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Charleston West Virginia Alternative Medicine


WV  Acupuncture  Doctor
1021 Quarrier Street , Suite 411
Charleston West Virginia    25301
Phone: 304-552-3058

Rose M. Jacobs, Lac
2402 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, WV 25311
(304) 342-7136

King   Chiropractic  Center
1260 Greenbrier St
Charleston, WV    25311-1002
Phone: 304-744-2273


Cassis  Holistic   Care
405 Capitol St. Suite 101
Charleston West Virginia   25301
Phone: 304-345-4900

Kiser-Crouch Peggy DC
308 Hills Plz
Charleston, WV 25312
(304) 344-9077
Dr. Kiser-Crouch's staff has a good reputation for their friendliness,
efficiency and willingness to go the extra mile for patients. New
patients often say they've heard everyone here is so nice.

Jordan   Chiropractic  Center
135 7th Avenue
South Charleston, WV    25303
Phone: 304-768-7671

Carnes Chiropractic Pllc
Dr Patty Carnes
307 40th Street Southeast
Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 720-7322
Dr. Carnes uses gentle techniques, or a combination of techniques,
that are right for you and your medical condition. These techniques
include spinal manipulation/adjustment, Activator (instrumental)
spinal adjustment, myofascial release technique, traction,
electrical muscle simulation, stretching, and exercise rehabilitation.

Ganim Howard, DC
4216 Maccorkle Avenue Southeast
Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 925-1697


FamilyCare  HealthCenter  
1701 Fifth Avenue   Box 5
Charleston West Virginia    25312
phone: (304) 414-4499 for appointments
Toll free in West Virginia: 1 (866) 684-3558

Ruth  Ann   M Colby  Martin,  CPM,  CD(DONA),  EMT
Ecstatic Birth
HC 75 Box 20
Circleville, West Virginia    26804
Phone: 304-567-3149


Day  Spa   Services
1117 Fledderjohn Road
Charleston, WV     25302
Phone: (304)345-2400

The  Palm   Salon &  Spa
110 Capitol Street
Charleston West Virginia    25301
We offer Hair Cutting & Styling, Nail Care, Skin Care, Massage  &
Bodywork, Bridal & Special Occasion Styles, and more!

Natural  Beauty   Spa
3000 Charleston Town Ctr
Charleston, WV    25389

Amethyst  Moon  Salon  &  Mini  Spa
1613 Oakhurst Drive
Charleston, WV    25314
Call us (304)205-5912


Emily  Jones   Yoga  & Wellness
Charleston West Virginia   25177
Phone 304-590-1388
I began practicing yoga in 2000 and am certified with 230 hours of
teacher training from the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville NC.
I am currently working toward my 500 hour advanced teacher
training and am both a Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga certified
teacher.   Most of my continuing education is done in  Asheville, NC
and Charlotte NC, where a vibrant yoga community may be found to
influence  yoga practice and study.  My teaching  style has been
strongly influenced by Yin, Vinyasa, and Universal styles of yoga.
These styles combined create a class which is fluid in movement,
incorporate longer held postures to benefit deep muscles and
connective tissue, and move the joints through a full and complete
range of motion.   I attend yoga workshops regularly  to find continuous
inspiration for my classes and to nurture my personal study of yoga.

The  Folded   Leaf
1009 Bridge Road
Charleston West Virginia
After a life-long struggle with not only weight, but also anxiety and
persistent mild depression, the gift of yoga came into my life and
began to set me free.    Little did I know at the  time that this
freedom is actually the definition of yoga (“the cessation of the
fluctuations of the mind”).   After some months of  asana, the
experiential learning offered by the practice began to settle into
my bones, my psyche, my daily life, as bit by bit I shed the
fear-based perspectives of my previous life and embraced the limitless
potential offered by the yogic lifestyle.  Now, years later, I  understand
and  appreciate the unifying nature of the practice – from the
undeniable potential of a unified mind, body, and spirit within the
individual, to the rippling effect of this idea of union into the world
around  us.   When the opportunity to transition from student to
teacher was presented to me, I accepted and sought my 200-hour
certification from the Shambhava School of Yoga.  I  have continued
and will  continue to expand my knowledge of the many  intricacies
of the craft through various workshops, dedicated study, and
personal practice.   What a gift this journey has  been!

Charleston West Virginia | Alternative Medicine

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