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Acupuncture & Herbal Solutions (AHS)
Susan Sandage
400 West Olney Road
Norfolk, VA 23507
Info susan@ahs-norfolk.com
(757) 628-8182
The use of TCM proves to be less costly than Allopathic medicine
and is an all-encompassing medical system for the prevention and
management of illness. Along with creating a positive result for your
total sense of well-being and health, acupuncture works to balance,
harmonize, energize, restore function and comfort.


Dr. Kevin J. Westby DC
2216 Executive Drive
Hampton Virginia 23666
Contact dr.westby@gmail.com
(757) 827-3210
Our goal is to provide quality care to the Hampton Roads communities.
We strive to provide a warm and personal environment during your
recovery process. Contact us regarding traumatic injuries such as
automobile accidents,work related injuries, as well as sports
related injuries.


Mindover Matter Fitness
Anna Kupke
Thomas Kupke Ph.D.
148 Clyde Street
Hampton, VA 23669
Email admin@mindovermatterfitness.com
(757) 848-5848
We believe that fitness is an essential component of a healthylifestyle,
and that regular participation in fitness activities will minimize therisk of
developing a number of medical illnesses, will contribute to theattainment
and maintenance of a healthy body weight, will foster positive moodstates
and self-esteem, and will maximize one's functional capacities in all of
life's endeavors.

Brian Hobson Karate Studio
1921 North Armistead Avenue
Hampton Virginia   23666
Info kyoshi@brianhobsonkarate.com
(757) 825-2467
We are a traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate-Do Dojo
(school) located in Hampton, Virginia. The Shorin-Ryu style is
based on the principles of physics and the laws of physiology. At
the Tekkikan Dojo we teach karate the way it was intended physically,
mentally and spiritually. Whether you are a parent looking for a martial
arts program that will teach your children discipline and respece or
an adult looking for a fun and challenging workout, you have a place

The Academy of Dance and Gymnastics
802 W Mercury Blvd # A
Hampton Virginia 23666
Info info@academyofdanceandgymnastics.com
(757) 838-3770
The Academy offers a full range of classes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip
hop and gymnastics. Our dance programs are designed to help
young people see themselves in a more positive light and develop
poise, grace, and self-confidence.


LeGrand Mind Design
Elizabeth LeGrand
3500 Virginia Beach Boulevard #510
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Contact lil_legrand66@yahoo.com
(757) 462-0087
There are two applications to hypnotherapy. Suggestion therapy
utilizes the power of suggestion in a hypnotic state to changebehaviors.
It helps people to stop smoking and eating fattening foods. Suggestion
therapy is instrumental in treating chronic pain as it helps people
change their perceptions on the pain itself. Hypnotherapy also uses
analysis in a hypnotic state to uncover the root cause of issues that a
person is experiencing. The relaxed state enables the client to recall
events from their unconscious memory, which may not be evident
while in a non-hypnotic state.


Salters Creek Retreat
18 S. King Street
Hampton, VA 23669
Contact salterscreek@yahoo.com
(757) 723-1934
One hour Custom Massage- Our Newest And Most Popular
Massage - $65 Includes Stretching, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue,
Prenatal, and trigger point techniques. Customized to meet Your
Individual needs. (30 minutes $40) (75 minutes - $ 80)
(1.5 hours - $95)

Celina's Therapeutic Massage Center, LLC
191 Fox Hill Road
Hampton, VA 23669
Email Celina@celinastherapeuticmassage.com
(757) 418-1168

href="http://www.celinastherapeuticmassage.com/index_files/Page444.htm" target="_blank">http://www.celinastherapeuticmassage.com/index_files/Page444.htm
Celina's Therapeutic Massage Center was opened in September 2009.
It is a relaxing place to receive massages and to find a therapist you
will be comfortable with-much as one would want to find the right
health care practitioner for any other health issue. Focused on whole
body health, Celina's Therapeutic Massage should be a regular
stop for people who want holistic healing.


Ageless Balance
Catherine (Cathi) Warfel,
Hampton Virginia
Email cathi@agelessbalance.com
(757) 869-0838
Reiki is an effective energy therapy that promotes well-being and
stress reduction. Done with the client fully clothed and usuallyreclining
on massage table, the Reiki practitioner, who has received attunements
and been trained, will access and serve as a channel for the life force
(ki or chi). It is the life force energy that facilitates changes, notthe


Tidewater Hot Yoga Center
121 Grafton Station Ln # H
Yorktown, VA 23692
Contact joni@tidewaterhotyogacenter
(757) 369-5580

Hampton Virginia | Holistic Medicine

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