Portland OR | Holistic Medicine

Portland OR Holistic Medicine


Moore Acupuncture
Commonhealth Pearl
1411 NW Raleigh St
Portland OR  97209
Email: jana@mooreacupuncture.com
Call 503 267 7470
I finally found a comfortable place to practice what I believe to be
the perfect approach to health...the understanding of modern medicine
with the integration and practice of holistic care.

RiverWest  Acupuncture
3314 SW Kelly Ave.
Portland, Or 97239
PH 503.246.0103
Many people who have lived with discomfort for many years concede
that they will just have to make do, or that "some day" their pain will
miraculously go away. Acupuncture  can bring about powerful results,
often succeeding where other treatments have not.

Flying Crane Acupuncture
Dr. Marilyn Walkey MD, LAc
7875 SW Alden St.
Portland Oregon    97223-9336
Email: marilynwalkey@flyingcraneacupuncture.com
Phone 503-608-8155
Dr. Marilyn Walkey, MD, LAc is the only Oregon-licensed MD
Acupuncturist. She is also the only physician in Oregon with
NCCAOM certification in Chinese Herbology.

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave  Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.
Brain Sync recordings created by Kelly Howell have been clinically
tested with a record-breaking 95% success rate and are offered to
patients at America's most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals,
Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber.
After more than two decades of clinical research, Brain Sync is
revealing itself to be a great breakthrough in healing and mind


Hillsdale Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center
6339 SW Capitol Hwy.
Portland Oregon    97239
Email: hillsdalechiropractic@q.com
Phone (503) 246-1881
Our unique, holistic approach  has given us a high rate of success
with treatment.

Gifted  Hands Chiropractic & Holistic Center
12019 SW Powell Blvd.,
Portland OR    97266
Email: hkl.lynn@gmail.com
Phone: (503) 761-5966
Toll Free: (866) 857-0023
Chiropractic adjustments are a specialized technique which improves
spinal and extremity joint function.

Advanced  Chiropractics
Eric C. Hubbs, DC
17955 SW TV Hwy,
Aloha, OR 97007
(503) 591-5022
I believe in caring for the body's nervous and immune systems by
treating the cause, not just the symptoms.


A Portland Doula
Brooke Noli, CLD, MA, MFT
Joyti Family Wellness Center, 5515 NE 30th Avenue
Portland OR    97211
Email: bnoli@earthlink.net
Phone: 971-645-1180
I use my training as a doula and midwife  to assist you during labor and
birth by offering ongoing emotional and physical support, providing
practical information, advocating for your needs and desires, and
suggesting techniques proven to reduce pain, fears, and medical
interventions. I've attended over 200 births in Portland.

Agape Doula Services
Maria Armstrong, CD
Portland OR
Email maria@agapedoula.com
I provide holistic  doula services before, during and after  childbirth.
I also encapsulate placentas and have a birth tub rental.

Blossoming Family
Abigail Barella, CCE Birthingway College,
ICTC Post-partum and Labor Doula
Portland, OR
Email: blossomingfamily@gmail.com
Childbirth Classes and Doula Services that  help families flourish by
supporting parents during a transformative time in their lives so
they can reach their full potential as a family. Certified Childbirth
Educator in the biodynamic philosophy of childbirth in which birth
is viewed as a rite of passage and not necessarily a medical event.


City of Roses Hypnosis
2119 NE Halsey
Portland OR    97232
Do you want to make a positive change, but feel stuck in
your old ways?

Counseling  & Hypnotherapy Office
819 SE Morrison Street, Suite 265
Portland Oregon 97214
Phone: 503.226.2771
In a hypnotherapy trance, the mind's magnificent powers can be
elicited, motivated, and directed to bring healing and relief to the
client's specific conditions and symptoms.

Wishing  Well Hypnosis
Burt Jurgens
c/o Awakenings Wellness Center
1016 SE 12th Ave
Portland OR    97214
Email burt@wishingwellhypnosis.com
Tel: 971-208-5704
Burt Jurgens, BA (hons), CHt is a certified hypnotherapist in Portland,
OR and is currently seeing clients at the Awakenings Wellness Center
in SE Portland. Burt assists clients in accessing their own inner
resources to make positive shifts in their realities utilizing hypnotic
techniques and by addressing beliefs, ideas, and attitudes in
improving their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Massage Therapy for Women
Susan M. Ferreira, LMT #13618
8365 Southwest Oleson Road
Portland Oregon   97223
(503) 246-3324
Susan is an experienced intuitive therapist who can offer you a
massage that is custom designed for your specific needs. So
whether it is your first or one hundredth massage you are in
for a wonderful treat!

Quantum Touch

Hands of Freedom Healing
Judie Maron-Friend
Quantum Touch

8725 NE Broadway Street   
Portland, Oregon 97220       
I am available for distant healing and to instruct the Quantum-Touch
Level I Workshop to groups of 10 or more and Quantum-Touch
Level II Workshop to groups of 15 or more, by appointment. My
regularly scheduled workshops are listed on the
Quantum-Touch Event Calendar.

Rhonda J. Morando
Portland, Oregon 97218   
In addition to Quantum-Touch certification,  she is a licensed massage
therapist and has been involved in the healing arts for almost 30 years,
practicing a variety of modalities including energy  healing, Reiki
(certified Level Two), Polarity Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy
(certified), clinical and relaxation massage (licensed), Onsen
(certified), Transformational Hypnotherapy (certified),
graphotherapy (certified), BodyTalk, Cranio-Sacral Therapy,
and Cranial Fluid Dynamics.

Nancy Pappas
2128 SE 43rd Ave   
Portland, Oregon 97215   

Georgia McFadden
Quantum Touch

P.O. Box 230160   
Portland, Oregon 97281   
Georgia took Quantum-Touch  with  Richard Gordon and
Supercharging Quantum-Touch with Alain Herriott in 2001 and
the following year became a certified practitioner. Quantum-Touch
became another powerful tool for Georgia to support her clients,
adding another level of healing and empowering systems.    

Rebecca Nova Strack
Portland, Oregon   
United States   
In 2005, Rebecca Nova Strack had become the youngest
Instructor and Practitioner of Quantum Touch  in the world. In
addition to her skill as a healer, Rebecca hosts Basic Quantum
Touch workshops that welcome already established healers as
well as people that are new to the healing arts community.

Val Jolley
Quantum Touch Certified Practitioner

Portland OR   97223   
Quantum-Touch is an energy healing modality that applies the
principles of resonance and entrainment to significantly reduce
pain, and facilitate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.
Practitioners learn to focus and amplify “life-force energy”
(known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit) by combining
various breathing and body awareness exercises.


The DragonTree Holistic Day Spa
2768 Thruman Street
Portland Oregon 97210
NW Portland location: 503-221-4123
We will assist you on your journey towards balance with rejuvenative
therapies, and will be an educational resource for you by offering
tools for self-maintenance and healing.

Ruby Violet
923 NE Broadway Street, Suite B
Portland OR  97232
Email mail@rubyviolet.com
A unique "Spa for One"
Ruby Violet is a small, intimate space, much like a studio sanctuary.
We are not a walk in facility.

Spa  Willamina
1928 North East 40th Avenue
Portland Oregon 97212
We value our clients and their loyal patronage, and honor you and your
health with spa specials to aid your path to health and well-being.


Yoga  Pearl
925 Northwest Davis Street
Portland OR    97209
COntact  info@yogapearl
(503) 525-9642
Yoga Pearl is an urban oasis combining yoga classes with a suite
of healing arts, creating a unique holistic wellness destination in
the heart of Portland's historic and hip Pearl District. You'll find
yoga and pilates  classes, massage, Ayurveda, Naturopathy,
Acupuncture and more all under one roof.

Yoga Union Community Wellness Center
2043 Southeast 50th Avenue
Portland OR   97215
Contact  info@yogaunioncwc.com
(503) 235-9642
Styles include: Anusara, Hot Flow, Vinyasa, Prana Vinyasa,
Restorative, Core, and introductory classes (free). Our large
studio space has windows all around and beautiful bamboo flooring.
Bathrooms are clean and equipped with showers.

Yoga Shala Southeast
3249 Southeast Division Street
Portland, OR 97202
Email  info@yogashalapdx.com
(503) 281-4452
Yoga Shala is located on Portland's East Side with three convenient
locations: Buckman, Southeast Division and North Williams
neighborhoods. We offer classes, courses, workshops with world-
class teachers, music events, private instruction, and a comprehensive
Teacher Training & Advanced Studies Program. ShalaKids Child
Care & Yoga provides childcare and children's yoga classes
seven days a week.

The Yoga Space
2857 Southeast Stark Street
Portland Oregon    97214
Email  Michele@TheYogaSpace.com
(503) 281-6282
Please join us in our beautiful Southeast Portland community studio
where teachers and students gather from different traditions and
diverse backgrounds to pursue the true essence of yoga.

Om Base Yoga 
6357 Southwest Capitol Highway
Portland, OR
EMail  findpeace@ombase.org
(503) 922-3100
Besides drop in classes (no need for registration), we also offer series
(the yin yoga series is very popular) and yoga immersions during the
week (pre-register for these). On the weekend we sometimes offer
workshops, and other events. Other forms of healing modalities
such as massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, Hypnobirthing, and healing
sessions are also available.

Portland Yoga Arts
3724 Northeast 39th Avenue
Portland, OR 97212
Connect  info@portlandyogaarts.com
(503) 287-1078
You're very welcome to drop-in and check out our classes. Please
arrive a few minutes before the class starting time so that we can
help you get oriented at the studio.

Sellwood Yoga
7970 Southeast 13th Avenue
Portland Oregon     97202
Connect  info@sellwoodyoga.com
(503) 575-9982
We are excited to offer our passion for yoga and our talented,
down to earth teaching staff to Portland. We hope you to see
you evolve or begin your practice at Sellwood Yoga.

The Peoples Yoga
3016 Northeast Killingsworth Street
Portland OR    97211
EMail  info@thepeoplesyoga.org
(503) 877-9644
Our purpose is to provide classes, workshops and trainings that are
accessible to all regardless of economic barriers. Offering over 30
yoga classes per week, with styles ranging from beginner to
advanced, we hope to foster a diverse, non-dogmatic, warm
and encouraging environment.

Yoga Shala Wellness
3808 N Williams Ave # A
Portland, OR 97227
COntact  info@yogashalawellness.com
(503) 963-9642
We offer a wide range of healing modalities that support and
encourage our clients’ on their own unique journeys of holistic
, including preventive medicine, harmonizing bodywork
and wellness education.

Harmony Yoga
2108 Northeast 41st Avenue
Portland, OR 97212
Mail  info@harmonyyogapdx.com
(503) 335-8851
Level 1
For students with little or no yoga experience and for continuing
students who wish to refine their understanding of the basics. This
class teaches basic hatha yoga postures from various tradtions.
Develops strength, flexibility, balance and an understanding of
healthy body alignment and movement.

Yoga Project
1229 Southeast Nehalem Street
Portland, OR 97202
Mail  studio@theyogaproject.org
(503) 235-1155
We offer a full range of classes from beginning to advanced, taught
by well-trained, experienced instructors. We also provide an array
of classes for special audiences, including gentle yoga, yoga for the
female spirit, mindful breathing and yoga for the larger woman.
All of our classes are challenging (each in its own way), relaxing
and fun.

Yoga Center Holiday's Health
3942 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland OR   97214
Contact   holiday@holidaysyogacenter.com
(503) 224-8611

1306 NW Hoyt Street #101
Portland, OR 97209
Email  yogis@yoyoyogi.com
(503) 688-5120

Elementum Yoga and Integrative Therapy Studio
2368 Northwest Thurman Street
Portland, OR 97210
COntact  info@elementumnw.com
(971) 275-7717
Elementum is a Yoga and Movement Therapy Group located in
Northeast Portland, specializing in neurological and movement
disorders. In conjunction with the practitioners at Concordia

Gudmestad Yoga Studio
3903 SW Kelly Ave # 210
Portland, OR 97239
Connect   info@gudmestadyoga.com
(503) 223-8157
Gudmestad Yoga Studio stresses a balance between strength and
flexibility, building endurance, and developing self-awareness through
precise movement, posture and breath. By emphasizing proper form
and alignment, students can reverse the effects of gravity while
relieving the tensions of everyday life.

Amrita: A Sanctuary for Yoga
0110 Southwest Bancroft Street
Portland OR   97239
INfo  info@amritasanctuary.com
(503) 552-9642
welcome to your sanctuary. it is here where you can take a breath
and celebrate who you are. amrita brings a balance of ease, challenge,
strength and sweetness to your yoga practice. here, yoga is
more than asana.

Yoga On Yamhill
124 Southwest Yamhill Street
Portland, OR 97204
INfo  paul@yogaonyamhill.com
(503) 662-2408
Beginner- For everyone's level of physical condition, you should
have a moderate range of motion and be able to comfortably move
from sitting on the floor to standing. The emphasis is to go at your
own pace, according to how YOU feel.

Hot Yoga for Life
714 North Fremont Street
Portland OR    97227
MAil  info@hotyogaforlife.com
(206) 992-9031
We are committed to provide the best learning experience by hiring
some of the best teachers, certified by the most rigorous professional
certification programs. All of our teachers are members of Yoga

Denas Pain Relief Store

Denas Pain Relief Store
Jimmy Katsos
E-Mail Address: denaspainreliefstore@gmail.com
Web Site URL: http://www.denaspainreliefstore.com
Street Address: 11850 N Center Ave #222
City: Portland Oregon 97217
Business Phone: 503 395-4142

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