Soul Love by Orin

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Soul Love by Orin

"As you awaken your heart centers you are making an important contribution to humanity. You are adding to the vibration of love that will assist others in awakening their heart centers. All problems problems facing humanity-hunger, war, poverty, crime, homelessness, and environmental damage-will be solved when enough people have made soul contact and have awakened heart cents. Then people will cooperate, share, and work together for the good of the whole, and solutions will be found.~Orin

"Your soul's love is a very special kind of love. It is not romantic love, although romantic love can be your personality's reflection of soul love before you learn to love as your soul. It is a love that touches everyone and lifts them by the strength of its magnetic radiation. It is a love that doesn't even need to be "given" to others, for it exists as a state that constantly and continuously pours out from the center of self. It is like a sun that always shines, giving life and nourishment to all who receive it.

Soul love has many qualities. It is serenity itself, for your soul knows there is nothing to fear, to defend against, or to get upset about. It is as patient as the sun, which steadily pours out its warming light, watching planets develop over millions of years, letting all life grow at its own rate and develop in its own timing. Feel your soul's love pouring out to someone special, giving this person permission to grow at whatever rate is perfect for him or her, even if it is slower than you think is possible. Feel how steady and reliable your soul's love is for this person, even if they choose not to grow at all at this time.

Soul love is a refined love that harmonizes with everyone and all life. It feels the underlying divinity of everyone, and focuses on that. It feels its oneness with everyone, and does not feel superior or inferior to others. It includes others as part of itself, rather than judging or criticizing them for being different. Even if others do things that seem harmful or unloving, soul love recognizes their humanity, and focuses on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. It is a love that cooperates rather than competes with others. It looks for the good others are doing, rather than finding fault or pointing out their mistakes.

Think of someone you love, and let your soul's love pour through your heart center to this person. Focus on the harmony between you as you accept all the parts of this person, the good as well as those parts you may have judged as bad about them. For a moment, see only the very best in this person, the seeds of all the good that will come as this person grows and evolves.

Your soul's love has the power to heal through allowing others to love themselves. It has the power to open others to their soul's love. As they connect with their soul's love their heart begins to open, their life-force energy becomes stronger, and healing takes place at many levels.

Soul love needs nothing in return. It is a quality of being, a shining light that lifts, soothes, and comforts all who come within its sphere of influence. It does not ask to be appreciated or acknowledged. It flows out from within you without needing the other person to recognize or praise you for it. Think of the person you sent your soul's love to a moment ago. Feel your soul's love going out to him or her once again, a love given freely without any expectations, without needing anything from the other in return. Feel how steady your soul's love is.

Your soul's love is generous.
It goes out freely to everyone.

Your soul's love does not measure how much to give based on how deserving the object of its love is; nor does its love come and go based on actions or reactions of others. It is a steady, consistent radiation of the Universal Presence of Love. This presence is a quality of being. It does not truly give or receive; for it does not DO anything. It simply exists steadily, reliably, eternally. When you experience your soul's love, you are in a state of being a part of the oneness of all life, where you are accepted, loved, and connected to the greater whole of which you are always a part.

Think of several people you will be with today or tomorrow, and imagine radiating your soul's unconditional love to them while you are with them. Notice how differently you feel as you let go of needing to help, change them, or get something from them. You simply focus on being your soul's love. You are offering them an opportunity to know their own soul and to open to the love their soul has for them simply by allowing your soul's love to pour through you. Do not expect that you will get results that you can sense or measure, though you may. You will need to let go of any expectation of how the other person will react, or if they will react at all to your offering of love. Some people will use it in ways you can notice, and others will not. Soul love is always healing, both to you and to those you offer it to, whether or not you can see results.

Soul love always wants what is best for the higher good of others, not just those things that fulfill their personality desires. It is a love that recognizes the soul in others, and acknowledges other's abilities and strengths. It doesn't try to take away the lessons they have brought to themselves as a way to grow, nor does your soul try to make life easier for their personalities. Your soul accepts the lessons others have drawn to themselves to teach them what they need to learn. Your soul sends out a continual stream of love that draws out the strength and power of others so they are better able to handle their lessons and challenges.

Think of someone in your life who is going through a difficult situation or challenge. Feel your soul's love in your heart, shining out like a sun, including this person in its radiance. Let go of a need to "save" this person or change the situation for him or her. Feel the power of your soul's love drawing out this person's inner strength and wisdom to handle this situation. Mentally tell this person you love and support him or her, no matter what action he or she takes, if any. Release all attachment to the outcome, and see yourself now and in the future shining your soul's love steadily. Affirm that this person has all the resources, power, wisdom, and strength to handle whatever circumstance he or she has created to grow from. Feel the freedom that soul love brings to let others live their life without your needing to save them or change them."~Orin

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Soul Love by Orin

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