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"I think that if we had more acupuncture and less AZT [an AIDS medication], we would see a qualitative improvement in these patients' health."~William Michael Cargile, B.S., D.C., F.I.A.C.A.

"Even in acute abdominal problems, acupuncture can be used before surgery to arrest the condition before it progresses further." Maoshing Ni, D.O.M., Ph.D., L.Ac., Vice-President of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California

"There is evidence that acupuncture influences the production of and distribution of a great many neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, and that this in turn alters the perception of pain."~David Eisenberg, M.D., Clinical Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School

"Acupuncture also claims good success rates with cigarette addiction, where a newly discovered acupoint called Tien Mi is used in conjunction with other traditional acupoints particularly those located on the ear."~Maoshing Ni, D.O.M., Ph.D., L.Ac., Vice-President of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California

"Acupuncture is very effective in controlling addictions, and the drug problem in this country is a serious one. Let us all hope that more acupuncture detoxification centers will be established in the future. Public funding is needed.
Acupuncture is effective for many other conditions as well. Acupuncture has a 3000-year old history and has only recently been found to be useful for addictions. The World Health Organization lists over 40 disorders that respond favorably to acupuncture. Among these are chronic pain, injuries, back and neck pain, chronic fatigue, headaches, depression (mild), stress disorders, hypertension, insomnia, digestive disorders, pre-menstrual syndrome and other women's problems, constipation, allergies and the common cold."~Community Addiction Recovery Association
"Every drug of choice has a receptor site mechanism that is very specific. What we do is meet the needs of that receptor site by supplying and directing the endorphins or enkaphilins through acupuncture."~Sir Jay Holder, M.D., D.C., Ph.D., Director of the Holder Research Institute in Miami, Florida

Acupuncture is equivalent to he effect of tranquilizers in cases of depresion, worry, insomnia, and nervous disorders, and its action is swift and lasting."~Professor Pierre Huard of the Medical Faculty of Paris France and Dr. Ming Wong of the Medical Faculty of Rennes

"Not only is acupuncture effective as a primary modality, it also can play a vital role as an adjunctive therapy due to how effective the meridian system is as a means of proper diagnosis." ~William Michael Cargile, B.S., D.C., F.I.A.C.A., Chairman of Research for the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

"Because the meridians influence every cell in the body and pass through every organ and organ system, acupuncture provides health practitioners with an accurate and noninvasive means of determining health deficiences, as well as a method of reestablishing balance."~William Michael Cargile, B.S., D.C., F.I.A.C.A., Chairman of Research for the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

"In short, it [acupuncture] provides maximum benefits without the dangerous side effects associated with many of the approaches of conventional medicine."~William Michael Cargile, B.S., D.C., F.I.A.C.A., Chairman of Research for the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

"While acupuncture represents a legacy of concepts that predate Western civilization, as a contemporary health care system it also represents a synthesis of continuously evolving scientific and technological develpments which provides us with new tools to meet current clinical challenges."~Dennis Tucker, Ph.D., L.Ac., of Nevada City, California

"The future of acupuncture will to some degree depend upon our ability to reconcile the old and new within a new science of energy medicine. This can only be accomplished if we honor both our traditional roots and the challenge of building on the foundation provided by scientific research."~Dennis Tucker, Ph.D., L.Ac., of Nevada City, California


"Because of the close clinical relationship between specific muscle dysfunction and related organ or gland dysfunction, applied kinesiology can be used to identify and treat a wide variety of health problems."~Robert Blaich, D.C., Los Angeles
"Muscle testing is often the key to balancing mechanically opposed muscles, since a muscle spasm usually exists secondary to and opposite a weak muscle."~Robert Blaich,D.C., Los Angeles
"Get people better and they will send more new patients to you than you can treat."~George Goodheart Jr., D.C.


"In actuality, the oils exert much of their therapeutic effect through their pharmacological properties and their small molecular size, making them one of the few therapeutic agents to easily penetrate the bodily tissues."~Dr. (rer. nat.) Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
"The chemical makeup of essential oils gives them a host of desirable pharmacological properties ranging from antibacterial, antiviral, and antispasmodic, to uses as diuretics (promoting production and excretion of urine), vasodilators (widening blood vessels), and vasoconstrictors (narrowing blood vessels). Essential oils act on the adrenals, ovaries, and the thyroid and can energize or pacify, detoxify, and facilitate the digestive process."~Dr. (rer. nat.) Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

"Because the oils work in a different way from antibiotics, they do not have the usual side effects, and they tend to stimulate the immune system instead of depressing it."~Robert Tisserand, of London, England

"Oils of cinnamon and eucalyptus are as powerful against some microorganisms as conventional antibiotics, and are especially effective against flus. Sandalwood oil from Mysore, India, is not only a classic perfume oil but is also a traditional remedy for sore throats and laryngitis. Lavender oil, so often used in toilet waters and scented sachets, has a dramatic healing action on burns."~Robert Tisserand, of London, England

"Whenever the specific pain indicating the recurrence of the lesions occurs, oils are applied before the outbreak of the lesion and more often than not the outbreak is prevented. After repeating this procedure three to four times, herpes simplex typically stops recurring."~Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

"Another effective use of essential oils is the topical treatment fo shingles, a painful skin virus...drastic improvements and complete remission occur within seven days."~Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

"Because of their very strong local anti-inflammatory action, these oils [clove, cinnamon, and thyme] often reduce arthritis symptoms within moments of application."~Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

"Essential oils should be called 'essential oils'. If names are used that sound evasive, such as 'pure botanical perfume' or 'pure fragrance essence', that is an indication that the supplier is aware that the oils are not true essential oils."~Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
"Pure essential oils are expensive. Often one thousand pounds of plant are needed to produce one pound of essence...if every oil in a line carries the same price tag, this is a sure sign of large-scale homogenization and adulteration for the production of sheer fragrance oils as opposed to essential oils...the prices of essential oils can differ."~Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

"While aromatherapy is practiced by medical doctors in France, this has not been the case in England and the United States." ~Robert Tisserand, of London, England

"With the increasing demand for holistic health care and the 'green revolution', the demand for aromatherapy will increase, and hopefully we will reach the point where medical doctors incorporate it into their repertoire. It will become routine for doctors to send culture samples to the pharmacist for testing, and identify the relevant aromatherapy for the patient. The stress-relieving properties associated with aromatherapy make it an indispensable part of health care."~Robert Tisserand, of London, England

"For many common infectious diseases aromatherapy offers more effective and more wholesome solutions than conventional medicine."~Dr. (rer. nat.) Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

"If aromatherapy was allowed to compete only on its merit it would be a great competitor for a variety of aspects of conventional medicine. Much of the future of aromatherapy will be determined through political processes."~Dr. (rer. nat.) Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
"The powers in the medical 'market' will try to keep aromatherapy out because it threatens profits to the conventional medical establishment. However, the demand of the consumer for more and better access to alternative methods will continue to offset such vested interests and should do much to make aromatherapy more popular as a healing modality."~Dr. (rer. nat.) Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy


"The basic theme of the kapha metabolic type is relaxed." ~Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"Disease is the result of a disruption of the spontaneous flow of nature's intelligence within our physiology. When we violate nature's law and cannot adequately rid ourselves of the results of this disruption, then we have disease."~Virender Sodhi, M.D. (Ayurveda), N.D., Director of the American School of Ayurvedic Sciences in Bellevue, Washington

"Considerable modern research has proven the efficacy of Ayurvedic herbal preparations, and research has now moved to elucidating their mechanisms and sites of action."~Virender Sodhi, M.D. (Ayurveda), N.D., Director of the American School of Ayurvedic Sciences in Bellevue, Washington


"Eventually, patients should be able to use their biofeedback experience to lower their own heart rate or blood pressure, or to alleviate physical complaints. It's a form of self-medication." ~Dr. David Spiegel, Stanford University Medical Center

"In fact, with practice, biofeedback skills continue to improve. It is like taking tennis lessons. If you stop taking the lessons but continue playing, your game will improve. With biofeedback, it works the same way. The more you practice, the better you get."~Patricia Norris, Ph.D., Clinical Director of the Biofeedback and Psychphysiology Clinic at the Center for Applied Psychophysiology at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas

"The most exciting innovation in biofeedback would be to provide people with moment-to-moment feedback of changes in the levels of chemicals within the bloodstream."~Melvyn Werbach, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine and Director of the Biofeedback Medical Clinic in Tarzana, California
"The self-regulation skills acquired through biofeedback training are retained by the individual even after the feedback device is dispensed with."~Patricia Norris, Ph.D.


"The nervous system holds the key to the body's incredible potential to heal itself."~Sir Jay Holder, M.D., D.C., Ph.D., of Miami, Florida

"The spine as a whole operates as a functional unit. Each vertebra can affect its neighbor and one portion of the spine may affect or damage other areas of the body."~Don Davis, D.C., of Hayward, California

"Chiropractic embraces the science of life, the knowledge of how organisms act in health and disease, and also the art of adjusting the neuroskeleton."~Daniel David Palmer, founder of modern chiropractic

"When someone takes a fall and ends up with a misalignment of the lower spine, typically he or she will just ignore it after a few days, when the pain has gone away. Then the person finds out years later that the hip has been deteriorating more rapidly than it should have been."~Robert Blaich, D.C., of Los Angeles
"People can see the premature wear and tear on their car's tires that occurs if the wheels are misaligned, yet the same holds true for the human body if the spine is misaligned."~Robert Blaich, D.C., of Los Angeles

"It is essential for a person to have the spine aligned on a regular basis, just as the person would go to a dentist to have his or her teeth cleaned to prevent disease. This keeps the spine from subluxation and is the best preventative measure the person can take against disease."~Sir Jay Holder, M.D., D.C., Ph.D., of Miami, Florida

"If a woman is pregnant her needs are increased, because the nervous system of a woman directs the creation of the fetus and the embryo to begin with. When a woman receives adjustments during her pregnancy, there is also better delivery, less back pain, healthier children, and less chance of a miscarriage" ~Sir Jay Holder, M.D., D.C., Ph.D., of Miami, Florida

"By keeping the body as subluxation-free as possible through chiropractic adjustments and living a sensible, wellness-oriented lifestyle, we can significantly enhance the body's natural restorative powers."~Terry A. Rondberg, D.C., President of the World Chiropractic Alliance

"It's very exciting. One day, hopefully, you'll have sixty-five thousand chiropractors trained to deal with the problem of addiction. This is a major chance for chiropractic to step forward and play a leading role in meeting one of the most serious problems facing our country."~Sir Jay Holder, M.D., D.C., Ph.D., of Miami, Florida

"By removing subluxations that interfere with the normal functioning of the nervous system, a person in a drug treatment center is more likely to complete his or her term of stay because the person now can meet the needs of all the other modalities that are offered as treatment. We have less people with drug detox or withdrawal symptoms. Their physical complaints are almost eliminated and they can now concentrate on dealing with their addiction."~Sir Jay Holder, M.D., D.C., Ph.D., of Miami, Florida

"Chiropractic patients were three times more satisfied with their care than patients of family practice physicians."~Western Journal of Medicine, 1989

"Patient Evaluations of Low-Back Pain Care." "Chiropractors are now accepted as a legitimate healing profession by the public and by an increasing number of physicians."~The Manga Report, 1993
"Chiropractic is a growing component of the health care sector, and it is widely used by the population."~The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, and Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, January, 1992

"Mandated Health Insurance Coverage for Chiropractic Treatment: An Economic Assessment, with Implications for the Commonwealth of Virginia." "...for the management of low-back pain, chiropractic care is the most effective treatment, and it should be fully integrated into the government's health care system."~The Manga Report, 1993

"Chiropractic treatment was more effective than hospital outpatient management, mainly for patients with chronic or severe back pain." -British Medical Journal, 1990. British Medical Research Council Study. "...spinal manipulation applied by chiropractors is shown to be more effective than alternative treatments for low-back pain."~The Manga Report, 1993

"...injured workers...diagnosed with low-back pain returned to work much sooner when treated by chiropractors than by physicians."~The Manga Report, 1993

"Two and three years after patients with back pain were treatd by chiropractors, they experienced far less pain than those who werer treated by medical doctors."~British Medical Journal, 1990
"Low Back Pain of Mechanical Origin: Randomized Comparison of Chiropractic and Hospital Outpatient Treatment." "...one of the unexpected findings...looks as though the treatment that the chiropractors give does something that results in a very long-term benefit."~T.W. Meade, M.D., CBC Radio

"M.D.s now categorize chiropractic manipulation with the highest rating: Generally accepted, well-established and widely used." ~Spine, 1991. North American Spine Society

"A majority of family physicians (in Washington) admitted having encouraged patients to see a chiropractor, and two-thirds indicated a desire to learn more about what chiropractors do." The Journal of Family Practice, 1992

"Family Physicians and Chiropractors: What's Best for the Patient?" "Our trial showed that chiropractic is a very effective treatment, more effective than conventional hospital outpatient treatment for low-back pain...particularly in patients...who have severe problems."~T.W. Meade, M.D.

"Manipulative medicine is no longer a taboo topic."~Norton Hadler, M.D., professor of rheumatology, University of North Carolina Medical School at Chapel Hill, Time Magazine, 1991.
"Ten years ago if you practiced manipulation...you couldn't get published and were never invited to meetings. Now I can't keep up with the invitations."~Neurologist Scott Haldeman, M.D., D.C., New York Times, 1991.


"For instance, he [Fulford] regularly cured young children of recurring ear infections by simply, in his words, 'freeing up their breathing and getting their tailbone [sacrum] unstuck' so that it could get back into normal respiratory [craniosacral rhythm] motion. When this motion is restricted, fluid backs up in the ear, providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria." ~Andrew Weil, M.D., writes about Bob Fulford, a retired osteopthic physician and instructor of craniosacral therapy

"When there is synchronous movement in the craniosacral system, the physiology of the central nervous system functions more efficiently and the nerve tissue is, in general, healthier." Robert Norret, D.C.

"The practical and theoretical significance of Dr. Upledger's therapeutic techniques, by the turn of the century, will be implemented in most hospitals and medical schools."~Elmer Green, Ph.D., referring to Dr. John Upledger's research in developing CranioSacral Therapy

"We found significant restriction of the area inside the cranium where the olfactory nerves pass through, and within about five minutes, he had improved dramatically."~Robert Norett, D.C., Director of the Stillpoint Health Center in Venice, California, citing the case of an owner of a French restaurant who slipped and hit his head against a stove.


"Enzymes are substances that make life possible."~ Edward Howell,M.D.

"Enzyme therapy needs to be combined with good eating habits." Howard F. Loomis,Jr.,D.C.

"Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds can provide plentiful plant enzymes."~Howard F. Loomis,Jr.,D.C.

"People think that if they simply take vitamins and minerals they will be healthy, but every vitamin and mineral requires an enzyme. You can eat pounds and pounds of vitamins and minerals, but if you don't have the proper enzymes, they don't work." Dr. Lita Lee, Ph.D.

"All preventive therapies will include treatment of enzyme deficiencies and all food supplements will address our need for enzymes."~Dr. Lita Lee, Ph.D.

"We are not aware of enzyme deficiencies because they take so long to manifest. When there are signs, the body is already in a state of exhaustion."~Dr. Lita Lee, Ph.D.

"The primary cause of our disease is in us, always in us." ~Antoine Beachamp,1883.

"Unfortunately, in America and other Westernized countries, most people do not eat whole foods and those who do have trouble digesting them because most foods are eaten cooked and have zero enzymes. Thus, the need for whole foods and enzyme nutrition is widespread."~Dr. Lita Lee, Ph.D.


Gemstone/Chakra/Crystal Therapy:

"He builded better than he knew;--- The conscious stone to beauty grew."~Emerson, The Problem

"The gods propitious hearken to his prayers, who'ever the polished glass-green Jasper wears: His parched glebe they'll satiate with rain, And send for showers to soak the thirsty plain."~author of Lithica

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