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Green tea

Green tea

Green tea extract supplements are accessible over the counter in 
various forms.[7] Standardized green tea extract is 90 percent 
total polyphenols, and 1 capsule equals 5 cups of tea.[8][9]
For a green tea extract standardized for 80 percent polyphenols and 
55 percent EGCG, a daily dose of 300 to 400 mg green tea extracts 
is recommended.[7] Some green tea extracts may have as little as 15 
percent polyphenols, usually these are far less expensive. It 
should be kept in mind that the various components of unpurified 
green tea extracts have synergistic effects and therefore are 
better than any individual tea component.[1] Scientists also 
conclude that tea extracts are better taken between meals in order 
to avoid decreased iron absorption.
Though green tea extracts show potential anticancer capacity - 
under some conditions by working together with other drugs and 
suppressing multidrug resistance in cancer cells - they are not 
suggested for use alone as a chemotherapy agent for cancer 
Excessive intake of green tea extracts containing caffeine has side 
effects[10]; an excessive concentration may act as a pro-oxidant to 
damage DNA[1] and produce undesirable side effects.

Food additive and deodorant applications

Because of the high antioxidant activity of green tea extracts,
they are hopefully to be used as a kind of innovative food additive 
to preserve pork, chicken meat, vegetable oil, fish oil and fish 
flesh, food emulsions and animal fat.[1] This alternative 
antioxidant is suggested to be a healthier choice; a fairly 
successful instance may well be the application in Moon cake – the 
extracts both increase the shelf life and improve the flavor.[1]
In addition, green tea extracts are a promising solution to prevent 
apple juice and other foods from microbial contamination.[1] 
Japanese scientists even have discovered that tea extracts can be 
developed as dyes that are not susceptible to microbial 
contamination and possess strong deodorant activity.

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