Fort Worth Texas | Holistic Medicine

Fort Worth Texas Holistic Medicine


Center for the Healing  Arts
312 W. Leuda St.
Fort Worth Texas 76104
Kim McLaughlin:
Ramona Perez:
Barbarba Borchardt:

Equilibrium Health Center
Farrah Hamraie L.Ac., M.O.M., Dipl.OM
1550 W. Rosedale Street, Suite 408
Fort Worth, TX 76104
817-338-1919 - phone
817-223-9475 - fax


Energy, Light & Information Inc.
Priscilla    Cox   
888 South Reno Rd (FM1542)   
Springtown TX    76082
Phone  (817) 455-0686
Brian Boyle - Animal Communicator & Vibrational Energy Healer
Debra Brooks - Belly Dancing & Yoga Fit
Cindy Cattell - Source Energy Healing
Priscilla Cox - Reconnective Healing & The  Reconnection 
Daphne Daniels - Essential Oils
Jennifer Dubeansky, LMT - Intuitive Swedish Massage
Janeda Easter - Spiritual Imagery / Mayan Astrological Charts
Linda Hall - Ionic Foot Spa & HTE Products 
Karen Shepheard - Reflexology


Book and Gift stores
Lightworker Shoppe
8808 Highway 80, Suite 150 -
Fort Worth Texas 76135
Phone: (817) 237-1870

Book and Gift stores
Enchanted Forest
6619 East Lancaster Avenue -
Fort Worth, TX 76112
Phone: (817) 446-8385

Owl's Clover
Gail Carswell -
3037 James Avenue -
Fort Worth Texas   76110 (near TCU)
Phone: (817) 921-5809
Owls Clover the source for Dallas/Fort Worth's Metaphysical/Spiritual
Education, Astrology, Alternative  Healing, Occult Knowledge,
Shamanism, YOGA & more.

Dolan Jones Design Group
Janel Dolan Jones -
3833 E. Loop 820 S -
Fort Worth, TX 76119
Phone: (817) 723-3242

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.


Universal Light of  Christ Church
Pat Raimondo -
6117 Graham Street -
Lake Worth, TX 76135 (Fort Worth)
Rev. Pat Raimondo
Phonee: (817) 237-7840
A Non-Denominational, Metaphysical, Christian Church located in
Ft. Worth, Texas and Indialantic Beach, Florida


Spiritual Counseling
4913 Woodmeadow Drive -
Fort Worth, TX 76135
Phone: (682) 429-1257


Empowering-Visions Family Birth  Companions
Muneera Fontaine -
P.O. Box 24121 -
Fort Worth Texas 76112
Phone: (817) 657-8140

Kathryn O'Brien
4 Hearts Services -
2100 Fairmount Avenue -
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Phone: (817) 924-1773
As your Doula, I recognize your childbirth as a "key" life experience
that you will remember forever, treating you with great respect.
So fortunate to have served almost 800 Births, over 1047 Nursing Moms.

Emotional  Freedom Coach

Emotional Freedom Coach
Steve Keller
(817)729-3017 cell


Andrews Hypnosis and  Coaching
Eugenia Andrews, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Life/Business Coach
1533 Merrimac Circle
Fort Worth Texas   76107
Local: (817) 810-9229

Successful  Mind Training
Maureen Killoran
Fort Worth Texas
Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Hypnosis Downloads

Fort Worth Hypnosis &  Wellness  Center
Rebecca Jeffers -
4200 S. Hulen Street, Suite 672 -
Fort Worth, TX 76109
Phone: (817) 219-7913
Fort Worth's premier resource body, mind, spirit healing. We offer
full hypnosis services including 5 Path Transformational Hypnosis,
Cellular Release Hypnosis, Heart Math, Behavioral Kinesiology,
and therapeutic Past Life Regression Therapy. Over 40  years
combined experience in stress relief, weight loss, depression, anxiety,
stop smoking, motivation, and more.

Commanding Wealth
Kathryn Perry -
801 W Shaw Street -
Fort Worth Texas   76110 (Victory Forest)
Phone: (817) 881-0618
I discovered that through 6-Easy Steps to theta, and The One
Command, you can stop your negative thoughts instantly,
and allow your success blueprint to naturally rise to the surface.


The  Integrative  Medicine Center
Felipe Garcia Jr., M.D.
1615 W. Oleander St., Ste A
Fort Worth Texas 76104
Phone (817) 632-5000


Calming States- Paul Kennedy LMT
Paul    Kennedy   
5608 Malvey Ave, Suite 211   
Fort Worth Texas    76107
We will discuss prior to the massage the best approach.  Typically
a full body massage will include face, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms,
legs, back and abdomen. You may request concentration on
specific areas, or that an area not be worked on.

Quantum Touch

Cindia L. Golding
Cleburne, Texas   

Barbara Tulsi Adams MSA
Practitioner/Level I Instructor
913 Edna Drive   
Everman (Ft Worth), Texas 76140   
Tulsi's Jewels   
“What a joy to know that as a Certified Practitioner/Instructor I
have a way to bring all my skills, gifts and love to assist others in
a profound way.  I am committed to being a clear channel for  the
Quantum Touch energy and to being a “midwife” for healing,
transformation and life process.    

Carmelita Hogan
Granbury, Texas   
Carmelita's certifications and practice areas include Quantum-Touch
Instructor and Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapy,
including forensic and investigative hypnosis, Graphotherapy,
Graphology, BioGenesis, Auriculotherapy and Reflexology. She
has conducted successful seminars and workshops focused on
alternative methods of healing and performance improvement for
many years and has been a Quantum-Touch Instructor teaching
the Level I Workshop since 2005.


Relaxing  Reiki
Amber Ford
Reiki is performed by the simple touch of the hands. This
incredible healing process allows a natural flow of the energy
from a limited source (sometimes referred to as God's source)
to the body of the patient from the Reiki practitioner.
Imbalances occur due to the disruption of the
"Life Force Energy."

Mirror Dancer Ministries
Rebecca Whitfield -
6936 Katie Corral Drive -
Benbrook, TX 76126
Phone: 817-244-1909
In my pages you will find keys to healing and enlightenment through such
modalities as Reiki, Chakra Cleansing,  Medicine Wheels and
others. Reiki is a hands on technique used for stress reduction,
relaxation and healing, brought to us from Japan during the last  century.


Rolf Movement
John Barton -
3001 West 5th Street, Suite 146 -
Fort Worth, TX 76107 (lower westside)
Phone: (817) 300-9463
Email link on the web site
Certified Rolfing  facilitates re-integrates the tissue and  nervous  system
to release, realign and balance the whole body, thus relieving pain,
reducing compensations and enabling a more authentic expression.


Starz Store
Darla -
Fort Worth Texas
Phone: (817) 361-7752
Email link on the web site
Psychic Readings  By StarZ. This site will talk about everything
Metaphysical. We can discuss readings, artwork, paranormal events,
it truly is up to all that chose to participate as long as it is  Metaphysical.

Learning To Flow
Jeff Scholl -
8001 Cannonwood Drive -
Fort Worth, TX 76137
Phone: (817) 232-5862
Welcome to "Learning to Flow!" My name is Jeff Scholl and I am a
Certified Holistic Life Coach and a Board Certified Holistic  Health
. My purpose here is to help you understand  how to
create your career, relationships, health and lives as a conscious
reflection of your innermost desires.


Gordon  Kuhne
Through the use of ancient Singing Bowls, Ghantas, Tingshas,
and a large Earth Gong, combined with the use of bija mantras
and visualization techniques, Gordon can help a person connect
their body and mind, to their spirit, in what he calls their 'essence'.
"When one connects to their true self, their essence, miraculous,
and spontaneous healing can occur."

One Heart Journeys, Inc.
Elizabeth Busch, PhD
Monroe Institute Outreach Facilitator, Hemi-Sync Dealer


Priya Yoga and Nia  Studio
Lynda "Cricket" Hackney
6421 Southwest Blvd.
Fort Worth Texas 76132

Laughter Yoga Fort Worth
Kira McCullough
Fort Worth Texas 76107

International Breath Institute
Tom Goode and Caron Goode -
Fort Worth, TX (previously Tucson, AZ)
Phone: (817) 847-8216
Email link on the web site
Full-Wave Breathing is the single most important exercise
because it does so much for you. Feeling more energized, relaxed and
alive is the natural result of your applying the knowledge and practice
of Full-Wave Breathing.

The Wellness Center
2481 Forest Park Blvd
Fort Worth Texas  76110
(817) 926-9642
The Wellness Center is a physician supervised facility dedicated to the  
promotion of health and prevention of illness. Balance and harmony in
both body and mind provide the underlying philosophy for the centers
unique multidisciplinary approach; combining modern technological
advances with the wisdom of ancient systems of healing.

Pilates & Yoga Training Center Fort  Worth
4010 White Settlement Road
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 360-8268
Welcome to the Pilates & Yoga Training Center. We invite you to
experience Pilates, Core Yoga, and ZUMBA© with fully certified
instructors offering individual attention and classes appropriate for
all levels. Incorporate wellness, breath, movement, strength, alignment,
and balance into your daily life!

Indigo Yoga
4812 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth Texas   76107
(817) 735-9642
I can remember my first experience with yoga.  Then it seemed
inconsequential, and at that time, actually disappointing.  Looking
back however, it was truly my most influential.  I had no idea how
it would come back around to teach and guide me years later.

Fire and Ice Yoga
Amanda Cotton
5555 Bridge Street
Fort Worth, TX 76112
(817) 680-9378
Yoga is a restorative, therapeutic form of exercise that strengthens
the body and mind. By increasing flexibility, yoga dramatically
decreases the risk of injury in athletes, power-lifters, and even in
our everyday lives. Through core-strengthening exercises, lower-
back problems can be eliminated, bringing stability and balance
to the entire body.

Bikram's Yoga Fort Worth
921 Foch Street
Fort Worth Texas   76107
(817) 335-9642
It takes more than a hot room and a list of postures to make your
Bikram Method Yoga practice a safe, rewarding experience. Bikram
Method Yoga is a specialized form of yoga, requiring appropriate
training and knowledge to teach it effectively. Bikram Choudhury,
the creator of Bikram Yoga, personally trains and certifies his
instructors to ensure that his methods and philosophy are
preserved and properly taught.

Lou Chapman Yoga
3721 El Campo Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 917-0417
A sense of humor and a powerful teaching style that opens students
to offering each pose with an intention to connect to yoga’s larger
purpose, while staying aware of their body alignment, balancing
steadfastness and freedom, and expanding their hearts.

Hobbstudios Yoga & Nia
2306 Western Avenue
Fort Worth Texas  76107
(817) 243-9183
Hobbstudios Yoga & Nia is a small home studio in West Fort
Worth that provides an intimate space for students to explore
their body, mind, and spirit.  The studio accommodates only
five students to ensure each student gets individual attention as
she journeys to her edge and finds freedom and strength
from within.

Fort Worth Texas | Holistic Medicine

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