized approach  and
system to read symptoms and restore vital energy once blockages are
identified.  All healing  methods can be in person or  through remote
healing.  Diana offers Intuition
Building Classes.

JK Reiki Energy   
aurora    il    60503
JK Reiki Energy is focused on providing a service and customer
satisfaction. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're
sure you'll be happy working with us.

Imagine   It   Therapies
Sandy LaBianco-Brown -
62 S. Madison Street -
Oswego, IL 60543
(630) 554-2711 -
I was introduced to Reiki in 2004 and Reiki instantly became a way of  
life for me.   I became a  Reiki  Master  Teacher  in 2006. I  use
crystal energy and intuition in my healing practice. Reiki connects the
mind, body and spirit creating beneficial effects including relaxation,
peace, and security.


Web  Master SEO Consulting
1201 W Arbrook Boulevard
Arlington , TX 76015
Start with SEO Basic Training here. Everybody knows that SEO
is a moving target...


1222 N. Eola Rd.
Aurora Illinois   60502
phone: 630-605-3825
LIVING YOGA provides to the Naperville, Aurora and surrounding
communities a mix of yoga principles, workshops and private sessions.
We encourage all who enter our space to explore the various
disciplines of yoga and other healing modalities offered. Classes range
in style from Beginners, Vinyasa, Restorative and Therapeutic yoga.
Our private studio setting allows a more personal approach to your
specific needs. Each class is truly organic and customized to fit the
needs of the individual. Instructors at Living Yoga are highly trained
and certified and are able to offer variations of the poses to
accommodate different levels within each class.

Auro  Yoga  Center
514 Terry Ave.
Aurora Illinois    60506
Introductory / Level 1
For students new to yoga no special skills are necessary. This class
introduces basic yoga  postures, proper alignment, and breathing
techniques and forms the foundation for future practice. Students
may want to repeat this class before advancing to the next level.
Level 1 / 2
For students who have taken the Introductory class and are ready to
work with refining the skills learned in standing poses also inversions
will be introduced. Students may want to be in this class for one year.
Level 2 / 3
For students who have taken the Level 1 / 2 classes and are ready
for more difficult standing poses, back bends, and continue work
with inversions.
Level 4
For students and teachers who are ready to work with more
challenging standing poses, inversions, back bends, forward bends
and twists. Students must be able to do unassisted handstand,
5 min. headstand, shoulder stand and push up into back arch.
A slower paced class geared more toward strengthening stretching
and relaxing. Good for those recovering from injury, illness,
and for chronic conditions. All are welcome.
Students work their own pose set that is tailored to the individual
by the teacher.  This is an opportunity to develop a practice that
targets specific issues to enhance healing.

Yoga Gyan Jyoti Center for Yoga &  Ayurveda
481 North Commons Drive
Aurora, IL 60504
(331) 684-8406
We seek to bring the wisdom of the two sister sciences of yoga and
ayurveda to our students. We believe in empowering individuals to
heal themselves through these ancient traditions. Everyone has the
ability to take charge of their physical, mental and spiritual well-beinng.
We just provide some tools.

Prana Yoga Center 
321 Stevens St
Geneva, IL
(630) 262-9642
Research has shown yoga to be an effective complementary therapy
for reducing stress, the root cause of many common diseases. Yoga
Therapy adapts your physical practice into treatment that is specific
to your body and to your health and wellness concerns. This form
of healing yoga combines asana, breath, and meditation into a
practice that is grounded in a personal intention for healing.

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