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Equilibria   Acupuncture  &  Herbal   Medicine
139 River Vista Place
Pioneer Building, Suite 100
Twin Falls Idaho     83301
At Equilibria, Dana Henry, a nationally licensed practioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine  and Herbology, offers all of the
traditional Eastern holistic modalities to help her patients achieve
maximum health and energetic balance.

Rose Jones
441 Madrona Street North
Twin Falls Idaho 83301
(208) 734-5807

Canyon Springs Chiropractic
Dr. Manning
333 8th Ave
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 737-1430
We invite you to stop by and get to know us. If you have ever
had a question about acupuncture,  chiropractic care, alternative
s or their treatments, you can schedule 15 minutes
with the doctor to discuss your questions.

Laurence  V.   Hicks,  DO  Acupuncture
488 Blue Lakes Blvd N Ste 401
Twin Falls, ID    83301
(208) 733-4444


Sirucek   Chiropractic  Spine  &   Injury  Center
Dr. Tony Sirucek
263 2nd Ave North
Twin Falls, ID    83301
(208) 733-5555
Holistic health and wellness can be achieved with the help of
chiropractic care.   By viewing the body as whole and  taking  care
of the body’s mental and physical health, the body
will perform as it should.

Williams Chiropractic Clinic
Spencer G. Williams
392 Falls Avenue
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 734-0500
When a subluxation occurs it causes nerve interference in some
portion of the body affected by those nerves.  The subluxation
causes changes to the structure as well as the nerves.  These
changes get progressively worse as time is allowed to work on
the subluxated area of the spine.

The   Gentile  Chiropractor
139 River Vista Place Pioneer Building - Suite 100
Twin Falls, ID    83301
Phone:  208-639-2833
Cranial Sacral therapy is the creme de la creme of holistic therapies
in my opinion.   It is completely based on listening  to the  body’s own
“inner physician” and re-empowering it to be able to balance mind,
body and emotions (and probably spirit) on its own.

Golay Geoffroi A DC
488 Blue Lakes Boulevard North
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
(208) 733-0123
When the pain decreases, your body will function properly,
allowing your organs to work naturally.


Doula  Labor  Assistant
Jacie Mattson
Twin Falls, ID    83201
Phone   208-280-2499
Began attending births in 2007.  Has attended 0-5  births.  I am
available to volunteer to attend births.

Doula   Labor  Assistant
Arlene Hansen
Twin Falls Idaho    83301
Began attending births in 1991.  Has attended 0-5  births.  I am
available to volunteer to attend births.   I  am  honored to work with
any woman regardless of her sexual preference, religion, or
marital status.   I am a professionally trained doula  with  over 28
years of medical experience, training and skills.   I  am  committed to
supporting and empowering women through education
and informed choices.

Doula Telcia LLC   
Twin Falls    ID    83301   
 I am currently in the process of becoming a Doula certified  by
Birth Arts International in Child Birth Education, Lactation
Consulting, and Post Postpartum Care.


Hypnosis  Helps  You
Renay Vickers
450 Poleline Rd. Spc. 93
Twin Falls, Idaho   83301
Phone: (208) 736-2860
Mrs. Vickers has always shown an interest in veterans rights and
the affects of war on soldiers and families.

Magic  Valley   Hypnosis
Curtis J
390 Falls Ave
Twin Falls Idaho 83301


A Touch of Heaven  Massage
1978 Addison Avenue East
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 420-0333
“My goals are to help restore the body's natural health and balance,
relieve pain, and to educate people about how to help themselves
live a pain-free life.”           
- Patti Slagel, owner

Marion's Massage for Body Mind & Spirit
132 Main Avenue South
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 734-5196

Natural Remedies

Intuitive Healing & Natural Remedies
Amy Loughmiller           
276 Eastland Dr. N.
Twin Falls, ID 83301
208-731-6267 Call for Appointment
I work with the Mind Body Connection as it relates to dis-ease
within our bodies, showing itself as pain, stress, anxiety.  I can
help break a pattern of emotion  held within your body by bring
awareness to what your body is holding onto. I do this with using
a combination of the following energy healing modalities and
intuitively blending them to what your body needs:  Craniosacral
therapy,  Emotion Code, Reflections, Reflexology, and Acupressure
trigger point therapy.   I am certified in each of the above modalities. 
I am a Bach Flower Essence Therapist and use essences as a
support of emotional change, I am  trained  in  Aromatherapy,
herbal healing, homeopathic  remedies.


Elements  Day   Spa  &   Wellness  Center
1411 Falls Avenue East
Twin Falls Idaho    83301
(208) 733-3989

Impressions   Hair   &  Spa
234 West Main Street
Jerome, ID    83338
(208) 324-7553

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