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Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German-born biochemist and physicist who was often referred to as the top cancer research scientist in Europe. Nominated 7 times for the Nobel Prize. She was 95 when she past. Dr. Budwig was a leading authority on fats, oils and nutrition.

Let the sun shine in

Dr. Budwig also investigated the relationship between fats, electrons, photons, and the solar energy from the sun. She understood the health giving energy of the sun and its effect on the body. This energy is in part due to the photons in sunlight. They are the purest form of energy. People are meant to be in relationship with the sun as indicated by their high level of photons. This concentration of the sun’s energy is improved when we eat electron rich food such as the flax oil, cottage cheese mixture which attracts the electromagnetic waves of sun beams.

Dr. Budwig said, “Matter always has its own vibration, and so, of course, does the living body. The absorption of energy must correspond to one’s own wave length.” This is what makes the sun and the human body so compatible when the body is in proper condition to receive it. Once Johanna’s patients were feeling better, they were instructed to sit in the sun and found it easily tolerated.

She saw the electrons in the food we eat as our resonance system for the energy of the sun. She viewed the human body as an antenna for the sun and the interplay of the sun with the electrons in our food as the governing principal for all vital functions of the body."~research by Dr. Johanna Budwig

Cancer is not a deadly disease. Cancer is a life saving wake up call. So, with all this in mind, let's get back to the flax oil and cottage cheese."~See article by Natural News
Cancer Solutions

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