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Acupuncture in  Houston TX - Houston Acupuncture & Herb Clinic
2405 South Shepherd Dr.
Houston Texas  77019
Phone: 713-529-8332
For our acupuncturists, acupuncture is not where your treatment
ends. We are the largest and most specialized acupuncture
and herb clinic in Houston. Acupuncture and herbs eliminate
shoulder pain, neck pain, and wonderful for frozen  shoulder.
Natural approach for allergy,  sinus  congestion  as well
immune system.

Comwell Acupuncture Clinic
14511 Falling Creek Dr, Suite 204                  
Houston, TX  77014
Phone: 281-440-8010
Allergies, Asthma,  Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Digestive  Disorders,
Endocrine  Disorders, Infertility, Immune Compromise, Chronic
Fatigue, Pain  (Neck, Shoulders, Back, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica,
Knees), Stress, Anxiety, Depression,  Insomnia,
Weight Control

Houston Acupuncture Clinic
3400 Bissonnet St #260
Houston, TX 77005
Tel: 713-807-9592
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has developed its systemic
theory about human physiology and pathology, disease
diagnosis, treatment and prevention. This ancient health care
system includes acupuncture,  herbal medicine, Qigong,
Tui Na (or acupressure),  Tai Ji exercises, and diet therapy.

Acupuncture Herbal XIA
10427 S Post Oak Rd,
Houston Texas 77035
E-mail:  acuherbxia@yahoo.com
Phone: (713) 269-8755
The TCM’s basic treatment is to improve and regulate the Qi
(pronounced chee) energy to offer better resistance  against
both the external and interior pathogenic factors. This will
improve the body’s health condition. The therapy methods
will include acupuncture,  herbal medicine,  moxibustion,  
Chinese  therapy  massage  (Tuina),  and  self  exercise
methods like Qigong, Taiji and many more.

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.


Innate  Chiropractic  Healing  Arts  Center
Jackie –
2021 Driscoll –
Houston, TX    77019
(713) 521-2104


Dr. Arturo M. Volpe
Natural Health Solutions
1714 Sunset Blvd •
Houston TX 77005
Phone: 713.529.5669
Dr. Arturo Volpe was educated in Switzerland, Italy and the
United States. With extensive training in a variety of
holistic treatment modalities, Dr. Volpe specializes in
drug-free solutions for many health challenges. His Rice
Village-area practice is based on his lifelong interest in
fitness and the European tradition of natural healing.

Access Awareness LLC   
Donna    DiGiuseppe        
Danbury    TX    77534   
A website service providing online holistic counseling-education.

Spring  Shadows  Chiropractic  Clinic
2600 Gessner Dr,
Houston, TX 77080
Email:  kurt@drjuergens.com
Phone: 713-690-0233
Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to
treat disease once it occurs, Dr. Kurt A. Juergens
emphasizes improving your health in an effort to reduce
the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Most people
would rather be healthy and  avoid  illness, if they could.

Houston  Holistic  Health  Clinic
6776 Southwest
Freeway Suite 535
Houston Texas   77074
Tel: 713-781-9991
As a Doctor of Naturopathy,  Dr. Gracie Chuku is an advocate
of alternative  medicine & the holistic health  philosophy  which
typically supports the person as a whole instead of a person
with a symptom.  Each client is unique with  individual needs.

The  Axelrad  Clinic  for  Women's  Healthcare
19 Briar Hollow Lane, Suite 240
Houston Texas 77027
Phone: 713-527-9555
I hear and interpret your symptoms against the harmonic backdrop
of your lifestyle, emotional challenges, dietary habits, sleep
patterns, etc... to paint for you a complete picture that can
provide a deeper understanding of your holistic diagnosis.


MANUS  HEALTH  / The  Athlete  Stop                
17758 Katy Frwy, Suite 3                            
Houston, TX 77094
PH: 281-599-3039 or PH: 281-599-3300
We specailize in providing traditional Chiropractic care along
with physical medicine, Sports team therapy, Myofascial Release,
Massage, Nutrition, and Exercise. We provide excellent
care for all types of pain and work closely  with many  specialties
in medicine to get you back to 100%  quickly.    My name is Dr.
.  My friend and colleague Dr.Chase and I have been
in practice here in Houston for 10 years.


Spring /  Woodlands  Location
719 Sawdust Road
Suite 100
The Woodlands, TX 77386
Phone: 281-787-8999
hypnotherapy  has been proven highly effective at resolving
many  emotional and behavioral issues in adults and
children. These include low self-confidence, stress, attention
disorders,  insomnia,  pain  management  including
painless childbirth, phobias, negative habits such as overeating,
smoking, nail biting and much more. Please browse
our website to learn more about how  hypnotherapy  can
help you improve your life.

Quantum Touch

The Touch Of Healing Institute
Pat Fleury
Quantum-Touch Instructor
Touch of Healing Instructor
Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

14138 Cleobrook Drive, Suite A   
Houston, Texas 77070   
"Pat" has been a health care professional for the past 45+ years;
working in hospitals, medical centers, clinics and physician's offices.
Academically, she has certification and degrees in conventional
as well as alternative medicine. (CAM)

Margaret Anne James
Houston, Texas   

Try Energy Healing
George Marshall
QT Practitioner
Houston, Texas 77040       
Toll Free 855-223-0397   
I have always been a student of the powers of the mind since I
was in High School and studied self-hypnosis.  Quantum  Touch
has given me the opportunity to help others in ways I never
before dreamed possible.

Rebecca Hall
Quantum-Touch Practitioner
1209 Pennsylvania Ave. South Houston   
Houston, Texas 77587   

Penny LeLeux
Quantum Touch Practitioner  Level 1 Instructor
Orange, Texas 77630   
My own health has improved tremendously while working on others.
In me, Quantum-Touch has healed tendonitis in both my ankles,
relieved knee pain, arthritis in both hips and lower back pain
caused by a fall 35 years ago.


Serene Wellness Spa
10851 Scarsdale Blvd. (@ Beamer), Suite 740,
Houston Texas  77089 |  
Email:  info@serenewellness.net
ph 281-464-8322
I've been coming here for a couple of years, the massages
are  excellent  and every time I leave I feel like I'm
floating in the clouds. The staff is friendly and always willing
to make you feel great. I highly recommend you come
and get a massage.

Cosa Bella salon and day spa   
Stephanie    Sanders L.M.T.       
1543 Yale st.   
Houston    TX    77008   
A cozy salon & day spa situated in the heart of Houston’s
historic Heights neighborhood, Cosa Bella Salon & Day Spa
offers three stories of beauty, relaxation, and wellness
provided by a professional, licensed staff in a
welcoming atmosphere.

Akoya Spa   
Rina    Tzeng       
2402 Bay Area Blvd Suite L   
Houston    Texas    77058   
At Akoya spa we provide personalized and sincere care for each
guest.  With respect for the uniqueness of each individual our
services are customized to provide you a unique spa
experience. Treatments

Herbana  Natural  and  Holistic  Spa
16933 El Camino Real
Houston, TX 77058
Email:  staff@herbanaspa.com
Phone: 281-461-8532
Come in for one of our mind, body, spirit treatments like
Shirodhara,  Reiki,  Reflexology  or  Acupuncture.


Web Master SEO Consulting
1201 W Arbrook Boulevard
Arlington , TX 76015
Start with SEO Basic Training here. Everybody knows that SEO
is a moving target...


Houston  Iyengar  Yoga  Studio
1210 W. Clay, #19
Houston Texas 77019
Phone: (713) 527-9100
Phone (713) 527-9100
Iyengar  Yoga  is a vigorous practice which builds  strength,
flexibility, and balance.  Poses performed correctly  benefit
the body as a whole, including the cardiovascular, digestive,
nervous and immune systems. Iyengar Yoga poses
relieve stress by stretching muscles contracted by stress,
and by building stability of both body and mind, helping
the practitioner feel grounded and confident.

YogaOne Studios
3030 Travis, Suite E
Houston, TX 77006
Contact  info@yogaonehouston.com
(713) 522-0876
Welcome to YogaOne Studios, Hot Yoga, Forrest Yoga and Vinyasa
Flow in Houston Texas.  We are a small island of bliss and community
in the heart of the big city.  We have over 60 classes per week for
students of all levels plus a host of special events to deepen your
practice.   Breathe, move, sweat and find your inspiration.

Bikram Hot Yoga Houston
2438 South Boulevard
Houston Texas    77098
Contact  joani@bikramyogahouston.com
(713) 664-5333
26 Postures 90 minutes in a heated room
By the end of a class, you will have worked every muscle, tendon,
joint, ligament, internal organ, and gland while systematically
moving fresh,oxygenated blood to 100% of the body.

Tejas Yoga
3930 Kirby Dr. STE #100
Houston, TX 77098
Contact  yannis@gmail.com
(713) 568-8230
Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional Indian yoga system. We have an
extensive yoga program with daily Mysore classes and Led Primary
Series classes. Students with a continuing Ashtanga yoga practice
are welcome to drop in to Mysore or Led. Beginners start on a
one-on-one basis in the Mysore classes. For more information
browse the site, call or email us.

Joy Yoga Center‎
4500 Washington Avenue #900
Houston Texas   77007
COntact  info@joyyogacenter.com
(713) 868-9642
Yoga is part of a 5,000 year old system for holistic health. Hatha
yoga is the part of this system which focuses on holding various poses,
called asanas. This works to bring fresh blood and oxygen to all the
muscles, organs, and glands in the body. By stretching and compressing
acupressure meridian lines, yoga releases energy into the organs of
the body, helping the body to heal itself.

Yoga Ananda Yoga Studio
1822 West Alabama Street
Houston Texas  77098
COntact  maria.merrill@gmail.com
(713) 527-8280
Get back to basics! Join us for this workshop that reviews the basics
of our vinyasa flow, Downdog, updog, chaturanga's etc. If you are
new to the practice , especially if you have been practicing less
than a year, this is the perfect class.

Devanand Yoga Center
6423 Richmond Ave # L
Houston, TX 77057
Email  Info@houstonyoga.org
(713) 965-9642
To systematically propagate physical and spiritual knowledge to
society in an interesting and fun way. To educate in the techniques
of spiritual life, check the imbalance of values, and to spread real
unity and peace in the world as much as possible.

The Yoga Institute
3311 Richmond Avenue # 307
Houston, TX 77098
Email  info@yogainstitute.com
(713) 526-6674
We offer an eclectic blend of hatha yoga, incorporating many
elements of Vinyasa, Anusara©, Ashtanga-based and
Jivamukti-infused classes.

508 Pecore Street
Houston Texas 77009
Email  info@niamoves.com
(713) 864-4260
Yoga in Houston
Practicing yoga helps to tone the body, and tune the mind. Learn
to be calm, focus your energies and regain inner peace while
improving physical strength with our yoga classes. Emphasize
awareness and relaxation through supported positions.

Houston Iyengar Yoga Studio
1210 West Clay Street
Houston, TX 77019
Email  constancebraden@mac.com
(713) 527-9100
serious yoga instruction in a friendly atmosphere. Students of all
levels of ability build strength, flexibility, stability and balance,
of both body and mind.

Blue Tree Yoga
1824 Spring Street
Houston Texas   77007
Email  info@bluetreeyoga.com
(713) 862-9642
Classes at Blue Tree studios are donation-only. Jennyoga offers
some donation classes as well. We offer classes in many styles
for all levels.

Heights School of Yoga
1547 Rutland Street
Houston, TX 77008
Info  yoga@heightsschoolofyoga.com
(281) 974-9141
Heights School of Yoga is a friendly, peaceful, and nurturing
environment designed for learning.  It is committed to creating a
community of knowledegable, passionate teachers who are not
only dedicated to the growth of their students, but to their own
personal practice as well.

Motherhood Center
3701 West Alabama Street
Houston Texas   77027
EMail  info@motherhoodcenter.com
(713) 963-8880
As your baby grows, we provide babysitting services, a professional
nanny agency, music classes for infants and children, dance classes,
and even kid’s yoga. Our professional photography studio provides
the best in pregnancy and maternity photography along with infant,
children and family photography.

Jennyoga: Live. Breathe. Do Yoga.
3641 Westheimer Road
Houston Texas   77027
EMail   info@bluetreeyoga.com
(713) 839-9642
Jennifer Buergermeister is the founder of the pioneering and popular
Houston yoga studio Jennyoga located in River Oaks since July 2007.
In the same year Jenny organized Breathe the Cure, Inc. 501c3.
The word cure comes from the latin word cura which means to bring
attention to or to care for; to heal.

Texas Yoga Center
7620 Cherry Park Dr # F
Houston, TX 77095
Info  barbara@texasyogacenter.com
(281) 859-5566
Everyone CAN do yoga at Texas Yoga Center! Owner, Barbara
Morrison and her staff take the time to teach you in a friendly,
relaxed atmosphere. Conveniently located in the Copperfield area
of Northwest Houston for 10 years.

Your Body Center‎
3605 Katy Fwy # 100
Houston Texas   77007
EMail  info@yourbodycenter.com
(713) 874-0800
your body center opened February 14, 2003. We integrate Yoga,
Hot Yoga  & Pilates in a relaxing atmosphere with highly trained
staff. Along with our classes, we offer a variety of massage services
specializing in more therapeutic work to help students achieve
mental, spiritual and physical well being.

Houston Texas | Holistic Medicine

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