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Rochester Minnesota Holistic Medicine


Abundant-Chi Community  Acupuncture
608 2nd Street Southwest
Rochester, MN
(507) 990-3299
Acupuncture has been a community-based medicine for most of
its long history. In Asia, acupuncture has traditionally been
practiced in group rather than individual settings. For acupuncture
to be most effective patients may need to receive it frequently
and regularly -- more frequently and regularly than most
insurance plans will pay for.

Zumbro Valley Acupuncture
3270 19th Street Northwest
Rochester, MN
(507) 280-0300
My mission is to provide gentle, affordable, accessible, effective
quality health care services in the Eight Branches of TCM, and
to treat the whole person, providing services, information and
resources for wellness, preventative and self-care management
in order to increase the health and well-being of those
seeking Chinese Medicine.

WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic
1652 Greenview Drive Southwest #400
Rochester, MN
(507) 269-7288


‎Oswald Chiropractic  and  Natural  Health Center  LLC
3270 19th Street Northwest #101
Rochester, MN
(507) 280-0300

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Dr. Oswald will provide recommendations based on his expertise,
but will always make your individual healthcare goals a priority
in your treatment plan.

RAK Chiropractic
Dr. Katie Layden D.C.
Dr. Ryley Layden D.C.
3169 Wellner Drive NE, Suite C
Rochester, MN 55906
(507) 208-4305
RAK integrates pediatric chiropractic, pre and postnatal care
(Webster Technique), sports chiropractic, rehabilitation, as well
as specialized soft tissue treatments (Active Release Technique
(ART), Graston Technique and Kinesio Taping) to help
you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Back To Health Chiropractic Clinic
5231 E. Frontage HWY 52,
Rochester Minnesota
(507) 280-6186 ‎
Chiropractic is based on the idea of removing imbalances both
structural and postural in an effort to allow our body to heal itself.
For this to happen the network of nerves and signals from your
brain, down your spinal cord, to the network of nerves must be
allowed to flow freely without any interruption.

Maday Chiropractic LLC
Dr. Brent
1915 Greenview Dr SW # D
Rochester, MN 55902
(507) 424-3226
The purpose for doing what I do is to help as many people as I
can obtain optimal health in my lifetime, especially kids!

Advance Chiropractic Clinic
1724 37th Street Northwest,
Rochester, MN
(507) 424-1200
We offer a wide variety of services including Activator Method
chiropractic, therapeutic massage, cold laser, pulsed
electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) and acupuncture treatments.
Our Wellness Care Programs include lifestyle coaching,
supplements, and other health concepts.

Northgate Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Todd J. Buchanan, D.C.
1204 7th Street Northwest
Rochester, MN 55901
(507) 285-1677
At Northgate Chiropractic Clinic we understand that going to a
doctor can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if it is a
new form of therapy.


Smooth Transitions
415 E. Vine St.
Owatonna, MN
(507) 455-2999 ‎
Smooth Transitions Is: a highly specialized, professional
POSTPARTUM doula service designed to provide nurturing,
knowledgeable care.


Integrated Wellness Center
Charlotte Krebs
Jennifer (Jen) Bjorgum
40 16th Street SE
Minnesota 55904
(507) 424-2000
Benefits of therapeutic massage include increased blood and lymph
circulation, muscle relaxation, pain relief, balanced bodily functions,
clearer thinking, improved sense of well being and reduced mental
stress and anxiety. Charlotte and Jen have been studying and
practicing therapeutic massage for a combined twenty-six years.


Pamela Captain
Suite #250, 124 Elton Hills Lane NW
Rochester Minnesota    55901
(507) 250-1211
Foot and Hand Reflexology is based on the premise that there are
zones and reflex areas on the hands and feet that correspond to other
parts and organs of the body. It has been observed that congestion,
or tension inthe foot or hand is mirrored in the corresponding part of
the body. Thephysical act of applying pressure, using the thumb,
finger and hand canresult in stress reduction, causing a physiological
change in the body.


Aspire Day Spa &  Salon
14 6th St Nw
Rochester Minnesota 55901
(507) 288-6123

Rocco Altobelli Salons & Day Spas
400 South Broadway
Rochester, MN 55904
(507) 288-8582
We are full service salons featuring cutting, styling, coloring,
texturizing, nails, skin care, massage, makeup and home
maintenance products. Your appointment begins with a consultation,
where we listen to your needs, answer your questions and
recommend home maintenance care that will complement
you and your lifestyle.

City Looks Lifestyle Salon & Spa
Apache Mall
Rochester, Minnesota 55901
(507) 289-0123
A personalized massage experience based upon the Aveda
Elemental Nature philosophy and your favorite Aveda aromas.
Depending upon your needs, a variety of massage techniques
will be utilized. Our skilled therapists will determine the massage
technique most appropriate for your needs. Relax every-day
muscular tensions, aches and pains. What a relief!


Breathe Yoga Studios
Kris Barry
3003 43rd St
Rochester Minnesota    55901
(507) 292-9642
Dharma Yoga is an intense combination ofvinyasa and classical yoga
which reintegrates the continuous flow of prana deep into all areas of
the physical, metabolic and intuitive body. The emphasis is on giving
attention to all eight limbs of yoga, therein transforming physical
postures into a congruent and conscious way of being with ones
Self and in relation to others.

Yoga Mitra by SureMichelle Instruction
1711 Kings Run Drive Northwest
Rochester Minnesota   55901
(507) 319-6712
Yoga Mitra embodies the spirit of its name: “the uniting of friends.”It
is my intention to bring people together to practice, helping them to
discover and receive all the benefits yoga has to offer.

Rochester Minnesota | Holistic Medicine

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