Future Life Now

Future Life Now offers a unique combination of integrative services that promote physical, mental and emotional resilience. Our ultimate goal is to shift clients from reactive pain treatment to natural wellness and fullness in life. We begin by listening to each person’s unique situation and then work with them as the center of their wellness team. With our core, holistic services of the Feldenkrais Method and Neuro Linguistic Programming, supplemented with acupuncture and therapeutic massage when appropriate, clients may reach new levels of health and wellness not thought possible. Future Life Now’s experienced, professional team is trained to assist clients to:

•Reverse the chronic pain cycle
•Create options in physical and mental movement that allow clients to do what they want to do
•Learn how to take charge of their personal well-being

Web Site URLwww.futurelifenow.com

Street Address: 4138 Hamilton Ave
City: Cincinnati
State/Prov: OH
Zip/Postal Code: 45223
Business Phone: 513-541-5720

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