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Arginine plays an important role in cell division, the healing of wounds, 
removing ammonia from the body, immune function, and the release 
of hormones.[2][7][8] Arginine taken in combination with 
proanthocyanidins[9] or yohimbine,[10] has also been used as 
a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The benefits and functions attributed to oral supplementation
of L-arginine include:

Precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO)[11]
Reduces healing time of injuries (particularly bone)[7][8]
Quickens repair time of damaged tissue[7][8]
Helps decrease blood pressure[12][13]


The distributing basics of the moderate structure found in geometry,
charge distribution and ability to form multiple H-bonds make arginine 
ideal for binding negatively charged groups. For this reason, arginine 
prefers to be on the outside of the proteins where it can interact 
with the polar environment.

Incorporated in proteins, arginine can also be converted to citrulline
by PAD enzymes. In addition, arginine can be methylated by 
protein methyltransferases.


Arginine is the immediate precursor of NO, urea, ornithine, and
agmatine; is necessary for the synthesis of creatine; and can also 
be used for the synthesis of polyamines (mainly through ornithine 
and to a lesser degree through agmatine), citrulline, and glutamate. 
As a precursor of nitric oxide, arginine may have a role in the treatment 
of some conditions where vasodilation is required.[2] The presence 
of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA), a close relative, inhibits 
the nitric oxide reaction; therefore, ADMA is considered a marker 
for vascular disease, just as L-arginine is considered a sign of a 
healthy endothelium.

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