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Reno  Acupuncture
85 Washington Street
Reno  Nevada    89503
(775) 827-6901
Acupuncture is a powerful aspect of Chinese Medicine that
helps restore energetic balance within your body.

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
465 California Avenue
Reno, NV 89509
(775) 329-6663

The  Finely   Center  for  Acupuncture
6490 South McCarran, Suite #F52
Reno, NV    89509
Phone: 775-337-1334

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave  Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.
Brain Sync recordings created by Kelly Howell have been clinically
tested with a record-breaking 95% success rate and are offered to
patients at America's most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals,
Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber.
After more than two decades of clinical research, Brain Sync is
revealing itself to be a great breakthrough in healing and mind


Power  Health   Chiropractic
1175 Harvard Way
Reno, NV    89502
call: (775) 329-4402
Our goal at Power Health Chiropractic is to help you find the cause
of your problem and help you to to eliminate the problem.

Reno  NV   Chiropractic
123 Main Street, STE 16
Reno Nevada    89502
If you are looking for affordable and effective “hands-on”
chiropractic care
, you’ve come to the right place.  If you are
suffering from back pain, neck pain, muscle tension, or a loss of
range of motion – Reno NV Chiropractic can help.

Advanced Health Chiropractic,  LLC
Dr. Melissa Perotti, D.C.
9570 S. McCarran Blvd Ste 110
Reno, NV 89523
(775) 746-2555
Diversified: Full-spine and extremity adjustments using the hands to
deliver a specific joint correction to decrease pain and improve
mobility and stabilization. Improves whole body function.

Davis Chiropractic
‎Dr. Lawrence R. Davis
525 East Moana Lane
Reno, NV 89502-4671
(775) 827-1200
Our patients should never ever be disappointed with any aspect
of their experience with us. From the moment they walk in the
reception room, to receiving Chiropractic Care and checking
out to make their next appointment, we want to see a smile on
everyone's face!

Corbin Chiropractic
Dr. Bradley S. Corbin, DC
7111 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89511
(775) 852-8000
We understand that everyone has a unique set of needs and goals,
as well as individual medical and physical conditions. We also
understand that each person responds very differently to treatment.


Doula  Care   Services
Birth Doula Service
Aja Harger
Carson City, Nevada
Phone: (775) 291-7901
Email :
Doula Care Services provides women with  the tender care and
support during labor and birth.   I serve couples  as well as single
mothers.   I attend hospital as well as home births.

Aspiring  Birth   Doula  Services
Sherry Asp
Sparks and surrounding Northern Nevada areas, Nevada
Phone: 775 626-3005
Email :
I am a DONA certified birth doula and I am currently seeking
certification through CAPPA.

Holistic Alternative  Psychology

Board Certified  Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner
Melani    Ashworth            
337 Omni Dr.   
Sparks    Nevada    89441


William G. Danton, Ph.D.
Dr. Danton specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis
and is an Approved Consultant with the American Society of
Clinical Hypnosis.   He specializes in the treatment  of anxiety,
depression, phobias, and smoking.

Joyful Changes Hypnosis and  Acupressure
543 California Avenue
Reno Nevada 89509
(775) 786-9111

Advanced   Medicine  C  Building
75 Pringle Way, Suite 801
Reno, NV
Brenda M. Lee, CCHt, CC    
Stress Management, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Coaching


The  Meridian
1055 West Moana Lane
Reno Nevada   89509
(775) 852-0446
The class will include discussion, lecture, questions and answers on
the history of Reiki, the flow of energy, chakras, including Eastern
and Western applications of Reiki.


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Lessence   Day   Spa  Salon
242 West Liberty Street
Reno, NV    89501
A Downtown Reno Aveda Concept Hair Salon and Day Spa,
Providing Elegant & Natural Day Spa Treatments, Expert Hair
Care and Hair Cutting Services Plus Bride and Bridal Party
Preparation Services

Therapeutic   Skin  Care
507 Casazza Street, Suite E
Reno Nevada    89502
Hello, my name is Karen, owner of Therapeutic Skin Care, we
want to welcome you to a peaceful & relaxing atmosphere, when
you come through our door, you will be greeted by myself, Holly
or Anastasia, we take pride in giving you the best possible care
& service with every visit.


Yoga  Loka
6135 Lakeside Dr # 121
Reno Nevada    89511
(775) 337-2990
Located in Reno, NV, our Loka is a refuge where our experienced
instructors are dedicated to providing you, the first time or the
experienced yoga student, young or seasoned, with the opportunity
to breathe deeply, strengthen and nourish your physical body, to
join with your individual spirit and with the spirit of community.

Tahoe Yoga Wellness Center
1085 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502
(971) 222-9803
We offer an environment of integrated healing practices including
Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Yoga,  Pilates, Meditation
and Ayurveda. Our team of experienced teachers and practitioners
will gently encourage you to become proactive in your own wellness,
and help you to discover a calmly empowered and grounded life.

Achieve Fitness
600 South Center Street
Reno Nevada     89507
(775) 323-2101

The Yoga Pearl
2955 Vista Boulevard
Sparks, NV 89434
(775) 750-7610
The Yoga Pearl offers yoga, meditation, a book study group,
nutritional consultation, and innovative workshops. Once you
experience The Yoga Pearl, you'll call it home.

1085 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 657-8793
Yoga  practice is a powerful tool for well-being. With commitment
and dedication you can improve your health, energy level, outlook
on life and reach your highest potential.

Donovan Taylor G DC
1055 West Moana Lane #101
Reno Nevada    89509
(775) 852-0446
The Meridian is an integrative health center offering a wide range
of therapies which include Reiki, Chiropractic, manual therapy
including muscle activation techniques, massage therapy, acupuncture,
podiatry, and private yoga sessions.

Reno Nevada | Holistic Medicine

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