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Worcester Massachusetts Holistic Medicine


Body Therapeutics
Holistic Medical Services
102 Shore Drive, Suite #104
Worcester Massachusetts 01605
Email: info@body-therapeutics.com
Phone: 508.853.7500
We are a medical center, practicing holistic medicine. We address
many different acute and chronic illness and conditions. We practice
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Sports
Medicine and insofar as Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy
are dedicated to the treatment and prevention of disease and
ailments of all kinds, those too help to comprise our unique
brand of medicine.

River Valley Acupuncture
65 James Street, Suite 207
Worcester, MA 01603
(508) 890-8899
Acupuncture is based on the flow of energy through pathways in the
body. If these pathways become blocked, energy can get stuck.
This can manifest as pain, swelling, weakness, or a number of
different medical conditions. Acupuncture seeks to restore the
smooth flow of energy through these pathways, creating
balance and harmony in the body.

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave  Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.
Brain Sync recordings created by Kelly Howell have been clinically
tested with a record-breaking 95% success rate and are offered to
patients at America's most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals,
Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber.
After more than two decades of clinical research, Brain Sync is
revealing itself to be a great breakthrough in healing and mind


Carlson Chiropractic Center
405 Grove Street
Suite 203
Worcester, MA 01605
Email: DrJenniferCarlson@gmail.com
Phone: (508) 762-9322
Chiropractic emphasizes the relationship between the spine and the
nervous system. Spinal misalignments (vertebral subluxations) can
interfere with the transmission of information from the brain to the
rest of the body. This alters the body's ability to function and often
results in symptoms such as pain and/or disease.

Nault Chiropractic P.C.
33 Oak Avenue,
Worcester Massachusetts
If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pain or an
injury that requires physical therapy, chances are you will benefit
greatly from chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic care deals with
the cause of pain. It is a safe, drugless, and sensitive approach to
eliminating pain and maintaining a healthy body.


Maternal Goddess Doula Services
Worcester Massachusetts
Shelly Taft
(508) 245-5301
I have received extensive Doula training under the guidance of an
experienced midwife. Doula work has been my passion, and I find
immense joy in helping couples as they transition into the wonderful
world of parenthood.

Elana Chandler (DONA certification pending)
Boston, Worcester, and So. NH
As a birth doula, I will work with you and your partner or other
labor support to help you achieve a satisfying and empowering
birth experience. My goal is provide comfort, reassurance, and
support during labor. My services include one prenatal visit, 24
hour availability for questions and concerns prior to labor, continuous
support during labor and delivery, and one postpartum visit.


Worcester Massachusetts 01608
How does it work, Hypnosis / hypnotherapy?
Hypnosis uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused
attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is
sometimes called a trance. The person's attention is so focused
while in this state that anything going on around the person is
temporarily blocked out or ignored. In this naturally occurring state,
a person may focus his or her attention -- with the help of a trained
therapist -- on specific thoughts or tasks.

Donna L. Dover, CHP
Worcester, MA
Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
(508) 852-3400
Call or email for appointment. donad07@charter.net
Clinical Hypnotherapy for most applications.


Mary Morrin, LMT Massage CranioSacral
1097 Pleasant Street
Worcester, MA 01602
(508) 792-2222

Body Therapeutics
102 Shore Drive #104
Worcester Massachusetts 01605
(508) 853-7500
We offer Therapeutic Massage, Swedish or Relaxation Massage, Hot
Stone, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage as well as Pregnancy and
Infant Massage. Why settle for less than a body free of
tension and pain?

Fournier Massage Therapy
Nancy Fournier, LMT
Therapeutic Massage‎
212 Worcester Street
North Grafton, MA 01536
(774) 232-0568
Fournier Massage Therapy specializes in Therapeutic Massage,
Swedish Relaxation, Pregnancy Massage and Energy Balancing.
Offering stress reduction, pain management and treatment specific
therapy in a safe, nurturing, healing environment.

Amethyst Point
232 Chandler St # B
Worcester, MA 01609
Email j.wood@amethystpoint.com
(508) 753-3975
Amethyst Point is a massage therapy and wellness center located
in the heart of Worcester, MA. Our wellness center has been
providing therapeutic massage and holistic health services to
anyone looking for freedom from pain or stress since 1988.

Quantum Touch

Back-N-Touch  Wellness Center
Pathways for Wellness for Women   
Diane Levine, QTPI
Certified Quantum-Touch ® Practitioner,
Certified Quantum-Touch ® Instructor   
244 Walton Street   
Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420   
Diane now offers Quantum-Touch in her healing practice as well
as offering Level 1 workshops. Taking a  Level 1 workshop  is a
wonderful way to learn the techniques used in QT. The workshop
will show you how to "run" the energy for yourself and your family
and friends!  Quantum-Touch is a wonderful addition to the  Usui
Reiki and Melchizedek healing modalities as well as Toning with
Sound therapy.

The Wellness Center
Marlene E. Campbell
LMT, Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner & Instructor
The Wellness Center   
19 South Street   
Northboro, Massachusetts 01532   
Marlene is a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor,
Levels 1 & 2. She has completed the advanced Quantum-Touch
courses - Supercharging, Core Transformation 1 & II, Quantum
Touch Level 2 and Self Created Health.    


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Fulgere Salon & Spa
108 Grove Street
Worcester, MA 01605

Mary Morrin Massage at Top Shop Spa Salon
1099 Pleasant Street
Worcester, MA 01602
(508) 792-2222

Mocine Salon And Spa
258 Park Avenue
Worcester Massachusetts
Call 508.756.5555
A full body massage promoting relaxation and improving circulation.
Includes a variety of techniques specifically design to relax muscles
by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones.
Highly recommended for the first time visitor.


Amethyst Point
232 Chandler St # B
Worcester Massachusetts 01609
(508) 753-3975
Yoga means yoke or union, to achieve higher consciousness
through integration of the body, mind, and spirit. While individual
Yoga systems vary, most utilize movement, stretching, postures,
breathing, re-laxation and meditation which encourages physical
and mental well-being.

Metro West Yoga
32 Millbrook Street
Worcester, MA 01606
Contact info@metrowestyoga.net
(508) 752-1533
Shawn is the owner of Metrowest Yoga in Westboro and
Worcester Massachusetts. She developed the creative and
challenging style of yoga  called Myoga Hot Hatha that she teaches
along with a fun, vigorous vinyasa flow style.

Flowforms Yoga
195 Lake Avenue
Worcester, MA 01604
Contact info@flowformsyoga.com
(508) 752-4700
Flowforms Yoga is a welcoming yoga community that offers warm
and experienced teachers; classes, series and workshops for all
levels from beginners to yoga immersions and teacher training.

Wellness Works
128 Providence St # 207
Worcester, MA
Email fernlee@aol.com
(508) 798-7836

725 Southbridge Street
Worcester, MA
Email info@4uyoga.net
(866) 710-6493
Give your body and your mind a workout at 4UYoga. Our yoga
studio in Worcester Massachusetts, offers a vigorous workout
designed to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance, as
well as provide mental clarity and focus. Walk-ins are accepted
for yoga classes.

Bikram Yoga Auburn
567 Southbridge St # 6
Auburn, MA
Info info@bikramyogaauburn.com
(508) 832-9642
The class is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a
heated room for 90 minutes. This method focuses on strengthening
and stretching the joints of the body including your spine.

Bikram Yoga Westboro
153 Turnpike Rd # 3
Westborough, MA 01581
Info info@bikramyogaauburn.com
(508) 366-9642

Central Mass Yoga and Wellness
45 Sterling Street
West Boylston, MA
(508) 835-1176
Our teachers focus on encouraging students to practice 'ahimsa'
(non harming) and offer modifications and variations for a safe
yoga practice. Our mission is to promote the study, practice, and
teaching of yoga, and to foster a flourishing yoga community.

Opening Lotus Yoga
456 Main Street
Holden, MA
(508) 829-7435

Auburn Yoga & Pilates Center
889 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA
(508) 832-8177 ‎
Auburn Yoga & Pilates Center provides you with the best instructors
in the central Massachusetts area, in studios that are clean and

The Core Connection
290 West Main Street
Northborough, MA 01532
(617) 823-2817

Zest Yoga and Fitness
65 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA
(508) 843-9887 ‎
Zest Yoga and Fitness offers the wonderful experiences of yoga, tai
chi, dance, fitness and wellness classes to residents and guests of
Auburn Worcester  and the Central Massachusetts community.

Worcester Massachusetts | Holistic Medicine

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