Secrets of Manifesting Wayne Dyer

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"If you think about shortages, you’re going to attract more shortage! If you think about what’s missing, you’re going to attract more of what’s missing in your life."Secrets of Manifesting Wayne Dyer

To do this, Wayne says that you must be in alignment with your source, with God. This doesn't mean simply wishing for something and expecting it to appear. "You can't go around and ask these divine beings -- angels, whatever you want to call them -- to 'help me out,'" He says. "You have to become like they are."

Rather, Dr. Dyer encourages people to become "angelic" -- to give, to serve, to be completely free of judgment and criticism toward all other beings.

"All of us have within us this amazing capacity to manifest and attract anything we want into our lives," Dr. Dyer states. "In [the book] 'The Secret,' they say you get what you want, what is missing… What has come to me… is that you say, 'I will attract into my life what I am.'... That's the difference: You get what you are rather than what you want."

"Even if your senses tell you that you're depressed... you don't say, 'I am depressed,'" Dr. Dyer says. "If you say, 'I am depressed,' you connect with depression and the universal source -- God or whatever you want to call it -- will align in such a way to offer you... more depression."

Wayne advises that people take a different approach. "By placing into your imagination what you want and assuming the feeling of that wish as already fulfilled, you go through your life feeling that," "When enough of us do that, we will transform this planet."

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