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East-West Therapeutic Center
Irving Health and Medical Center,
2401 W. Airport Fwy,
Irving Texas
(214) 717-1217 ‎
Chronic restrictions and improper energy flow may manifest as
digestive disorders, tinnitus, ageing, infertility, bronchial conditions,
gynecological disorders, anxiety, weight gain, headaches,
depression, fatigue, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, acne, digestive
disorders, inability to relax, irritability, masses, muscle tension,
lack of energy...and many more.

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.


Yes To Perfect Health Inc.
Dr. Victoria Le,DC
1111 Kinwest Parkway, Ste 130
Irving, Texas 75063
Contact Email:
Tel: (972) 506-8776
Twenty years of full-time clinical experience as a Doctor of

Pinnacle Health Chiropractic
Dr. Richard Higginbotham. D.C.‎
4322 N Beltline Rd Suite B212
Irving, TX 75038
(214) 541-9820
Chiropractic care is more than just making the pain disappear.
It is about learning, understanding and taking care of your
body to improve your quality of life.

People's  Chiropractic Clinic
3200 North Macarthur Blvd # 105
Irving, TX
(972) 256-0004
Dr. Craven uses a holistic approach to health. She believes the
body and mind need to be brought together as the first step to
better health, and with the doctor's guidance, all patients are
encouraged to take an active part in the maintenance of their
health and in the treatment of their illnesses.

Parker Chiropratic
4030 N Belt Line Rd
Irving Texas 75038
(469) 713-3262
At our Irving chiropractic office you will receive state of the art
holistic healthcare through the use of modern chiropractic
techniques and technology, therapeutic massage, physical therapy
& rehabilitation, spinal decompression and
computerized diagnostic procedures.

DFW Spine & Joint  Center
3401 W. Airport Frwy Suite 101,
Irving, TX
(214) 596-1051
Dr. Robert Hanson, a Chiropractor in Irving, TX, has designed
specific non-invasive treatment protocols for patients suffering
from chronic low back pain, neck pain, and severe shoulder pain.
Dr. Hanson's cold laser therapy programs are for patients
searching for alternatives to surgery, harmful medications,
and painful injections.

Ullman  Chirpractic and Acupuncture
6230 N. Beltline rd, #305
Irving, TX 76262
(972) 714-9800
Our mission is to provide you with the best care for your overall
health. This not only includes traditional chiropractic care, but
also a holistic approach for prevantive care and
general good health.


Talita  Kum Holistic Clinic
4225 Wingren Drive,
Irving Texas
(214) 432-6585
We are thoroughly committed to improving people's lives through
holistic medicine and alternative therapies. We work to educate
all our clients on the importance of leading healthy, balanced
lifestyles that will enable them to live disease-free for life.


Jerry  Tennant MD
Frankie Turpin
9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy E #1015
Irving, Texas 75063


Irving Massage Therapy
3325 W Rochelle Rd
Irving Texas 75062
(972) 256-3565
Individualized treatments meet the needs of the client. Everyone's
body requires a certain touch to respond properly to work.
We try to match you with the therapist who has the experience
and knowledge to make you most comfortable
and do the work necessary.


Sunstone Yoga Las Colinas
975 West John Carpenter Freeway #109a
Irving, TX 75039
(214) 764-2119 x115
Especially for students new to Sunstone Yoga, these two 90 minute
classes are an ideal introduction to everything Sunstone Yoga offers.
Intro Series A includes a condensed Fire Series class, a discussion of
yoga etiquette, and a short tour of the studio. Series B continues
your introduction with limited repetitions of all Fire Series postures.

Irving Texas | Holistic Medicine

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