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Lauren Straub
Doctor of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine‎
2216 Smith Street
Regina SK S4P 2P4, Canada
(306) 565-1747
Beginning mid-December 2011, I will be taking a leave, delighting
in and caring for our new son!! Kim believes that health is achieved
through balance and is there fore happy to discuss how Acupuncture
and Traditional Chinese medicine might be useful as a complementary
to conventional treatments.


Mind Body Harmonics
Dami Egbeyemi
3125 Woodhams Dr
Regina, SK S4V 2R5, Canada
(306) 501-5381

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During brain wave optimization, sensors are placed on the client's
head to read his or her brain wave activity. Using the science of
electroencephalography (ECG) the sensors measure the brain
wave activity of the client and analyze six different parts of thebrain.
A report is generated that shows which areas are out of balance
and need to be improved.


Dr. Daniel R. Rutledge Chiropractor
5950 Rochdale Boulevard
Regina, SK S4X 4J7, Canada
(306) 545-3700
We are committed to providing the best possible care to every
patient, every day. Our goal is to help our patients live happier
and healthier lives, through caring, integrated health care,
communication, and building lasting relationships.


A Balanced Approach
2310 College Ave
Regina SK S4P 1C7, Canada
(306) 757-3200
Today massage is thought of as a holistic therapythat complements
medical treatment. The "Physician's Guide to Therapeutic Massage"
shows that massage can decrease pain, improve range of motion,
improve mood, aid in the circulation of blood and lymph flow, reduce
muscle and joint soreness, and improve sleep.

Elan Clinic
43 Lockwood Road
Regina, SK S4S 3E9, Canada
(306) 347-3001
Barbara has also been a member of the Continuing Education
Committee for the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan
and has now been appointed to Board of Directors as Continuing
Education Chair.


Zepp Wellness
Dr Julie Zepp Rutledge ND
2120 College Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 1C5, Canada
(306) 757-4325
Dr Julie Zepp Rutledge ND has a passion for educating others
about their health and the benefits that Naturopathic Medicine
and natural living have on our over all mental, emotional, spiritual
and physical well being.

Raindrop Technique

Life Balance With Laurie & Linda
3843 Sherwood Drive
Regina, SK S4R 4A8, Canada
(306) 775-1930

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Alternative Health
Are you tired of traditional Western Medicine not working for you,
not liking the side effects of all the drugs, Doctors not having the
answers or only interested in fixing the symptoms and not getting
to the cause of your problems?


Bodhi Tree Yoga
3104 13th Avenue
Regina, SK S4T 1P2, Canada
(306) 721-1871
Yin Yoga emphasizes long holds, passive stretches, and increasing
the pliability of the fascia that runs throughout the body. Yang is
the dynamic, active counterpart to Yin. This class combines elements
of both to produce a well rounded and balanced yoga practice.

Yoga Mala
2-1775 Scarth St
Regina, SK S4P 2G2, Canada
+1 306-352-9642 ‎
What should I wear? What should I bring?
Wear comfortable clothing that allows for active movement. Try
to avoid wearing very baggy clothes as they can get in the way
as you move during class. If you have a yoga mat, please bring
it with you. If not, we rent yoga mats for $2 as well as sell them.
There is water available, please bring a bottle to fill. Support
your environment!!

Yoga Haven
Lori Lee
2120 Broad St
Regina SK S4P 1Y5, Canada
(306) 757-6765
Lori Lee is a certified Yoga teacher and was trained at the
Sivananda yoga ashram in the Bahamas in 1999 and studied
Kundalini yoga at the Yosodohara ashram in British Columbia.
Lori was at the Sivananda yoga ashram in the Bahamas all
January 2008 for an advanced yoga teacher training.

Regina SK | Holistic Medicine

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