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K. Vajarov's Naturopathic &  Acupuncture Clinic
Krassimir Vajarov
381 Kent Street
Ottawa ON K2P 2A8, Canada
(613) 564-0009
When I began acupuncture treatments with Krassimir Vajarov I had
no vision in my left eye and many numb areas on my body, as well
as pins and needles in my legs and feet after short walks. Within
several weeks of beginning treatments, my vision returned to


Ottawa Chiropractor
Ridgewood Ave
Ottawa, ON K1V 6M8, Canada
(613) 321-4767


Renaissance  Holistic Health
Zosia Religa CT RN Hom
235 King Edward Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1N 7L8, Canada
(613) 667-7777
Classical Homeopathy differs from traditional medicine in that it
requires a complete picture of the patient from which the practitioner
discerns subtle patterns that translate into a unique signature. This
is a very personal 'key' that can unlock the healing potential of
your own body.

Pat  Deacon RSHom HMC Homeopath
242 Cambridge Street North
Ottawa, ON K1R7B2, Canada
(613) 608-8484
"For over 3 years my sinuses were totally plugged. I could only
breath through my mouth. It came on mysteriously within a week.
I used nose spray every day. Went to my doctor, got a cortisone
spray but nothing cleared it up. Pat used a couple of remedies and
the last one cured me totally!" R. Boerboom, Summerland BC


Canadian  Hypnosis Centre
Anthony Hallett CH
421 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K2A 4H1, Canada
(613) 592-6305
Originally a skeptic, he now has first hand appreciation for the
power of hypnosis and it's ability to transform lives. His own
life was transformed after eliminating 50 pounds and setting
himself free of a 23 year old smoking habit by using the very
same techniques he uses successfully to help other people


Ottawa Holistic Clinic
125 Somerset Street West
Ottawa ON K2P 0H7, Canada
(613) 567-7675
Specializing in muscle and joint pain, our intention at Ottawa Holistic
Clinic is to provide eachclient with the utmost personal attention.
Looking at the individual as a whole. Assisting in eliminating the
current pathology, i.e.:muscle pain/injury, with the assistance of
Orthotherapy, Massage Therapy(RMT), Kinesiology, Phytotherapy,
Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy and with the use of Herbal Remedies
/Homeopathy to aid the physical, mental and emotional body
regain its optimum well being.

Ahau Connections Meditation &  Massage Therapy
dja    Ahau       
361 Churchill Ave North   
Ottawa    ON    K1Z5C4
Quantum Touch, Reiki, Massage  and more. Visit and explore
the website for details.

Elgin  Massage Therapy Clinic
167 Lisgar St
Ottawa, ON K2P 0C3, Canada
(613) 594-3655
Massage therapy is a drug-free approach to treating acute and
chronic pain as well as stress related tension. Massage has a
therapeutic effect on your body's systems, including muscular,
circulatory and nervous and is beneficial in the management
of many conditions.


Kandis Lock ND
300 Preston St
Ottawa, ON K1R 7R6, Canada
(613) 728-9100
Dr. Kandis works with patients to identify the underlying cause of
disease and create individualized treatment plans to support the
healing power of the body. She creates a dialogue with her patients,
discusses treatment options, and ultimately helps them restore
balance and wellness in their lives.


Psychic  Readings With Matthew Stapley & Tristan Brine
Matthew Stapley
Tristan Brine‎
Judy Smith Reiki Master
900 Dynes Rd
Ottawa, ON K2C 3L6, Canada
(613) 452-0093


Moksha Yoga Ottawa
300 Preston Street
Ottawa ON K1R 7R6, Canada
(613) 234-9642
Moksha Yoga is a green, clean, hot yoga series that stretches,
strengthens and tones the muscles while detoxifying the body
and calming the mind. While all classes are rooted in the Moksha
Yoga series, teachers are encouraged to bring their own unique
knowledge and experience every time they enter the room to teach.
If you're interested in how this sweaty community works,
check out our 7 Pillars page to get a sense of what we stand for.

Ottawa ON | Holistic Medicine

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