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Pardave Chiropractic & Acupuncture
7150 W. 20th Ave, Suite 604
Hialeah Florida 33016
Email info@drpardave.com
(305) 826-9485
Dr. Julio Pardave Jr is a graduate of the Logan College of
Chiropractic in 2005. He is a licensed athletic trainer and certified
in acupuncture. The majority of what he sees is spines; however
he is trained to treat extremities too due to his certifications andpost
graduation training. He also offers Myofascial Release, Graston
Technique, nutrition consultation, and Kinesio Taping.


Dr. Eduardo Garrido
Chiropractic Physician / Accident Pain ‎
219 East 8th Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010
Email egarrido@drgarrido.com
(305) 884-3334
Dr. Garrido specializes in the treatment and handling of Auto
accident injuries. He offers state of the art treatment, all of which
is personally performed by the doctor himself.


Alvarez Guellermo
6447 Miami Lakes Drive East
Hialeah Florida 33014
Email alvarezguillermo66@yahoo.com
(305) 512-3811
La mente humana es toda una institucion que posee estructuras o
componentes. La ms importante es la mente consiente o el "yo",
que es completamente libre, toma decisiones y emite conceptos.

ClearView Hypnotherapy Institute
Onix Dobarganes
Miami, FL
Email info@clearviewhypnosis.com
(305) 470-8580
My mission is to help people to rethink the quality of their thoughts
in order to build their dream life from the inside out. By applying
hypnosis, you can eliminate destructive thought patterns and replace
them with positive ones to enhance your life. I welcome you to
join me on a path to achieving your best possible self.

Michelle Miller
Creative Life Coach & Hypnosis
260 NE 17th Terrace
Miami, FL
Email michelle.creativelife@gmail.com
(305) 793-2647 ‎
I have been involved with hypnosis/coaching for ten years. It
seems natural to have evolved into this profession at this stage
of my life. I have journeyed on my life's path far enough to feel
I have a sufficient amount of wisdom, sensitivity and
knowledge to share with my clients.


Total Massage Solutions Inc
Damian Blain LMT
2735 W 62nd Pl
Hialeah Florida
Email damian@massageinmiami.com
(305) 825-1092 ‎
Many clients have asked what style is used on them. This is because
Damian combines elements from many different styles into one
complete body work. In general, his goal is to soothe and relax the
mind and body while eliminating toxins and the conditions of held
tension from the muscles. In other words, make you feel really good
during and after the massage.

Cloud 9 Therapeutic Massage
Terri Darias LMT
6000 Miami Lakes Dr
Hialeah Florida 33014
Email terri@cloud9massages.com
(305) 362-9260
Did you know that therapeutic massage may be covered by
your insurance? You could be eligible for a discount of 15%
or 20% off the regular cost of a massage session. 100% percent
coverage with some policies if medically necessary. A prescription
from your doctor will be required.


Prana Yoga
247 Malaga Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Email pranayogamiami@aol.com
(305) 567-9812
Our goal is to help you reach your full potential both physically
and spiritually by receiving authentic Yoga teachings passed
down through sacred lineages. Our Yoga teachers and staff are
extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga and
respectful of each students.

Yoga Inbound

4138 NW 23 Av
Miami Beach, FL 33142
Email info@yogainbound.com
Phone 305-638-2503

Somaveda Wellness Center
18100 NW 68th Ave
Miami Lakes, FL 33015
Email miamithaiyoga@gmail.com
(305) 481-6513
SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy Incorporates elements of
Mindfullness,Gentle Rocking, Deep Stretching and Rhythmic
Compression to create a Singular healing experience. This work,
as it brings fundamental elements and energy into Harmony;
creates wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit, In the client
and the Practitioner as Well.

Energy Yoga 
5001 Northwest 104th Avenue
Doral, FL
Contact  david@yogadoral.com
(305) 562-7051 ‎
Yoga is a wonderful blessing that has been handed down through the
generations.  It provides spiritual nourishment for our soul,while at
the same time improving our core strength and flexibility. Many
students find powerful emotional healing while on the mat
through the process of self discovery.

Bikram Yoga Miami 
2500 Southwest 28th Lane,
Miami, FL
Contact  info@miamibikram.com
(305) 856-9922
Every class is open to beginners - no experience or reservation
necessary. Bikram Hot Yoga Miami - Bikram Yoga done the
right way - the right heat, humidity, carpet and teaching.

Hialeah Florida | Alternative Medicine

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