Huntsville Wellness: Acupuncture & Natural Medicine

Natural Health and Wellness Care for the Whole Family

Natural Health and Wellness Care for the Whole Family
Since 1989, patients have trusted our practice with evidence-based natural healthcare using natural modern and traditional methods, such as acupuncture, naturopathy, Chinese and Western herbal treatments, manual therapies and nutritional medicine. Dr. Mick is a doctor of acupuncture and natural medicine with extensive graduate training in numerous naturopathic therapies and offers them as part of his natural medicine practice. He works with both kids and adults of all ages.
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Huntsville Wellness:Acupuncture & Natural Medicine
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Dr. Mick's Philosophy and Naturopathic-Acupuncturist


• Utilization of Therapies That First Do No Harm

• Prevention of Disease through Health Lifestyle & Control of Risk Factors

• Recognition & Encouragement of the Body's Inherent Healing Abilities

• Treatment of the Whole Person—Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

• Identification & Treatment of the Causes of Diseases Rather Than Elimination of Symptoms

• Education of the Patient & Cultivation of an Attitude of Personal Responsibly for One's Health

About Dr. Mick, ND, DAOM, LAc:

Involved in the practice of natural medicine and acupuncture for over 20 years, Dr. Mick has multiple degrees related to natural medicine including over ten years of full-time, in-person attended, regionally accredited university and college education with national certification and multiple State licenses in his field (over 6,500 hours of formal education) .  He completed his pre-medical bachelor's degree in health sciences before obtaining both masters and doctoral degrees in acupuncture and natural medicine at the country's top regionally accredited natural medicine colleges.  He has completed internships at various medical centers and hospitals in China, Europe, and around the United States. Dr. Mick has been involved in complementary medicine research at various colleges and health centers.  Dr. Mick has numerous published articles in peer review journals in the field of natural medicine and is currently working on a text book to be used by the profession and colleges  of natural medicine. He has been a lecturer and professor in the field of natural medicine since 1991 and has volunteered his time and healing talents as a medical missionary with various church groups in Haiti, Jamaica, Honduras and Mexico over the past 20 years. He continues to practice natural health and wellness care with deep passion, purpose, compassionate and faith-filled caring Heart. 

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