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Love Heals Awakened Minds iMusic Love Heals iMusic The Most Powerful Brain Wave Music On The Planet!

"Brain Training is the medicine of the future."~Deepak Chopra M.D


Decades of research by scientist and users have made brainwave entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.

But now, in addition to powerful Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, you can zone in your brain with Awakened Minds iMusic Patent Pending Advanced Audio Technology.

With this new technology, the world’s most powerful music is digitally enhanced for your Peak Mind Experience.

The reason brain wave entrainment or Brain Wave Music is becoming so popular is because it works.

For over 25 years researchers have observed the brainwave patterns of the top 1% most intelligent and successful people in every field.

By comparing the brainwave patterns of the top 1% most successful with that of everyone else, these brain researchers were able to develop audio entrainment programs that help everyone to raise their level of game.

Have you ever felt mentally challenged while trying to talk to someone or just learn something?

All of us have had this happen at one time or another.

It’s not because of our mental abilities.

It’s the way our brain works.

A low performance state is preventing you from making the connection.

Awakened Minds iMusic is designed to improve your brain’s performance so that it kicks into high gear instead of dropping down into dazed and confused.

Brain Wave Music. It’s really all about the science.

Your level of thought and performance is determined by your state of mind.

Your state of mind is governed by your brainwaves.

Scientists now know which brainwaves are responsible for peak performance mind states.

For example, when a business person, scientist, artist, musician, or scholar experiences that moment of aha creativity, the brainwave patterns have been observed and mapped.

Science has also uncovered the optimum brainwave patterns or mental states for learning, sleeping, or concentrating.

And now, with a push of a button, you can experience new levels of mental performance you didn’t know were possible.

For the first time ever AM iMusic can dramatically enhance the world’s most powerful music, your favorites; so that you can enjoy training your brain for Peak Performance while working, studying, relaxing or playing.

Because you identify with certain sound frequencies, Am iMusic Brain Wave Entrainment will add entrainment to your favorite music so you can listen to the music you love while training your brain to be more effective and flexible. Specific brainwave entrainment will dial your brainwaves into the ZONE!

Isn't it time to dial into the Zone and get a clear signal between your ears?

Scientifically proven brain technologies are used by elite organizations like NASA, Peak Performance Consultants, Music Therapist, Counselors, along with accelerated learning programs.

"For most of us, the brain is locked into a particular level of functioning. If we ultimately speed up or slow down the brainwave activity, then it becomes much easier for the brain to shift its speed as needed." Scientific Research by Harold Russell, a clinical psychologist

In other words, when you use these tools, you are unlocking the level of functioning that is preventing you from moving forward.
Dr. Harold Russell created several of the basic program formulas that we follow to help you break free of limiting brainwave patterns.

So, by using the Brain Music of AM iMusic, your brainwaves will be more flexible and you will be able to unlock your potential.

You will be training your brain for success!

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