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Aishi  Acupuncture
1395 Atwood Avenue, Suite 106
Johnston , RI   02919
Tel: (401) 954-1829
Through the use of traditional acupuncture and Chinese herbal
medicine, Aishi Acupuncture is dedicated to provide a therapeutic
environment ideal for holistic healing.  Dr. Alice Shi, doctor  of
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - acupuncturist and herbalist.

East Coast  Acupuncture  &  Herbs
111 Chestnut St
Providence, RI   02903
Phone  401-437-6633
At East Coast Acupuncture & Herbs, our job is tofacilitate  that healing
through our expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Doctor of  Acupuncture
Catherine Price
148 Waterman Street
Providence Rhode Island   02906
Office (401) 351-5063
Dr. Catherine Price practices acupuncture and herbal therapies with an
emphasis on complementing western medicine.


DeAlmeida  Chiropractic  &  Rehab
1990 Pawtucket Ave, Suite 1A
East Providence, RI   02914
Telephone: (401) 434-0800
Care for patients suffering from sports injury, low back, neck and post
motor vehicle injury Pain, and viscerally related health disorders with
a focus on spine pathology.

Balance  Chiropractic and  Wellness  Center
145 Waterman St.
Providence, RI
Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Center focuses on creating proper
joint mobility, as well as restoring normal muscular function.

Acta  Chiropractic &  Wellness
207 Wickenden Street 2nd Floor
Providence, RI   02903
Our care addresses conditions commonly associated with neck, back,
and extremity pain through the use of chiropractic medicine and
functional correction.   We also promote wellness  through nutritional
and lifestyle counseling.


Jessica Fuss  CD  (DONA)
Cell phone: (401) 837-0922
Home phone: (401) 823-6222
I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your
birth preferences.

Railinn Doula   Services
Meghan Harten
East Greenwich, RI
Phone: (401)-885-0445

Mary  w   Tyler, CLD  BPC
761 Charles St
Providence Rhode Island    02904
Phone: 401-580-8709


Holistic  Healing  Hypnotherapy
873 Waterman St E.
Providence Rhode Island    02950
(508) 837-4812 ‎

Rhode Island   Hypnosis
110 Jefferson Blvd (Suite B)
Warwick, Rhode Island
Imagine a technique that lets you predictably, easily, permanently 
make  changes you want.  Lose weight, stopsmoking,  decrease
stress, increase confidence or creativity, motivate yourself,
become assertive, minimize or manage pain.


The W   Salon
713 Westminster St.
Providence, RI 02903
From Facials and Massage to Waxing Services our
specialists will help you look and feel your best!

Squires Salon  and Day  Spa
10 Euclid Avenue
Providence, RI    02906
Telephone: 401-274-5660
Three Time Winner Best of Rhode Island

href="" target="_blank">Luminous Salon  and  Spa
133 Pitman Street
Providence Rhode Island   02906
(401) 228-7008
Hair Salon, Day Spa, Skincare, Nails, Manicure, Pedicure,
Providence, RI: Luminous Salon Spa

Calma  Salon  and Day  Spa
1280 Park Avenue, Suite 5
Cranston, RI   02910
(401) 942-9119


Santosha Yoga Studio & Holistic Center
14 Bartlett Avenue
Cranston, RI 02905
(401) 780-9809

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Santosha seeks to share that experience with all who open
their hearts to what the world has to offer. It is our hope
that you choose to share this experience with us.

Motion Center
111 Chestnut Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 654-6650
We believe that yoga, dance andmassage therapy are appropriate
for everyone, regardless of age or physical health. We are committed
to helping students and clients find the class or massage therapy style
that is beneficial and safe for them.

Westside Yoga 
511 Broadway  
Providence, RI
(401) 228-7673
We believe yoga is for everyone and will positively impact all
aspects of  life.  Practicing will help studentsbecome more flexible,
alleviate stress, improve balance and memory.  For thesereasons
we recommend it for seniors, kids, women and men alike.

Iyengar Yoga Source
200 Allens Avenue #4a
Providence Rhode Island   02903
(401) 461-6665

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