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Hattiesburg Mississippi Holistic Medicine


Peavy Chiropractic Clinic
Houseal Tim DC
2409 Mamie Street
Hattiesburg Mississippi
(601) 582-3343
Take that first step and call Peavy Clinic as living your life withoutpain
could be a phone call away!

Arlette L. Bates, DC
2409 Mamie Street
Hattiesburg, MS
(601) 582-3343

href="http://www.hattiesburgchiropractors.com/doctor/chiropractor/14L/hattiesburg-chiropractor/chiropractic-techniques.htm" target="_blank">West Chiropractic Clinic
Dr Chris West - Dr. Kris King - Dr. Brian Page
4700 Hardy St # M
Hattiesburg, MS
(601) 261-5599 ‎
During your first visit to our office you will get the chance to meetour
staff and your doctor. We have a couple of very simple forms for
you to fill out and if you are filing insurance we will make a copy of
your ID card. We will file any insurance for you as a courtesy. During
a brief, free consultation with the doctor we will determine if we think
we can help you. If we do believe we can help, we will follow with
an examination of your spine and nervous system. X-rays may or may
not be necessary, you and the doctor will decide.

Longevity Chiropractic & Wellness Center
101 North 35th Avenue
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 602-4056

Lett Chiropractic Center
Lett Gary DC
1509 Hardy Street
Hattiesburg Mississippi
(601) 545-5388 ‎

href="http://spierschiropractic.com/custom_content/c_20020_meet_the_doctor.html" target="_blank">Spiers Chiropractic Center
Dr. Denton Spiers
5295 Old Highway 11 #3
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
(601) 261-9495
Hi, I'm Dr. Denton Spiers and I would like to personally thank
you for considering me for your chiropractic care. I assure you
that I am committed to and concerned for your health and
wellbeing and will do all that I can to help you reach your
health care goals, whatever they may be.

Arlette L. Bates, DC
2409 Mamie Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 582-3343

Herrington Chiropractic
Dr. Brandon Herrington
1309 Highway 15 N # C,
Laurel, MS
(601) 518-4545


Anytime Fitness
6142 US Highway 98 #30
Hattiesburg Mississippi
(601) 264-5959
We focus on a healthy lifestyle change that includes both nutrition and
exercise. To help you accomplish a healthier lifestyle, we offerpersonal
training programs. These programs are designed to give you professional,
one-on-one training designed specifically for you and your goals
and fitness level.


HealingTouch School for Massage Therapy
4700 Hardy St # H
Hattiesburg Mississippi
Email info@healingtouchms.com
(601) 261-0111
Our massage program consists of both classroom and modular
coursework in massage training, as well as an internship
outside of class at school. Both courses and internship run
consecutively. Classroom hours consist of lecture, discussion,
demonstrations, and hands-on practice in a wide variety of
massage techniques. Students pair up and practice while
instructors provide one-on-one guidance. This environment
assists in students developing their massage skills, desirable
habits and attitudes, and on-the-job training.

Health Full Horizons
Massageand Martial Arts
547 Hillcrest Loop,
Petal, MS
(601) 297-4104 ‎
Health-Full Horizons was started to help educate people how to benefit
from both massage therapy and martial arts. Our central focus is the
overall well being of our students and clients. Our students will not
only learn to defend themselves, train their minds and bodies physically
through the martial arts, but will also learn ways to help their bodies
recover from daily stresses of life through proper exercise andstretching
techniques. Constantly working out without proper stretching can have
an adverse effect on your training. Your body needs to train properly.

Healing Touch Day Spa
6555 US Hwy 98 # A
Hattiesburg Mississippi 39402
(601) 261-0191


Bellasandra Day Spa
4500 Oak Forrest Dr.
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
(601) 336-6721
Bellasandra is Hattiesburg's most relaxing massage and day spa. Call
us today at 601-336-6721 for your date with relaxation!

Studio C Hair Salon & Day Spa
203 South 40th Avenue Suite A
Hattiesburg, MS 39402


Enhanced Wellness of OakGrove
5128 Old Highway 11 #6d
Hattiesburg, MS
Email: EWOG@yahoo.com
(601) 264-7286 ‎
At Enhanced Wellness of Oak Grove, we believe that nature provides
potent nutrients or nutriceuticals that will resolve many medical issues
with much less expense, no side effects or residual problems from
strong drugs. There is a time for prescription medications, but it is
not always our first line of treatment. While treating potentially life
threatening medical issues, we continue to focus on many interrelated
problems such as fatigue, weight gain, constipation, hormonal
imbalances, depression, insomnia and low sex drive that may get
brushed aside in many medical practices.

LIVING WATER Natural Healing & Health Solutions
55 - 98 Place Blvd,
Hattiesburg Mississippi
Email lwnhhs@yahoo.com
(601) 579-8630
Our purpose is to HELP you achieve health and wellness in every way!
We realize people aren't just physically sick, they are sick in their
heart, soul, mind and body! Good health consists of far more than
physical health, and can only be obtained when our entire being is
well. A person's mental and spiritual health has a direct affect on
their physical health and vise-versa.


Ahimsa Yoga LLC
103 Walnut Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Contact info@hattiesburgyoga.com
(601) 818-5367
Asana offers an amazing means of controlling the physical body to
help clear the clouded mind of its obstacles to serene awareness
and will definitely enhance positive meditation.

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