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Laramie Wyoming Alternative Medicine


Medicine Wheel Acupuncture  Center
236 Manewal Drive
Cheyenne, WY
(307) 637-4386


Lauren A. Hoffman, DC
417 East Fremont Street
Laramie, WY
(307) 742-3011 ‎

Laramie Spinal Care Center
2130 East Grand Avenue
Laramie, WY 82070
(307) 742-0232

Albany County Chiropractic Center
Dr. Darren Bressler D.C. P.C.
Dr. Kendra Sims D.C. P.C.
807 South 3rd Street
Laramie Wyoming
(307) 742-6840 ‎
Often times when we think about what a chiropractor treats,
people have the misconception that all we treat is back pain.
Certainly "back pain" is a large percentage of what we see
in the office, however the number of common conditions
that benefit from alternative and chiropractic
style treatments are endless.

Dini Chiropractic Center
253 North 3rd Street
Laramie, WY
(307) 742-9378 ‎

Spine & Injury Clinic of Laramie, PC
Dylan N. Milam, DC, DACBSP, CSCS
David M. Milam, DC, DACBSP, CSCS
409 South 4th Street,
Laramie Wyoming
(307) 742-2082
We educate our patients about their diagnosis, injury
prevention, proper diet and exercise. Our foremost
objective is to restore and maintain our patient's optimal
health and quality of life.

Cupps Mark Doctor of Chiropractic
212 E Ivinson St
Laramie, WY 82070
(307) 742-4332

Jeremy D. Jones, DC
2130 East Grand Avenue
Laramie, WY 82070
(307) 742-0232


Elk Mountain Herbs
214 Ord St.
Laramie Wyoming
(307) 742-0404 ‎
High quality plants come from high quality growing
environments. Our herbs are gathered in pristine, mineral-rich
soils of the Rocky Mountains; most are wildcrafted on our
own ranch in the Elk Mountain and Snowy Range region of
Southern Wyoming, or if non-native, from our own organic
gardens. When harsh growing conditions prevent growing
items locally, we purchase certified organically
grown when available.

Herbal Remedies
1420 South 2nd Street
Laramie, WY
(307) 745-7158 ‎


Natural Balance Massage & Healing
220 E Ivinson St
Laramie Wyoming
(307) 745-8636 ‎
Whether you need a light and broad massage or a focused and
deep massage, we have one to accommodate your needs.

Alice Sherwood, LMT 
Laramie, WY
(413) 854-1493 ‎

Zen Central, Massage and Oxygen Bar
108 Grand Avenue
Laramie, Wyoming
(307) 760-3194
Some of the benefits of massage include: overall stress
reduction, maintains a healthy immune system by clearing
out the lymph nodes, releases muscle tension that can interfere
with proper skeletal alignment, increases joint flexibility and
range of motion, improves circulation, and it feels amazing.

Miss Bliss' Magical Massage
253 North 3rd Street
Laramie, WY 82072
(307) 742-9378


Star's Snowy Range Spa
2272 Snowy Range Road
Laramie, Wyoming
(307) 745-4247 ‎

Adora Day Spa
1600 Central Ave # 200
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 772-3402
The massage therapists at Adora Day Spa use traditional and
revolutionary massage techniques to provide a relaxing and
revitalizing experience. Treatments range from 25-80 minutes
and can be customized with pure essential oils to create an
even more pampering experience.


Hot Power Yoga
511 East Ivinson Avenue
Laramie, WY 82070
(307) 703-9642
The benefits of yoga are numerous. Peace of mind, increased strength,
and flexibility are just a few. The extra benefit of our studio? Heat.

Laramie Wyoming | Alternative Medicine

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