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Orient Medicine Acupuncture & Massage Clinic
Dr Don Fan
131 9 Avenue Southwest
Calgary AB T2P 1K1, Canada
(403) 233-0498
Acupuncture doesn't hurt on most of the acupoints on the body
although you may have slight sensation of soreness, distension or
warmth etc. The acupuncture needles used are very thin. In
general, ten to twenty acupuncture needles can fit into one ordinary
hypodermic needle that's used to draw blood.


Evital Inc. Quantum Biofeedback
2003 14 Street Northwest #200
Calgary, AB T2M 3N4, Canada
(403) 617-7108
Research suggests that stress plays a significant role in lowering the
quality of life for clients with such disorders by interfering with the
innate healing mechanisms that help to restore appropriate balance
to the body. The efficacy of biofeedback in addressing the stress
components of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has also
been promising.


Northside Wellness Centre
Dr. Jack
3434 34 Avenue Northeast
Calgary, AB T1Y 6X3, Canada
(403) 291-0603
Periodic progress exams help us to determine how your nervous
system is responding to Chiropractic care, and how stress in your
life is impacting your nervous system which can lead to chronic
disease. This advanced technology allows us to look at
function and not necessarily focus on symptoms.


Daniels Jaki
18 Northmount Cres NW
Calgary, AB T2K 2V5, Canada
(403) 274-2192
Jaki's healing practice has changed considerably over the 25 years
that she has been offering her services. Her unexpected venture
into shamanic work and spiritual practice (described in her first
book, Heeding the Call) had an enormous effect on the type
of healing she was able to offer.


Nielsen Homeopathic & Integrative Clinic
DR. Kerissa Nielsen
1851 Sirocco Drive Southwest #104
Calgary AB T3H 2Y3, Canada
(403) 265-9730
Homeopathic treatment considers physical health, lifestyle,
emotional and mental states as well as other causes. Homeopathy
uses micro-doses of natural substances, which helps stimulate
and strengthen the body's natural defensive and healing capability.


Success Therapy Hypnosis Clinic
6707 Elbow Drive Southwest
Calgary, AB T2V 0E5, Canada
(403) 852-4976
We are here to help eliminate issues you may have in your life such
as smoking, weight, depression, pain, or stress.

Calgary Confidence
Human Resources Counselling & Assessment‎
Dr. St. Pierre
217-1632 14 Ave NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1M7, Canada
(403) 282-1474
Dr. St. Pierre uses clinical hypnosis skills to assist clients in building
a whole new future. Hypnotic suggestions are planted to help
overcome the issues at hand such as self-esteem, athletic
performance, motivation, stress, worry, phobias, addictions
(sexual, gambling, lying, smoking) weight loss, leadership skills,
the ability to focus and concentrate and whatever else it takes
to reach higher levels of success.

Integrative Medicine

Canadian Institute Of Natural And Integrative Medicine
2020 18 Street Northwest
Calgary, AB T2M 1H5, Canada
(403) 220-0022
CAM therapies work on the Hygean model of health, which assumes
that the body can be in ideal health when it functions in a state of
harmony and balance, using its own powerful natural resources to heal
itself. All systems of the body, mind and spirit work together to
achieve this harmony.


Hot Stone Massage Calgary
306 10 Street Northwest
Calgary, AB T2N 1V8, Canada
(403) 452-0063

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We do any forms of Massage and we continue to make sure we
are the best of the best with continuing education to ourselves
and our clients.


Pre Natal Yoga Calgary
150-4411, 16th ave NW
Calgary AB T3B 0M3, Canada
(403) 475-3659
Fertility Yoga increases relaxation, blood flow to the uterus and
reproductive organs (improving egg quality), creates a sense of peace
and well-being and teaches the body to become more open and
less rigid. For men, Fertility Yoga increases sperm quality, sperm
count and sperm motility. Yoga for men helps decrease stress
levels that affects male erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Calgary AB | Holistic Medicine

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