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Becoming A Source Of Light ~ ORIN through Sanaya ~ Part II

You may have felt you had a special purpose, a mission to accomplish, though you probably did not know what it was. Your doubts about your worth may have increased as you found a little outside validation of your inner sense of personal value. Yet, in spite of hardships or lack of support from others, you were pulled forward by a powerful inner force to keep seeking, finding, and fulfilling your greater purpose.

Because the density of matter can often block you from remembering who you are and what your higher purpose is, many of you have gotten lost in self-criticism and doubt. More of you have lost your effectiveness in carrying out your higher purpose through self-doubt and too much humility that for any other reasons. It is important to believe in your dreams; they are showing you your special purpose is as you continue to grow.

Each of you was born with a special purpose, a unique role to play that no one else could fill. You have chosen to be at the forefront of the change that is coming, to contribute to building the new forms that will support a supersconscious reality. Many of you are drawn to being self-employed so that you can freely design and implement your own ideas; if you work for a company, you prefer positions that allow you have a say in how things are done.

You are ahead of your time.

You are the holders of the vision of what is possible for humanity to accomplish. You may have wondered why you think differently from others or why you sometimes feel like you don’t fit in as well as others. Some of the thoughts and ideas you have that are now uncommon and unusual will be the thoughts that bring about the changes to higher consciousness in years to come. You may be drawn to areas such as ecology, the peace movement, science, technology, psychology, metaphysics, or others that contribute to new vision for humanity.

Imagine you are walking up a mountain. There are many people in front of you and many people in back of you. Now imagine that the beings ahead of you turn around and send you lines of light, love and energy, lighting up your path and making your journey easier. You see with increasing clarity where you are going. Your footsteps become more sure. You are able to climb even faster. Now imagine turning around and sending out your light and wisdom to those behind you, broadcasting encouragement and knowledge of the path you have just tread.

You do not need to make your spiritual journey alone; countless souls in your reality and in the higher dimensions have gone before you and have lit up the path for you. As you grow, you will help make it easier for others as well. While only you can take the steps to grow, there is much light and assistance available.

One step behind you are hundreds of thousands who are awakening. Remember yourself as you were before you awoke to this path of growth. There are many, many thousands in the world who are at the point of awakening. They may not know yet where to turn or even what information to seek. They are just beginning to question, to listen, and to hear. As you lift the veils and wake up to your path and truth, you will be reaching out to assist them, and they in turn will be reaching out to others.

Humanity is in the process of making an evolutionary leap.

Your energy bodies are evolving; you are gaining a spiritual shimmer and new energies in your aura as you grow spiritually. Because the new human will have a body of light that is able to vibrate at a higher frequency and radiate light, you, your children, and your grandchildren will bring a transformation of consciousness beyond anything you can now imagine.

What you struggle so intently with now-to be more loving, to believe in yourself, to forgive, to have compassion, and to release pain and negativity–-will be easier in future times as human energy systems become more evolved. Humanity will have a more fully formed body of light and will become a source of light.

Many of you want this to be your last lifetime on earth, and you speak of “last time” as if it were the ultimate spiritual goal. As you reach higher and higher levels of earth-life mastery, you may or may not choose to return after you die. The earth plane is a beautiful place; you can experience heaven on earth as you become a master of living in higher consciousness. Many highly evolved souls choose to come even though they could live in other dimensions, for they love humanity and the earth itself. Greater levels of mastery also give you an increasing ability to assist others in their growth and an even greater opportunity to grow yourself because of your ability to serve.

You are not on earth because you are too “low” to live in the higher dimensions. Your Higher Self has sent a part of itself—you—into this dimension to learn more about Its consciousness as expressed in a world of form and matter. Trust that you are here right now because it is the best place for you and offers you the most opportunity to evolve. As you grow and expand, your Higher Self grows and expands. Love your humanity as well as your divinity. What you experience in your daily life—the challenges, feelings, and relationships—are the very things you came to learn from.

The feelings and thoughts you have—all your humanness—offer you a rich and wonderful opportunity to grow and become a source of light to others. As you become more filled with light you assist humanity in reaching “critical mass.” When enough people can hold and radiate a larger amount of light, everyone together will take a quantum leap and reach a new evolutionary phase. As more people expand, they will find it easier to be their Higher Selves and reach enlightenment. As more people learn to hold and radiate more light, it will be possible for many others to reach their full potential in this lifetime.

Orin Through Sanaya Roman

“Spiritual Growth"

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