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Dakota  Family   Acupuncture
3712 Lockport St # B
Bismarck North Dakota    58503
(701) 223-9632
When acupuncture is used to restore this natural balance within our
body the result is improved health, less pain, less fatigue, less hot
flashes, less, less, less of improper body function!!

Loose  Leaves   Community  Acupuncture  &   Massage
1720 Burnt Boat Drive, Suite 107
Bismarck, ND   58503
Email :
Phone : 701-425-3278
Acupuncture is a thousands of years old system of medicine
developed in Asia based on the flow of Qi "chee" through
the meridian channels.


Roshau   Chiropractic  Wellness  Center
Dr. Brad Roshau
1715 Burnt Boat Drive
Bismarck, North Dakota    58503
Tel: (701) 221-2600
Roshau Chiropractic Wellness Center, PC is commited to bringing
you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing
the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

Paape Chiropractic Clinic
433 E Bismarck Expy # 1
Bismarck, ND 58504
(701) 258-0300

Active Life Chiropractic
Dr. Doug Ness' and Dr. Sara Weigel
535 South 7th Street
Bismarck, ND 58504
(701) 255-4241
When many people seek care in our office they have one goal:
relief. So that’s where we start!

Southridge   Chiropractic  Clinic
425 South Seventh Street.
Bismarck North Dakota    58504
Email :
Phone: 701-258-8388 or 1-800-458-8388
The word Chiropractic comes from the Greek language which means
“done by hand”.   In the use of Chiropractic, it would  translate into
the “treatment that is manually performed by hand.”

Chuppe Clinic
Dr. Gregory Chuppe
Dr. Steve Chuppe
1936 North 11th Street
Bismarck, ND 58501
(701) 258-0029
Since the spinal  column houses and protects much of the nervous
system, it is necessary that the spine moves and functions properly
in order for the rest of the body to function properly.
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Guided  Comfort   Doula  Service
Jen Polk CD (DONA)
Bismarck North Dakota
Phone: 701-319-0111

Nurturing  Arms   Doula  Services
Cindy Joseph
Garrison, North_Dakota
Phone: 701-463-2916
Email :
In four years of providing doula care I have attended over 70 births,
20 of them VBACs.   I believe it is important to tend to the
total woman... physically, emotionally, & spiritually.


Dakota  Hypnosis   of  Bismarck
120 North 3rd Street Suite 75
Bismarck, ND, 58501
Phone: (701) 224-0139


Health & Balance Massage Therapy
1102 S Washington St # 100
Bismarck, ND 58504
(701) 220-6676


LaBelle  Salon   &  Spa  of  Bismarck
801 W Interstate Ave Suite B
Bismarck, ND    58503
(701) 751-1491

In  Touch   Massage  Day  Spa
1709 N. 8th St,
Bisamrck, ND
(701) 223-4664
We offer an impressive array of body treatments for men and
women that go beyond the basics.

The  Spa   of  Bismarck
115 W Century Ave, Suite B
Bismarck, North Dakota    58503
Phone: (701) 255-3311  or  (888) 747-0177
We have worked hard to create a tranquil oasis of relaxation, to
serve as your reprieve from the stressors of everyday life.   After
your services, feel free to relax in our luxurious meditation area.
You are invited to a complimentary beverage, to be enjoyed
while soaking up the calming atmosphere.

Body Connection
Linda Voge & Gail Heil
2525 E Rosser Ave # 1
Bismarck, ND 58501
(701) 224-8100
We believe in the holistic approach to health & well-being.


Prairie Sun Power Yoga
1125 East Main Avenue
Bismarck North Dakota    58501
(307) 761-1837
Starting in September, we will be holding a monthly yoga workshop
at 1pm on the first Sunday of each month. Topics range from yoga
for athletes, to partner yoga.

Bismarck North Dakota | Alternative Medicine

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