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Whole Food Nutrition VS Synthetic Supplements

Our body assimilates nutrition from whole foods much better than the "man altered" synthetic supplements & drinks. Calcium supplements, that usually come from limestone, can collect in the kidneys & cause kidney stones. With 4 x more calcium than milk, WHOLE FOOD MORINGA CAPSULES is the better way to increase calcium intake.

Moringa on Dr. Oz

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Discovery Channel documentary Moringa - The Miracle Tree


"Across Africa, Asia and South America, moringa is being tapped as a supplement for malnourished and sick individuals, especially in AIDS-ravaged areas. Susan McDonald, SIM HOPE for AIDS Projects Mentor writes, “Some African churches are using the moringa plant as the primary natural supplement in their home-based care programs … Health workers are now treating malnutrition in small children and pregnant and nursing women with moringa leaf powder. The results have often been dramatic.”
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