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Milot David Acupuncture
32, rue Principale
Gatineau QC J9H 3L1, Canada
(819) 684-8285
Chinese acupuncture takes a holistic approach to the body and
medicine. As each course of therapy considers multiple factors
about the individual patient, treatments will vary from
person to person.


Advanced Wellness Centre
200 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 1P7, Canada
(613) 237-5252
We look at the body as a whole, and approach health holistically.
Our goal is to improve your health, and we are dedicated to
improving people's lives by having a significant impact on their
lives throughout their care.


Santé Globale Coach de Vie et d'Éveil
Annie Renaud
316 Rue Lévis
Gatineau QC J8P 5R8, Canada
(819) 669-7151
Become master of your life, let your past, your old memories, join
the dance of consciousness or supra aware, become a
creator-ordinator of your life!


Renaissance Hypnosis.Ca
Dany Leblanc Ch
Gisele Leduc
217 Place des Sorbiers
Gatineau QC J8Y 6P9, Canada
(819) 420-3891
Under hypnosis, you're more open than usual to suggestions, and
this can be used to modify your perceptions, behavior, sensations
and emotions. Therapeutic hypnosis is used to improve your health
and well-being and is different from so-called stage hypnosis
used by entertainers.


PetraMassage Therapy Clinic
1316 Carling Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7L1, Canada
(613) 422-8722
A variety of techniques may be utilized depending on individual
needs, including trigger point therapy, fascial work, deep tissue
therapy, muscle stripping, joint play, stretching, and muscle energy
techniques. The ultimate goal is to eliminate pain, restore mobility,
improve posture, relieve mental and physical stress, and assist
you with ways to maintain good health.

Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic
421 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K2A 4H1, Canada
(613) 724-4747
Our Registered Massage Therapists (R.M.T.s) specialize in many
areas such as prenatal massage, myofascial release, relaxation
massage and sports injuries. We treat victims of motor vehicle
accidents and clients with workers compensation claims.
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Ottawa Osteopathy & Sports Therapy
2197 Riverside Dr #601
Ottawa, ON K1H 7X3, Canada
(613) 521-3222

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Osteopathic manual practice is a holistic approach to treating one
or more problems. Based on anatomy, physiology and biomechanics
of the human body, these treatments address the patient as a whole
unit. Using specific manual therapy (hands-on) techniques, treatments
may focus on different areas such as the musculoskeletal system
(bones, muscles and joints), the cranium (head, face and jaw) and
the visceral system (internal organs).


Cheryl Driskell
98 Spadina Avenue #2
Ottawa, ON K1Y 2C1, Canada
(613) 761-6773
Reiki is a hands on healing technique that utilizes conscious life-
force energy to support the gentle releasing of stuck and stagnant
energies in your body and energy fields. The outcome is always
one of peaceful surrender and restfulness, allowing the body and
mind to heal at the pace they were intended to for your highest


Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic
421 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K2A 4H1, Canada
(613) 724-4747
Open to students of all levels, Metta's Yoga classes are focused
on de-stressing, proper stretching and alignment skills. Yoga
postures safely stretch not only the muscles but all of the soft tissues
of your body including ligaments, tendons, and the fascia sheath
surrounding muscles, releasing the lactic acid that builds up
with muscle use and causes stiffness, tension, pain and fatigue.

Centre Masso-Détente
225 Bd De La Gappe
Gatineau, QC J8T 7Y3, Canada
(819) 205-3026
Chaque classe débutera par quelques exercices de yoga basés
principalement sur des techniques de repiration (Pranayamas); ce
cours se veut une exploration de la méditation au travers de
diférentes techniques : méditation sur le souffle, méditation avec
mantras (le plus souvent chantés), méditation avec support visuel
(mandalas), méditation dynamique (marche, danse) et
méditation avec le son (GONG).

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Gatineau QC | Holistic Medicine

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