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Oklahoma City Oklahoma Holistic Medicine


Elledge Chiropractic
10403 S. Pennsylvania Ave
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73159
Phone: (405) 703-3033
We want to support a transformation in the health of humanity by
serving as many sick and suffering people as possible with
chiropractic care, proper nutrition, and acupuncture.

Eastern Medicine & Healing Arts
4200 Perimeter Center Dr., Suite 245
Phone: (405) 401-6380
J-Gardner Singleton, AMT, Dipl.Ac., Dipl.C.H.
Traditional forms of Asian medicine are among the world's oldest,
continually practiced professional medicines, and acupuncture,
acupressure massage therapy &  Chinese herbal medicine
(its most widely recognized treatments) are three of the most
common medical methods of treatment used in the world today.

Apothecary & Wellness Center
1012 NW 45
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73118
(405) 524-4000
A holistic alternative approach to patient healthcare in Oklahoma City.
Acupuncture, Chiropractic,  Reflexology, Massage Therapy,

Harmony Health Center, Inc.
3535 NW 58th, Suite 750
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Office: (405) 947-HEAL (4325)
Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Body-Mind Holistic Healing,
Herbology - Naturopathy - Yoga

Trinity Chiropractic Acupuncture

4236 NW Expressway Ste 118
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 848-7246


January Chiropractic
Drs. Brandon & Megan January
15007 Bristol Park Blvd
Oklahoma City Oklahoma    73013
(405) 749-8000
Fax: (405) 749-8007
Email  januarychiropractic@gmail.com
Chiropractic is about optimizing your overall health by restoring
normal function within the nervous system.

Elledge Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Cody   Elledge       
10403 S. Pennsylvania Ave.   
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma   73159   
Contact  elledgechiropractic@yahoo.com
What our South Oklahoma City Chiropractic patients are saying...
"Really like this Doc! This office is on the ball! They are so kind,
and treat me so well, I don't even feel like I am in a Dr's office.
Dr. Elledge is Caring and such a smooth Chiropractor...Great
experience...If you are in search of a Chiropractor in Oklahoma
City...He is really good."

Southwest Chiropractic Center Inc.
1141 SW 44th St. 
Oklahoma City , OK 73109 
Every year millions of Americans turn to chiropractic care for a safe,
holistic and effective approach to alleviate back, neck and
shoulder pain.

Advanced Relief Chiropractic & Acupuncture
7921 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
405) 822-4476
Our goal is to offer a natural approach to health, avoiding
addictive drugs and irreversible surgery.

href="http://www.mustainfamilyhealth.com/doctor/chiropractor/7L/oklahoma-city-chiropractor/about-us.htm" target="_blank">Mustain Chiropractic Clinic
11201 North May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120-6330
(405) 751-0848
You're in Charge...Regardless of your health goals, please understand
that we see ourselves as mere servants. You're the boss!
It's your body, your health and your future.


Hands On TherapyMassage
11032 Quail Creek Road #101
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
(405) 720-7960

Waterock Massage
Scott Rayburn, C.M.T.
2121 Northwest 25th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405) 528-4840
The bottomline is EVERYONE benifits from Bodywork!  This is
true both physically and emotionally.  A funny thing happens
to most people who begin a regular massage routine, they start
becoming more "aware" of their own body.


Psychic Medium
Mary Peeler
5908 N. Pennsylvania # 217 B
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73112
Email  peelermary@yahoo.com
405-286-3346 or toll free 866-996-maryp (2797)
Oklahoma psychic nationally known for her amazing ability to
communicate with the dearly departed, talk to pets or guide
others to a fuller, happier life.

FloraSage Therapies
M. Flora Peterson
P.O. Box 2286
Owasso, OK 74055
The youngest of seven girls and an intuitive  energy readerand space
clearer since childhood, Flora has been working directly with
clients to harmonize the self as well as dwelling spaces since 1997.


Elysium Spa RNHolistic Center
12324 South Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 378-3888

Watermark Massage
20 N. Broadway, Suite 51
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Wellness Center Services, Body Wrapping, Dieting and Weight
Programs, Muscle Building and Weights, Cardio Training

Divine Elegance Salon and Spa Suites
1432 W. Britton Rd. Ste 1
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Wellness Center Services, Anti Aging, Aromatherapy, Artificial Nails,
Basic Hair Cuts for Men, Body Wrapping

2521 1/2 N. Robinson
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73107
Email  acclimatetouch@yahoo.com
Wellness Center Services, Sports Training and Fitness, Personal
Training, Muscle Therapy, Hot Stone Massage
(405) 521-1940 (Phone)

Escape Spa
7334 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73116
Wellness Center Services, Anti Aging, Aromatherapy, Artificial Nails,
Body Wrapping, Classic Massage
(405) 789-7727 (Phone)

The Hip Chick Salon and Spa
1100-11 S Air Depot Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73110
Wellness Center Services, Anti Aging, Aromatherapy, Artificial Nails,
Basic Hair Cuts for Men
(405) 455-5470 (Phone)


SpiritHouse Yoga 
5107 North Shartel Avn.
Oklahoma City, OK
Contact  martha@spirithouseyoga.com
(405) 528-4288 ‎
Yoga is both philosophy and science.  It is not areligion.  The
philosophy and science are not only intertwined and inseparable,
they also reinforce each other.  The philosophy emphasizes the
existence of the Self within.

Cadence Yoga 
801 North Hudson Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK
Info  mandy@cadenceyoga.com
(405) 601-8537
Welcome to Cadence Yoga! We are here to help guide your practice,
regardless of where you are in your journey. We offer beginning,
intermediate and advanced classes with various pricing options.
Mandy’s classes are invigorating and motivating.

Raja Yoga Meditation Center 
4340 Northwest 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK
Email  oklahomacity@us.bkwsu.org
(405) 227-9618 ‎

Mamaste Yoga - Prenatal Yoga 
Karen Prior RYT
430 Northwest 10th Street
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Email  karen@n2yoga.net
(405) 474-3302
The Mamaste Yoga program is suited for both the beginning yoga
student who is finding yoga for the first time while pregnant and also
for continuing students who have practiced prior to conception.
Mamaste classes are designed for students of all levels of yoga
practice in their 2nd & 3rd trimesters and in the monthspostpartum.

Oklahoma City Oklahoma | Holistic Medicine

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