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Carson City Nevada Alternative Medicine


Lake  Tahoe  Wellness  Center   
695 Wolf Street,
Kings Beach, CA
(530) 214-9009
Laura Oglesby, L.Ac. practices Integrative Oriental Medicine,
providing holistic wellness treatments in the form of Acupuncture,
Chinese herbs, and other natural therapies.

Sierra Acupuncture & Healing
512 North Division Street
Carson City Nevada    89703
(775) 841-3336
The ancient Chinese believed that there is a universal life energy
called Chi or Qi present in every living creature. This energy is
said to circulate throughout the body along specific pathways
that are called meridians. As long as this energy flows freely
throughout the meridians, health is maintained, but once the flow
of energy is blocked, the system is disrupted and pain and
illness occur.

Maureen  S. Mckenney,   OMD   
6135 Lakeside Drive #119
Reno, NV
(775) 825-1912

Brainwave Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.


Capitol Chiropractic
Dr. Brian Kona Russell   
604 E. Musser St.,
Carson City Nevada
(775) 882-3555 ‎
Welcome to Capitol Chiropractic! Capitol Chiropractic has been
serving the community of Carson City for over 30 years. Located
just a block away from the Nevada State Capitol, our office is
conveniently located in the heart of town.

The Nevada  Center   of  Alternative &  Anti-Aging   Medicine  
1231 County Club Dr.
Carson City, Nevada
(775) 884-3990
The Nevada Center is a unique medical health and fitness clinic
designed to measure, treat, and retard the aging process.  Each
individualized program begins with an in depth analysis of metabolic
status, hormonal status, and age related bio-marker status. This is
followed by the formulation of an individualized program of the
necessary rejuvenation therapies.

Capitol Chiropractic
Dr. Brian Kona Russell‎
604 East Musser Street
Carson City Nevada, NV 89701
(775) 882-3555
As an intern in the Sports Injury and Rehabilitation department
at Palmer College he received extensive training in the treatment
and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions/complaints.

Carson City Chiropractor
Daniel Brady DC
The Nevada Center‎
1231 County Club Dr.
Carson City, NV 89703
(775) 884-3990
The emphasis is on treating the cause of disease, not merely
the symptoms.

Dr Scott Kipling Chiropractor
1800 HWY. 50 E
Carson City, NV 89706
Email –
(775) 883-1203

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Gone are the days of the traditional “back cracking” methods of
chiropractic care. Although some of our clients still prefer the
orthodox methods, Dr. Scott Kipling offers some of the industry’s
finest new correction methods which are gentle, more
comfortable and can be more effective than ever before.


Aspiring  Birth  Midwifery  &   Doula  Services  
8045 Maui Ct
Reno, NV   89506
(775) 971-9700
Aspiring Birth Midwifery & Doula Services offers a full range  of
homebirth and hospital doula services. We practice under the
Midwives Model of Care, which is based on the fact that pregnancy
and birth are normal life processes not medical phenomenon.
Choosing to have your baby with the help of midwives has
many benefits for both mother and baby.


Joyful  Changes  Hypnosis  and  Acupressure   
543 California Avenue
Reno, NV
(775) 786-9111

Integrative Medicine

Sierra Nevada Holistic Services
Andrea   Felesina          
407 W. Robinson St   
Carson City   NV    89703
Integrative medicine
As a Nurse with a strong interest in Massage and Holistic Therapies,
Andrea brings a unique combination of skills and talents into the
service of her clients.


The Bodhi Tree Centerfor Healing Arts
3107 North Deer Run Road #6
Carson City Nevada 89701
(775) 884-1145
Our programs are approved by the Nevada Board of Massage
Therapists, the California Massage Therapy Council and accredited
by the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy.


Essential  Kneads  Wellness  Spa  Inc.   
377 S Nevada Street
Carson City Nevada
(775) 461-0325
Our Wellness Center unites the talents of a number of professionals.
Our intention is to promote an environment that embodies the
essence of healing through holistic health care; offering integrated
massage therapy, Reiki, empowerment coaching, Biomat, foot
bath, hypnotherapy, ear candling, infrared sauna, nutritional counseling,
chiropractic care, and colon cleansing.

Balance  Holistic  Health,  Massage   &  Day Spa   
5001 North Village Drive, Suite 5113
Truckee, CA
(530) 562-1164 ‎

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Balance Holistic Health is a wellness center which offers a variety of
therapeutic and sports massages, yoga, tai chi, chiropractic,
acupuncture, and spa services such as manicures,
pedicures and facials.

Healing  Wizdom   
606 West Plumb Lane
Reno, Nevada
(775) 829-7774 ‎

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Healing Wizdom is a Unique Healing Spa dedicated to improving
the quality of life in a beautifully relaxing and sumptuous way.
We invite you to visit us in our Magical Sanctuary designed to
bring Beauty, Health and Wholeness to Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.


Web Master SEO Consulting
1201 W Arbrook Boulevard
Arlington , TX 76015
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O2  Wellness  &  Yoga   
1557 Zerolene Place
Minden, NV
(775) 782-6345
Our healing treatments are all holistic and effectively help  to bring
your body back into balance.  Holistic healing is different  from
altruistic medicine in that we address all of the systems in the body,
physical, emotional and energetic.

Namaste Holistic Healing and Yoga Center
10368 Donner Pass Road
Truckee, CA 96161
(530) 448-9014
Namaste is typically said with the hands pressed together and
held near the heart, with the head bowed.   As we study this
Sanskrit word more deeply, we discover that is holds
many meanings. 

Carson City Nevada | Alternative Medicine

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