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Lotus Spring  Acupuncture  and Wellness Inc.
Dan Clark, Acupuncturist, MSOM, LMT
1988 West 930 North Suite D
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
(801) 756-3860
Dan offers broad range modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
He is an accomplished herbalist. He is thoroughly trained in nutrition
as well. He is a licensed massage therapist. Dan's mission is to offer
the highest quality healthcare possible by treating the root cause of
your health concerns so you can enjoy a balanced life with more
energy, awareness and peace of mind.

China Acupuncture Clinic
383 South University Avenue
Provo Utah   84601
(801) 375-5918

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave  Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.
Brain Sync recordings created by Kelly Howell have been clinically
tested with a record-breaking 95% success rate and are offered to
patients at America's most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals,
Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber.
After more than two decades of clinical research, Brain Sync is
revealing itself to be a great breakthrough in healing and mind


Chiropractic Care and  Massage Therapy
Marc V. Bowers, DC‎
777 North 500 West #104
Provo, Utah 84601
(801) 377-0898
During his career Dr. Bowers has worked with both professional
and amateur athletes from many different sports, including figure
skating, baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, running, golf,
rugby, bowling, snowboarding, and skiing. He has worked with
the Nationwide golf tour for five years. In 2002 Dr. Bowers was
honored to be selected to work with world-class athletes at the
Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Timpanogos Wellness Center
Hershey Chiropractic‎
Dr. Blair Hershey
1156 S State St # 106
Orem, UT 84097-8234
(801) 225-5486
Here at Timpanogos Wellness Center, we are dedicated to
providing the benefit of natural, alternative health care for the
entire family. Dr. Hershey has founded his office with the goal of
establishing a comprehensive chiropractic practice to care for
patients of all ages.

McClean Chiropractic Clinic
385 North 500 West
Provo Utah   84601
(801) 373-1035
As a chiropractor, we understand that although our patients may
be diagnosed with the same condition, they respond very differently
to treatments. For this reason, we tailor a specific plan of action
to meet your needs, goals & unique medical and physical

Hansen Chiropractic
Dr. Kenneth Hansen
218 East 800 South
Orem, UT
(801) 225-2457
Dr. Hansen uses a "whole person approach". This approach to
wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance
or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the
time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments
that would optimize the conditions for normal function.

Accident & Injury Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Steve Baker
1774 North University Pkwy #8
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 225-4772


First Light Birth
Rachel Logan
422 North 700 East
Provo Utah
(801) 318-2384 ‎
The role of the birth doula is to provide emotional, physical and
informational support to Mom, facilitate Dad's desired level of
participation, and to help both have a safe, memorable and
empowering birthing experience. The nurturing of life prior to birth,
the emergence of life at birth, and the bonding of the whole family
after birth is a holistic experience. Women are strong, powerful,
and intuitive. First Light knows women and their families should
have all the resources they need to make informed decisions
about where and how they will bring their baby into this world.


24-Hour Fitness
2121 N 550 W
Provo, UT 84604-2411
(801) 224-2096


Adagio Massage
247 W 2230 N # 201
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 373-3450

Therapeutic Massage & Wellness
238 North University Avenue
Provo Utah
(801) 373-3484 ‎

Quantum Touch

Teresa Wright
Quantum Touch Practitioner

Orem, Utah 84057   
HeartPrint University   
Feel Free to contact me anytime to talk about Quantum Touch.
Teresa absolutely loves Quantum Touch and enjoys using it on
her family, friends, and clients.


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Yoga and Divine  Movement  Studio
Lacee Straw
37 Main St,
Pleasant Grove, Utah
(801) 787-7857
"Lacee's yoga practice is spiritually, mentally and physically intense
and challenging, yet totally authentic and accessible. If you're tired
of classes that are packed like sardines, you'll love the personal
space provided for you to explore your strengths at
Yoga and Divine Movement!"

Lifted Life Yoga Center
60 W Main St Court
Alpine, UT
(801) 492-3689 ‎

Shanta Yoga
1320 West 1340 North
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
(801) 251-6242
Traditional yoga is far more than a physical workout for strengthening
and toning the body. Yoga is about integrating the mind, heart,
body and soul, creating peace and ease in your life.

Maitri Yoga and Life
9114 North 6800 West
American Fork, UT 84003
(801) 319-3926

Grandview Yoga
1611 North Grandview Lane
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 717-9122
At Grandview Yoga, we strive to connect the body, mind, and
spirit through the moving meditation of yoga. Rooted in the Ashtanga
Vinyasa style, Grandview Yoga is an open-hearted and supportive
space where you can learn and expand your practice.

XYZ Fitness
400 East 1930 North
Orem, UT 84097
(801) 787-7857

3b Yoga
4801 North University Avenue
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 434-7541
Welcome to 3B Yoga, home to the longest running Yoga Alliance
certified Yoga School & Ashtanga Yoga  Teacher Training
Studio in Utah.

Kirk Flora's Taekwondo Institute
8278 Simpson Springs Road
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005
(801) 822-3907

Bodhi Yoga - Awaken Your Practice
2230 North University Parkway
Provo Utah    84604
(801) 372-5755
Bodhi Yoga is a "Therapeutic Style" of yoga that benefits  beginners
and advanced students alike, of any age or ability.

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