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Fargo North Dakota Alternative Medicine


Red River Health
824 Main Avenue
Fargo North Dakota  58103
(701) 232-2785

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Red River Health is a clinic with unique and exclusive expertise in
acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy. Robert Angotti Lic. Ac.
has a masters degree in Eastern medicine and has extensive experience
in the treatment of numerous conditions including acupuncture
for internal disorders and pain.


Walker  Chiropractic
250 25th Street South Suite B
Fargo North Dakota    58103
(701) 293-8882

Nichols Family Chiropractic   
Jared   Nichols       
4553 9th Ave S   
Fargo    ND   58103   
 Dr. Jared Nichols is a chiropractor committed to bringing you
better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing
the true principles of chiropractic.

Fargo   Chiropractic &  Acupuncture   Clinic
1515 University Drive South,
Fargo, ND    58103
(701) 232-4922

href="http://unitedhealthchiro.com/custom_content/c_58854_meet_the_doctor.html" target="_blank">United Health  Chiropractic
3212 14th Ave. SW Suite 2
Fargo, ND

Pure   Chiropractic &  Rehab
300 45th St S
Fargo, ND
(701) 893-7873

Syvrud   Chiropractic  Clinic
825 25th St S
Fargo, ND
(701) 237-5150

Judisch   Chiropractic
1411 32nd St S
Fargo, ND
(701) 235-0313

Fargo   Chiropractic  Clinic
1515 University Dr S
Fargo, ND
(701) 232-4922

Healing  Touch   Chiropractic
45 21st Avenue East, Unit D
West Fargo, ND    58078
Email  info@htchiro.com
Dr. Tiffany not only adjusts my entire body (not just my back), but my
mind as well.   It wasn’t just about correcting mypoor  posture, or
that long overdue accident that I didn’t attend to, but my diet, how
my body handles stress, and how I can work to change and correct
these things for my entire wellbeing.


Beth Bergeron   CPM,  LM
One 2nd St S
Fargo ND   58103


Brittany Feist   Massage
25th St Market 1450 25th St S
Fargo, North Dakota   58103
(701) 429-7137


Hair Success   Salon  & Spa  North
1461 North Broadway
Fargo, ND 58102
EMAIL:  info@hairsuccesssalons.com
701.232.9410  or 1.888.626.9426
Our focus is to help our customers get out of a stressful environment
and relax, unwind, rejuvenate, and educate.

Dakota  Spas  &  Pools
492 36th Street South
Fargo, ND   58103

Sweet  Banana   Spa Room
4955 17th Ave S
Fargo, ND   58103
Please know that it is our desire to make any service in our
spa unforgettable.


68 Broadway N
Fargo, ND   58102
(701) 412-5823
Growing is a process that happens when we are introduced to new
and healthy reasons to want to become more, achieve more
and do more.

Face  Place
4357 13th Avenue South
Fargo North Dakota   58103

Spirit Room
111 Broadway N
Fargo, ND 58102
Contact  spirit@ideaone.net
(701) 237-0230

ecce art + yoga
216 Broadway N
Fargo, ND 58102
Contact  brenda@ecce216.com
(701) 298-3223
about ecce art & yoga
Our space is split into two halves that work together to form a whole.
We promote the arts + wellness in an intimate and comfortable

Five Element Yoga + Thai Massage
824 Main Avenue
Fargo, ND 58103
Info  fargo5element@hotmail.com
(701) 388-2967
All of the yoga classes offered at Five Element are rooted in the
tradition of ayurveda. The postures are sequenced and carried out
in a way that balances the five subtle elements in the body (earth,
water, fire, air and space).

Jamie's Little Yogis
1237 11th Street North
Fargo North Dakota    58102
Info  jfossanderson@gmail.com
(701) 306-1613
I have been practicing yoga for nearly ten years and have a level one
certification through yogafit.  I have a passion for workingwith
children and a love for yoga.  I recently volunteered in SouthAfrica,
where I taught children yoga and builtstrong relationships with
children in crisis.

Fargo North Dakota | Alternative Medicine

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