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Acupuncture of Greer
106 Memorial Drive
Greer, SC
(864) 877-0111
We have 2 massage therapists in our office. You may call June
Lordi (864) 634-3019 (cell) or Rita Cunningham (864) 451-9295
(cell). Both have a great deal of experience and are a wonderful
followup treatment to acupuncture for both stress and pain.

Acupuncture Center-Spartanburg
753 East Main St # 3
Spartanburg South Carolina 29302
(864) 948-9950

Greenville Natural Health Center
Dr. Ponton has been an Acupuncture Physician
1901 Laurens Road, Suite E
Greenville, SC
(864) 370-1140
As with most health practitioners, the first visit to an acupuncturist
usually begins with the practitioner taking a detailed history. Since
traditional Chinese medicine takes a more holistic approach to
patient care than Western medicine, you may be asked questions
that appear unimportant (questions about your sleep habits, your
ability to tolerate heat or cold, your dietary habits, etc.) but are
actually vital to the type of care you will receive.


Cafe of Life Chiro  Studio
Dr. Joe Boggs, D.C.
222 East Blackstock Rd, Unit D,
Spartanburg South Carolina
(864) 574-8881 ‎
A Cafe of Life is a place that thinks radically different about health.
It is about people, life and living. Where health, life and human
potential are honored and focused upon at all times.

Briggs Chiropractic Center LLC
Lafayette Briggs
1524 John B. White Sr. Blvd. Suite 6
Spartanburg, S.C. 29301
Chiropractic is a form of complementary and alternative health care,
concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders
of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effect misalignment of
spinal bones (subluxations) have on general health. The science,
art and philosophy of Chiropractic is the third largest primary
health care profession licenced in all 50 states of the United
States and Canada

First In Healthcare Chiro
145 Metro Drive
Spartanburg, SC 29303
(864) 573-6960

Ivey O Sullivan Healthcare
Dr. David R. Ivey
Dr. Gabriel D. O'Sullivan
201 South Dean Street,
Spartanburg, SC
(864) 583-3967‎

Koch Lynne DC
1524 John B White Sr Boulevard
Spartanburg, SC 29301
(864) 595-4275
Many things (improper sitting, repetitive movements, twisting,
bending, lifting, injury, trauma, overexertion) can cause the bones
of the spine to lose their normal position or motion.

Chiropractic Associates
Dr. George Peters
2156 E Main St, Hwy 290
Duncan, SC
(864) 804-6530
Serving the chiropractic needs of Spartanburg and Duncan, SC,
and the surrounding areas, Chiropractic Associates, LLC offer
consultations, examinations, x-rays, chiropractic treatment,
physiotherapy, exercise programs and meal planning. Our holistic
approach synthesizes compassionate care for the whole person
with the latest techniques for the treatment of low back pain,
neck pain, headaches, joint pain, radiating pain, and other
ailments of the spine, muscles and nerves.

Wise Chiropractic
Dr. Nicholas Wise
1400 South 538
Spartanburg South Carolina
(864) 585-5558
Cranial Laser Reflex Technique is an exciting new development in
natural pain relief and soft tissue normalization. Dr. Wise discovered
two little-known microsystems that exist on the cranium of every
human being: one that corresponds to and controls the tension and
pain of every major muscle in the body, and another set of
cranial points that are linked to each vertebral segment.

Carolina Chiropractic
4222 South Carolina 9
Boiling Springs, SC
(864) 814-2222
Now you can try the Revolutionary Back Pain Relief Treatment
that is non surgical, non invasive, and best of all it gives new hope,
even when other pain relief treatments have failed. The DRX9000
Has Given Me My Life Back. I Am Pain Free.


Hypnotherapy Center
Dr Anne
31 Boland Court,
Greenville, SC
(864) 335-5277


Absolutely Kneaded  Massage Therapy
Cathy Lafever
1084 Boiling Springs Road,
Spartanburg South Carolina
(864) 706-8528 ‎
A Swedish massage is what most people think of as a relaxing,
soothing massage. The pressure can be light or deep but there
is no attempt made to structurally change the body. When the
stress of everyday life gets you down, a Swedish massage is
just what the doctor ordered.

Inspyre Health
2932 Reidville Road # B
Spartanburg, SC 29301
(864) 804-6294
Massage is also referred to as bodywork or somatic therapy. 
Specifically, it refers to the application of various processes of
manual manipulation techniques of the body’s muscular and other
soft tissue structures that range from relaxation to therapeutic


Natural Born Health  Foods
160 S Pine St # F
Spartanburg South Carolina
(864) 582-2493
We stock hard to find vitamins and health products, including our
herbal teas and natural supplements. You won't find many of these
items anywhere but Natural Born Health Foods.

Health in Full Measure
Herbalife/Seabiotics Distributor‎
7 Springdale Lane
Spartanburg, SC 29302
(866) 300-7455


Spartanburg Athletic  Club
2420 Andrews Road
Spartanburg South Carolina 29302
(864) 582-5050
It's no secret ... Spartanburg Athletic Club offers a great facility,
excellent services, and some of the most experienced, dedicated
fitness professionals you'll ever find. SAC opened originally as a
racquet and swim club, then developed into a full service athletic
club a few years later. We've been serving Spartanburg for
over 30 years!

Soul Flow Yoga Studio 
2811 Reidville Road
Spartanburg, SC
(864) 609-7689 ‎
At Soul Flow... We believe a practice is more than just a yoga  class. 
It is the sense of community – the coming together of creative
energies to express ourselves, make a statement, or just have
some fun. 

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