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Fong Byron B
220 Grand Avenue
Oakland  California    94610
(510) 451-8244

Golden Wellness Center   
Alex    Tuggle       
1314 High St. suite 1   
Alameda    CA    94501   
Golden Wellness Center is a holistic healing center and
acupuncture Alameda clinic
with specialties  and training in
treating a wide variety of health issues and medical conditions.

Perfect Wisdom Acupuncture  & Herbs
Prajna Paramita Choudhury, L.Ac.
395 Merritt Ave.
Oakland California   94610
Email  perfect.wisdom.medicine@gmail.com
(510) 832-2605
Chinese medical diagnosis involves investigating the chief symptoms
and overall bodily function, as well as examination of the tongue,
pulse, complexion, and general constitution and make up of
each patient.

Be  Well Integral Healing Space
Christopher Pearson L.Ac
Aaron Leon Kenin L.Ac
401 29th Street #101
Oakland, CA 94609
Email  info@bewellnatural.com
(510) 836-0200
The theory and practice of acupuncture is based on “Traditional
Chinese Medicine” (also called Oriental Medicine), a
comprehensive natural health care system that has been used in
China and many other countries for thousands of years to
preserve health and diagnose, treat, and prevent illness.

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave  Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.
Brain Sync recordings created by Kelly Howell have been clinically
tested with a record-breaking 95% success rate and are offered to
patients at America's most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals,
Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber.
After more than two decades of clinical research, Brain Sync is
revealing itself to be a great breakthrough in healing and mind



Brennan Mary S DC
4158 Park Boulevard
Oakland California    94602-1207
(510) 482-8748
As a holistic chiropractor and a certified  naturopath for the past
twenty years, I utilize a multi-system approach to treatment. We
will work together to enable you to take take an active role in
developing and implementing a treatment plan that resonates
with your coping strategies and unique abilities.

Acorn Wellness Center Chiropractic & Massage
Dr. Elon Bartlett, D.C.
2929 Summit Street #103
Oakland, CA 94609
Email  office@acornwellness.com
(510) 452-2929
The purpose of a chiropractic treatment is to find areas of your
skeleton that are not moving properly and to restore normal
movement. When a correction happens along the spine, not only
is your structure aligned, but your functioning is improved as well.


Be  Well Integral  Healing Space
Rose Foronda CMT
401 29th Street #101
Oakland, CA 94609
Email  info@bewellnatural.com
(510) 836-0200
As a massage instructor at Mckinnon Body Therapy Center in
Oakland since 2006, Rose enjoys teaching Shiatsu, Swedish
Massage, Sports Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage.  She
also incorporates and practices several other modalities in her
work such as Thai Massage, Trigger Point Therapy,
Reflexology, and Acupressure.

Acorn Wellness Center Chiropractic & Massage
Karma Raines, CMT
2929 Summit Street #103
Oakland, CA 94609-3423
Email  office@acornwellness.com
(510) 452-2929

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy
Vika Teicher
2071 Antioch Court
Oakland California   94611
Email  info@thaiyogatherapy.com
(510) 229-2202
Thai Massage is a wonderful integration of yoga and massage. It
combines gentle stretching and graceful movements with effective
pressure point techniques to ease muscular tension, improve joint
mobility, increase flexibility and circulation, and improve the
overall energy of each client.


Psychic  Jody Howard
Denver    CO
Email  innerlightaware@gmail.com
I look forward to channeling with your Angels, guides, higher self
and the Masters to bring clarity and understanding about
such things as:
Relationships   Your Purpose &  Path   Romance
Career & Business   Health   Pet Communiation

Quantum Touch

Asha Kimberly Stokes
Quantum Touch
Oakland, California   


Reiki  Center of the  East Bay
Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan
1223 61st Street
Oakland California    94608
Email  info@reikicentereastbay.com
(510) 653-9884
Reiki goes to the source of the problem, whether physical, mental,
emotional, or spiritual.  It will heal directly, highlight other aspects
to support healing, and help you be at peace with your condition.


Body and Brain  Holistic Yoga
Yelena Krasnov
2551 San Ramon Valley blvd. #223, 2nd floor
San Ramon, CA 94583
Email  yelena@bodynbrain.com
(925) 552-9834
Do you know the secret to health, happiness and peace? The
secret lies in your brain. The San Ramon Holistic Yoga Center
offers a variety of programs to empower individuals by
promoting health, happiness and peace through unleashing
the brain's potential.

Piedmont Yoga Studio
3966 Piedmont Ave
Oakland California   94611
(510) 652-3336
After a 30 year career in accounting and finance, Donna began
practicing yoga at PYS
a number of years ago  due to injuries and
a change in health circumstances.  She was so thankful with the
improvement in her health and well being she was inspired to
become a teacher.

Tree of Life Yoga 
5515 Doyle Street
Emeryville, CA
(510) 852-9876

Square One Yoga Collective
1540A 62nd St
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 547-9700
Square one yoga collective is a mission-driven business, committed
to making yoga completely accessible to the entire community by
keeping prices low, offering work-trade scholarships and maintaining
a healthy, unpretentious community.

Yoga College of India-Oakland 
478 Santa Clara Avenue # 300
Oakland, CA
(510) 625-9642

OMBody Yoga & Wellness
543 Athol Avenue
Oakland California    94606
(510) 545-6508
Gerri Asuncion, CMT / CPT / Yoga Instructor  / Founder
I began my wellness practice 20 years ago through personal discovery
of the effectiveness of integral therapies. It is my passion to share
my experiences as a way to empower my clients and my
community to achieve radiant health and wellness.

Pilates To the People 
550 2nd Street
Oakland, CA
(510) 451-4965 ‎

Namaste Yoga & Wellness
5416 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 547-9642
Our mission is to honor and embrace each individual as they come
through our doors by offering the highest quality yoga and wellness
programs. We strive to do this with love, grace, compassion and
respect. We serve Oakland and the  greater yoga communities.

Ellen Webb Studios 
2822 Union Street
Emeryville, CA
(510) 452-5919 ‎

Monkey Yoga Shala
3215 Lakeshore Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 908-1694
We offer yoga classes in Isometric Monkey Yoga, IMY-Ashtanga,
Vinyasa, and Postnatal Yoga. New students can enjoy our
introductory special of unlimited classes with Tim, Laura, Terry,
Wendy, Avram, Ray, & Stack for Two Weeks for Twenty dollars.
What a deal!

West Oakland Yoga 
1725 Peralta Street
Oakland, CA
(510) 978-2709

Mountain Yoga & Massage
2071 Antioch Court #100
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 339-6421
We recognize each student’s unique path toward greater health
and happiness, and seek to provide an integrated program of
yoga classes, massage, acupuncture,  ayurveda and  guidance
to support each individual in their quest for greater well-being.

The Opener
12 Shetland Court
Oakland, CA 94605
(510) 219-1851

Flying Yoga
4308 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland California    94609
(510) 200-4612
This is a space for all of us to congregate. It's for those who want
to sweat. It's for those who want to slow down. And it's also for
those who want to escape the 24x68 yoga mat rectangle and
DANCE!, handstand, boot camp, and suspend from the ceiling
upside down and backwards.

Dolphintales Yoga
Yoga Classes for Kids & Adults‎
4657 Dolores Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 967-9598

Jessie Holland
4315 Piedmont Avenue #202
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 926-0577
Jessie Holland is a Clincal Ayurvedic Specialist, with her private
practice in Oakland on Piedmont Ave. She is also a certified  Iyengar
Yoga Instructor
. She teaches yoga at studios throughout the
East Bay.

TIA Wellness
3001 Jordan Road
Oakland, CA 94602
(914) 400-7681

Red Crow Yoga Shala
3234 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 388-0333
Shadow Yoga is a unique style of Hatha Yoga that is taught
through three fixed, standing forms. It is best for those new to the
practice to begin with the Basics class.

Oakland California | Holistic Medicine

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