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Lactobacillus acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophius

Some strains of L. acidophilus have been studied extensively for 
health effects. L. acidophilus is able to survive gastrointenstinal 
transit, is resistant to bile and low pH, as well as digestive 
enzymes. It is able to adhere to human epithelial cell lines and 
human intestinal mucus.[3]A blend of bacterial strains including 
L. acidophilus NCFM decreased the incidence of pediatric 
diarrhea. L. acidophilus led to a significant decrease in levels 
of toxic amines in the blood of dialysis patients with small 
bowel bacterial overgrowth. At adequate daily feeding levels, 
L. acidophilus may facilitate lactose digestion in lactose-intolerant 
subjects.[4]A University of Nebraska study found that feed 
supplemented with L. acidophilus L1 and fed to cattle resulted 
in a 61% reduction of Escherichia coli 0157:H7. Research has 
indicated L. acidophilus may be helpful reducing serum 
cholesterol levels.[5]Antibiotics taken orally will also kill 
beneficial bacteria, including L. acidophilus. 

After a therapy that includes antibiotics, patients are occasionally
instructed to take an L. acidophilus treatment in order to 
recolonize the gastrointestinal tract.[3] To that effect, L. 
acidophilus is often sold in health stores in pill or powder 
form as a nutritional supplement as well as being available in 
numerous yogurts. A part of the claims in favor of such treatment 
refer to attaining a better digestion thanks to a recovered normal 
intestinal flora. L. acidophilus LA-5 produces bacteriocin CH5 
that is both antibacterial and inhibitory against certain yeasts and 
moulds and is effective against both Salmonella Typhimurium and 
Campylobacter jejuni.[3] It has been shown to improve bowel 
regularity and has been shown to have a preventative effect 
against traveller's diarea, as well has antibiotic related bowel issues.[3]
Because of its relation to gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) L. 
acidophilus LA-5 has been associated with positive effects on the 
immune system such as increased cytokine, phagocytic activity and 
antibody production, as well as phagocytosis of Salmonella, and L. 
acidophilus NCFM has even been shown to reduce incidence of 
symptoms of fever, cough and runny nose.[3] Anti-inflammatory 
effects have also been observed in people consuming L. acidophilus 

Additionally L. acidophilus LA-5 has shown to inhibit
growth of breast cancer cells, and positive effects on chemotherapy 
patients.[3] An improvement of lipid metabolism has also be linked 
to L. acidophilus LA-5.

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