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CornerStone Chiropractic
Dr. Borkhuis
A Creating Wellness Center 
1350 20th Avenue Southwest
Minot North Dakota   58701
(701) 852-2800

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Traditional acupuncture is utilized by Dr. Borkhuis at CornerStone
Chiropractic.  This technique involves needles being placed in specific
areas on the skin depending on the patient's complaint. This style has a
treatment time of about 20 minutes. Most patients don't feel much more
than a little "pinch" when the needles are placed into the skin, and the
majority of patients report a relaxed, and peaceful sensation while
resting with the needles in their appropriate positions.


Greenberg Erin M DC 
Minot North Dakota    58701
(701) 340-0035 ‎

A Touch of Norsk Chiro
111 11th Avenue Southwest
Minot, ND 58701
(701) 852-7775

Lifetime Chiropractic
1050 31st Ave SW # C
Minot, ND 58701
(701) 839-2010

Horizon Family Chiropractic
Dr. Matthew (Matt) Samson
408 20th Ave SW # 102
Minot, ND 58701
Email info@minotchiropractor.com
(701) 837-9355
At Horizon Family Chiropractic, your health is our priority. We
provide the most comprehensive care and guidance possible
to help you regain and maintain your optimal health potential.

Chiropractic Arts Clinic 
1001 20th Avenue Southwest
Minot, ND  58701
(701) 852-0158 ‎

Kelly Chiropractic
Kelly Krista DC‎
1415 2nd Avenue Southwest
Minot, ND 58701
(701) 837-5733

Chiropractic Associates 
720 20th Avenue Southwest
Minot, ND  58701
(701) 838-8000 ‎


Center for Family Medicine
Dr. Stephen C. Stripe, MD 
1201 11th Avenue Southwest
Minot, ND   58701
(701) 858-6700 ‎
Complete physicals, care for a wide array of medical conditions
involving all systems of the body, same day emergency visits, laceration
repair, and treatment of skin conditions.


Body Dimensions Massage Therapy 
1809 S Broadway # T
Minot, ND  58701
(701) 852-5060 ‎

Body Worx Therapeutic Massage
1829 South Broadway Suite 2
Minot North Dakota 58701
(701) 822-2552

Myo-Therapeutic Health Care
304 18th Ave SW # B
NorthDakota  58701
(701) 838-7007


Medicine Shoppe 
209 11th Avenue Southwest
Minot, ND   58701
(701) 852-1524 ‎
Basics and Benefits of Compounding
Compoundingis the art of preparing customized medications.
Compounding allows for increased compliance and ease
of administration.
Reasons for compounding:
Dye or preservative allergy
Unable to swallow tablets or capsules
Need non-standard drug strength
Need for medication no longer commonly available. Compounding
provides alternative solutions to problems that cannot be met with
the use of commercially available products.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Wellness Images
Elizabeth Eckert, PhD, LMT, CNMT
1225 4th Street Southwest
Minot, ND 58701
(701) 839-4755
Wouldn’t you like to know ahead of time if the treatment you’re
considering was going to work?  That’s what most people I talk
with worry about.  Over and over they tell me, “I wouldn’tmind
investing the time or the money if I knew it was really going towork. 
But how do I know?”


Creative Salon & Spa
212 S. Broadway Suite 102
Minot, ND 58701
(701) 839-5047
Massage therapy provides an exceptional retreat for the mind &
body, improves circulation, relieves muscle tensions, strengthens
the immune system and promotes relaxation.

Serenity Spa
#7 Third St. SE Suite 208
Minot North Dakota  58701
Email  serenity.spa.minot@gmail.com
(701) 240-7151
Backs are notoriously hard to reach, but they need pampering too.
The Back Facial starts with a cleansing under steam & a salt scrub
to make it nice & smooth. And next, a massage to help release
tension in the back

Minot North Dakota | Alternative Medicine

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