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Juneau Alaska Holistic Medicine


East Care  Acupuncture  Clinic
130 Seward St. #318
Juneau, Alaska     99801
Email:     eastcare@alaska.net

Acupressure   Institute  of  Alaska
119 2nd Street
Juneau, Alaska
(907) 463-5560


Advanced  Structural  Chiropractic
8004 Hague Road
Juneau Alaska
(888) 806-8393

Alliance Chiropractic Health Center
Dr. Shepro
2243 Jordan Avenue
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 790-3371

href="http://allchiro.net/custom_content/c_17079_services__techniques.html" target="_blank">http://allchiro.net/custom_content/c_17079_services__techniques.html
Dr. Shepro uses a "whole person approach" when taking care
of his patients.

Aurora Chiropractic
Dr. Steven Messerschmidt
Dr. C. Doug Jones
b106, 9309 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 789-1344

Alaska  Holistic  Family  Medicine
119 Seward Street, Suite 18
Juneau, Alaska     99801

Valley Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Thomas Gundelfinger‎
2203 Jordan Avenue
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 789-9549
If you are unfamilliar with the benefits of chiropractic care, we
have educational programs to acquaint you with this surgery
free, drug free, alternative health care.

Monsef Chiropractic LLC
Dr. Mirza Monsef
8800 Glacier Hwy # 103
Juneau, AK 99801
Email  pavittmonsefchiro@gci.net
(907) 789-7877
We use a combination of treatments, all of which are predicated
on the specific needs of the individual patient.


Juneau  Community  Doula  Network
Shayna Rowher
Juneau Alaska
(907) 321-4121
Shayna is a certified labor doula through Doulas of North America
(DONA) and has taught and assisted with childbirth
education courses.

Juneau   Community  Doula  Network
Christy Perrin
Email  christy@juneaudoulas.org
(907) 209-6106
I believe that birth is one of the most transforming events in one’s  life
and I find tremendous inspiration in witnessing and supporting women
and their families during this important time.


Juneau Hypnosis  Center
2356 Mendenhall Loop Rd
Juneau, Alaska      99801
(907) 209-2286

Naturopathic Medicine

Rainforest Naturopathic  Medicine
Dr. Kristin Cox, ND
326 4th. St. #202
Juneau Alaska    99801
(907) 523-2102
Her practice includes endocrinology, digestive health, chronic disease,
allergies, and autoimmune disease. Dr. Cox practices using conventional
laboratory testing, diet and nutritional counseling, botanical medicine,
homeopathy, colon hydrotherapy and also bee venom therapy. 


View  Skin   Spa  &  Hair  Salon
2525 Industrial Boulevard
Juneau,  Alaska     99801


Rainforest Yoga
174 S. Franklin Street, Suite 202B
Email  drkristinnd@gmail.com
Juneau, Alaska
Rainforest Yoga is a membership-based nonprofit whose mission is
to foster a vital yoga community in Juneau.  Our purpose is to
promote spiritual growth through instruction in the art, science, and
philosophy of yoga.   Money generated from dues funds props,
maintenance, and teacher training, and offsets the costs of
bringing guest teachers.

taproot  yoga  center
Diamond Center, 2nd Floor
2211 Dunn Street
Juneau, Alaska    99801
(907) 523-9848
In yoga asana practice, we work intentionally with the breath
and cultivating sensitivity in the moment. Body awareness, breath,
and movement together infuse new blood, oxygen, nd energy
into weak or injured areas.   As energy redistributes among
imbalances that have surfaced, the body becomes more open
and viscous.   Often when tension releases during practice it
feels like a chiropractic adjustment.

Raven  Yoga  Shala
418 Harris Street #320
Juneau Alaska
Email  stephanieyoga@hotmail.com
907 723 5336
Located in downtown Juneau, Alaska, Ashtanga Yoga Juneau
was established in 2008 to foster the growth of Ashtanga yoga
as a serious practice for students while also uniting the Ashtanga
yoga community in Juneau.   All our teachers have been certified
to teach yoga and demonstrate the qualifications necessary to be
registered with the Yoga Alliance at the highest teaching standard.
This means they have completed comprehensive training in
techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy, physiology, yoga
philosophy, ethics and lifestyle.   Not only do our teachers teach
students, they are dedicated students themselves and have a
personal practice that includes hours of dedication.

Juneau Alaska | Holistic Medicine

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