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Christine Hansen 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 457-1617

Acupressure, Face-Lift 
Maggie Smith
Healing Awareness Center 
Sacramento, CA (Arden) 
Phone: (916) 879-6386 


Christine Hansen (916) 457-1617 - Midtown - Sacramento, CA

Healing Awareness Center (916) 879-6386 - Maggie Smith - Sacramento, CA (Arden)

David Cherry (916) 486-0187 - 2627 La Mesa Way - Sacramento, CA 95825
Gail Derin-Kellogg (916) 362-8652 - East Sacramento, CA
Natural Health Clinic (916) 349-9223 - Roc Grant - Sacramento, CA
ProActive Acupuncture (916) 444-6047 - Bradley Cimino - 2401 Capital Avenue, Suite 100 - Sacramento, CA 95816

ProActive  Acupuncture 
ProActive Acupuncture is a complementary health center that specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine:  Acupuncture,
Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Manual  Therapy, and Reiki~Asian Energetics. We work with you to create an individual treatment plan to ensure maximum results and provide you with the greatest
quality health care!
Bradley Cimino, L.Ac, DNBAO 
2401 Capital Avenue, Suite 100 
Sacramento  California     95816 
Phone: (916) 444-6047 

David Cherry 
2627 La Mesa Way 
Sacramento, CA 95825 
Phone: (916) 486-0187

Roc Grant 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 349-9223 

Gail Derin-Kellogg (916) 362-8652 
East Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 362-8652

Acupuncture Healing Art 
Steve Phillips
Arden Area
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 486-9600

The Pacific Institute for the Alexander Technique
Sherry Berjeron Oliver & Bruce Oliver 
The Pacific Institute for the Alexander Technique 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 488-3010

Mary Argo 
Mary is a gifted and knowledgeable communicator who acts as a
translator for animal clients, bringing their thoughts, feelings
and experiences to light for the people who care for them.
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 498-9844

Dancing Spirit Healing Center 

I am certified in Sound healing techniques and a variety of
vibrational healing modalities such as Reiki and Reconnection.
Kim English 
Elk Grove 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 204-3506 

A Better Health Way Chiropractic 
Darlene Knowles (530) 677-5683 
Cameron Park, CA 
Phone: (530) 677-5683 


Church  of Scientology of Sacramento 
Welcome to the Church of Scientology of Sacramento
825 15th Street -
Sacramento California 95814-2096 
Phone: (916) 448-5891 

Spiritual Profiles (916) 265-0203 
Laura Hansen 
8250 Calvine Road C232 
Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone: (916) 265-0203 

Circle Keepers 
Circle keepers was created to help you deepen your relationship
with nature and assist you in remembering an ancient way of thinking.
Susan Grace Lawton 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 922-8016 
Email link on the web site 


Circle Keepers (916) 922-8016 - Susan Grace Lawton - Sacramento, CA
(author The Rainbow Bridge Workbook & Journal: A Guide to Journeying with the Medicine Wheel through the Lunar Cycle, CD Songs for the Circle, Meditation Around the Medicine Wheel and the Talk Story Series) 
Self Awareness Institute (916) 966-0411 or 1-866-204-6384 - Andrea Lambert - Sacramento, CA (held monthly, near the corner of Madison and Manzanita)*
Clothing, Natural

Swanberg's Natural Fiber Clothing - Michelle Swanberg - 101 2nd Avenue (2 blocks south of Broaday) - Curtis Park - Sacramento, CA

Colonics by Robbie (916) 203-2441 - Roberta "Robbie" Cruz - 5341 Walnut - Sacramento, CA 95841 
Pure Body Spa (916) 512-8511 - Sacramento, CA

Color Therapy
Healing with Rainbow Rays (408) 986-8550 - Alijandra - Sacramento, CA
New Traditions (916) 208-3522 - Audrie Meyer - Sacramento, CA
Joyce Herman (916) 855-1992 - Sacramento, CA
Midtown Art Therapy (916) 670-0851 - Tabitha Langenfeld - 2315 Capitol Avenue - Midtown - Sacramento, CA 95816
Tamar Wishnatzky (916) 925-4700 - Midtown - Sacramento, CA

A Sense for Touch (916) 205-7654 - Sharon Araki - at the BodyMind Center - 2528 I Street - Sacramento, CA (midtown)
Living Our Divinity (520) 678-5383 - Yemayah - 2530 J Street, Suite #210 - Sacramento, CA 95816
Lisa Stone Kelley ( 16) 212-0043 - Innerworks Wellness - 1104 Corporate Way - Sacramento, CA 95831

DeAnna Castleberry (916) 834-8954 - DeTouch Therapy - O Street - Sacramento, CA

Day Spa

All Seasons Day Spa (916) 737-7546 - 1422 28th Street, Suite D - Sacramento, CA 95816

Connecting Compassionately 
"My mission is to relieve suffering and create joy by empowering individuals with the knowledge and skill to transform frustration into more deeply satisfying relationships."
Itara O'Connell 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 444-2485

Animal Communicator

Mary Argo (916) 498-9844 - Sacramento, CA
Dancing Spirit Healing Center (916) 204-3506 - Kim English - Elk Grove - Sacramento, CA
AmyQuintana (916) 737-1878 - 5765 64th Stree - Sacramento, CA

Animal Communicator 
Amy Quintana 
5765 64th Stree 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 737-1878 

Animal Nutrition

Bonnie Blumenfeld
Head to tail health is a nutritional consultation practice for
people with dogs and cats. The single most important thing you
can do for your companion animals is to love them- to nourish
their bodies and their souls.
Animal Nutrition 
Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 663-2293


Mt. Shasta Naturals 
products are custom blended with TLC and the products you
receive are fresh and new. MT. SHASTA NATURALS
was committed to 'going green' long before it became mainstream.
Susan Strain 
1021 R Street (corner of 10th & R Streets) -
Sacramento California 
E-mail us: 
Phone: 206-542-7109 

Talk to the Tail 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 524-8975


My  Astro Chris 
I practice Modern Astrology for  Conscious Living. I'll assist you
in recognizing your unconscious programs as revealed through
your birth chart. I'll help you become more conscious of your
soul purpose and advise you on keeping yourself moving forward
in alignment with this wisdom. Various readings are available.
Christopher Taylor 
Sacramento California 95816 (midtown) 
Phone: (916) 698-0699 

Marlena Hartung 
Astrology Charting Service and Hand Analysis -
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 342-3690

Ann Muldoon (Parashari)
Astrology, Vedic
Sacramento California 
Phone: (530) 292-1030

Sovereign Harmony (877) 202-2664 - Christopher Robert Taylor - 2114 H Street, #2 - Sacramento, CA 95816 (midtown)
Transformational Coaching (916) 849-0903 - Teresa Campos - 3560 J Street #4 - Sacramento, CA 95816

Bach Flower Remedies

Intentional Wellness 
"Simple Solutions for Your Complex Problems". The Flower
Remedies have very simple ingredients. They are made out
of spring or mineral water that has been vitalized with
non-poisonous plants or trees. They are 100% safe and
natural for all to use. Most people prefer to take them orally
while others apply them to pulse points. The Bach Flower
Remedies are actually a complement to any  other
medications you may be taking.
Patricia Ann Mattera 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (707) 448-0214 

The Bead Fetish 
The Bead Fetish is a bead shop you can lose yourself in. Our goal
was to create an authentic atmosphere that reflects us and our style,
where our friends (all our customers) could shop and feel
absolutely comfortable and welcome.
1725 L Street 
Sacramento California   (Midtown) 
Phone: (916) 447-7979

Carmen Hernandez at Optimum Balance 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 395-1430

Balanced  Life  Online  Magazine

Balanced  Life Online Magazine    
Barbara    Williams            
8139 Sunset Ave, #182    
Fair Oaks    CA    95628
Balanced Life Magazine Is dedicated  to the support and 
promotion of physical, mental and spiritual balance. Growing out 
of a desire to create an effective way of promoting holistic health 
and wellness. The byline for the magazine is connecting the 
community, and that was where we started. 

Brainwave  Entrainment

AM  iMusic Brainwave  Entrainment
Decades of research by scientists and users have made brainwave 
entrainment a very popular method to improve Mental Performance.
Brain Sync recordings created by Kelly Howell have been clinically 
tested with a record-breaking 95% success rate and are offered to 
patients at America's most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals, 
Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber.
After more than two decades of clinical research, Brain Sync is 
revealing itself to be a great breakthrough in healing and mind 


Transformational  Chiropractic
Martha Dickson 
2222 Loma Vista Drive 
(off Fulton Avenue. between El Camino and Cottage) 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 974-3434

Touch Chiropractic 

Meet Rhoda Stewart, our massage therapist. Rhoda brings over
15 years of experience with a variety of massage techniques
including Swedish, Reflexology, Myofascial Release,
Ortho-bionomy, Oncology massage, and LaStone hot &
cold therapy. Dina received her doctorate degree at Life

Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California in 1996.
In addition to his studies of spinal chiropractic, Jeff discovered
a special interest in extremity chiropractic  (working with arms,
hands, legs and feet)
Dina & Jeff Keon 
1260 Fulton Avenue, Suite A 
Sacramento California    95825 (Arden) 
Phone: (916) 487-3007 

Self Awareness Institute 
The Self-Awareness Institute is dedicated to empowering individuals to be powerful, authentic, loving human beings by providing the opportunity to experience healing and
personal growth. We advocate the nurturing and integration of your blissful, playful, creative Inner Child with your Successful Adult and Authentic Self.
Andrea Lambert 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 966-0411 or 1-866-204-6384

Swanberg's Natural Fiber Clothing 
Swanberg's for Men
Hawaiian, Aloha & Sports Shirts, World Beat Music
and much more
Michelle Swanberg 
101 2nd Avenue (2 blocks south of Broaday) -
Curtis Park 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: 916 447.6284


Colonics by Robbie 
Colonic therapists use warm water to deeply cleanse the large intestines (colon). (A speculum is inserted into rectum and hoses attached to speculum are connected to machine )
The colon is filled with warm water, then emptied. This clears out waste which otherwise sends toxins into the bloodstream.
Roberta "Robbie" Cruz 
5341 Walnut 
Sacramento California 95841 (north) 
Phone: (916) 203-2441 

Color and Light Therapy 
Audrie Meyer 
Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 208-3522 


Joyce Herman 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 855-1992 

Tamar Wishnatzky 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 925-4700 


A Sense for Touch 
Sharon Araki 
at the BodyMind Center 
2528 I Street 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 205-7654 

Living Our Divinity 
Welcome to the vibration of "Living Our Divinity," where CranioSacral Therapy,  Integrative Massage, the
transformational Rain Drop Technique, Reiki Master Treatments, Whole Health Shopping Assistance, and
Personalized Yoga are offered to allow you to let go ofall that no longer serves you, and dive you into your bliss.
2530 J Street, Suite #210 
Sacramento, CA 95816 
Phone: (520) 678-5383 

Sacramento Valley School 
Cynthia Wynn 
Touch Drawing 
Sierra 2 Center 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 483-4733 


Well BEing  Resource 
Jill Bernard 
3104 O Street #108 
Sacramento California 95816
For almost a decade now, I have been providing the local Sacramento Region with the very best holistic and  alternative health resources in our area. The resources featured in WellBEing® are meant to bring about revitalized health, balance, tranquility, transformation and joy.
This guide is my gift to you…


Downtown Doula 
As a Postpartum Doula I care for the mother and her family in their home during the first weeks following birth. I provide non-medical support and companionship, assist with newborn
care and sibling adjustment, light meal preparation and help with household organization.
Michelle Gaymon 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone:(916) 320-7172 

Tamara Dorris 
Wright Type 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 482-5834 


Feng Shui with Mary 
Feng Shui can be used for homes, workplaces of all kinds, yards, classrooms, for facilitating real estate sales and more. Feng Shui can be used in all spaces, large or small and with every aspect of
your life.
Living in Harmony 
Mary Mieth 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 369-1166

Feng Shui
Kim Dugoni 
Feng Shui Effects 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 479-1665 

Ursula Rabe 
Feng Shui
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (530) 432-9365 or 1-866-999-8169

Sandra Ruggles-Ohman
Feng Shui
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 835-0788


Investments, Conscious 
I'm a Sacramento financial advisor who specializes in green
investing and hourly financial consulting. I am also an
artist, photographer and writer.
Bob Dreizler 
Sacramento, CA 
Email Address: 
Phone: (916) 444-2233

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Sacramento Ca | California Holistic Health


Shape Health Fitness
I have been working with V for over 11 months now. I came to Shape after trying and not getting results at Curves, Jenny Craig, and others. I was 205lbs and have now lost over 60lbs.
I truly feel as if V saved my life.
Vernia Smith 
9017 Chantal Drive 
Sacramento California 95829 (Churchill Downs) 
Phone: (916) 730-1679 


Center for Music Medicine 
Welcome to Center for Music Medicine featuring the meditative & mystical music of David Tralle. His soothing keyboard soundscapes treat the mind, body and emotions offering the
whole human being a chance to focus and rest simultaneously. It is our goal to provide opportunities and informational resources for those interested in music and its healing effect on the human being.
Barbara and David 
617 Solano Street 
West Sacramento, CA 95605 
Phone: (916) 376-9092 
Email link on the web site 

Healing Artists of the Sacramento Region (HASR) 
Healing Artists of the Sacramento Region is a beautiful,
professionally printed and online directory of holistic
practitioners throughout greater Sacramento and closely
surrounding towns. Interested in being in the 2010 edition?
We are printing 25,000 directories and all participants receive
a free ad on our highly visited local web directory! For info,
contact Jill or visit our website today! 
Jill Bernard 
Sacramento California 
Email list : 
Phone: (916) 410-2222

Intuitive Healing Arts Festival -
The Festival will be there to assist anyone who wants to move ahead on their spiritual journey by providing resources for
their growth. 
Marcie Mortensson 
held at Red Lion Inn 
Bus 80 & Arden 
Sacramento, CA 
Email Marcie directly at 
Phone: (916) 202-6962

Doctor, Osteopath Holistic 
Michael Kwiker 
Health Associates Medical Group 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 489-4400


Lena Jdanova, CHT, CMT, CBBt.
Hypnotherapy,  Energy Work, Reconnective Healing, Intuitive Empathic Healing, Coaching. Clearing and
balancing chakras and energy field. Addressing pain, emotional imbalance, anxiety, depression, fears,
uncomfortable behavioral patterns and other limitations to self-fulfillment and self-liberation. Spiritual growth support. Children welcomed. CDs for adults and children.
717 Kst, #211 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (530) 692-0151 or (916) 441-1144 or 877-570-6260 .. 

Becoming Unhooked Hypnotherapy    
Barbara    Williams            
9700 Fair Oaks Blvd, Ste G    
Fair Oaks    CA
Barbara is a Certified Addiction Specialist and Clinical  Hypnotherapist, 
with 28 years experience in addiction recovery. The emphasis of her 
work is Codependency Recovery and Empowerment Counseling.

Beth Delaney 
Arden - Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 595-4506 

Sharon Pierce 
Sacramento California 
Phone: (916) 230-6759 

Trace Time 
We offer professional hypnotherapy training, private hypnotherapy sessions, professional hypnosis  workshops, self hypnosis workshops, hypnosis CDs and articles about
hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
Katherine Zimmerman 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 373-1932


Integrated Awareness 
Lansing Barrett Gresham, founder of Integrated Awareness, has, over three decades of touch and movement work utilizing enhanced perception, developed a map correlating each
level of human consciousness with specific body sites and patterns.
Laurine Ann Brusati / Jill Row 
Sacramento, CA (Placer and Sacramento counties) 
Phone: (916) 806-4155 
Email link on the web site

WellSprings  Integrated Awareness 
Wellsprings offers Integrated Awareness, a hands-on healing
technique utilizing energy, structure and movement. IA teachers
combine enhanced perceptual skills with energy and touch, to
facilitate change at all levels of consciousness.
Becca Wageman 
Sacramento California (foothills) 
Phone: (530) 333-4765

Living Awareness Institute -The Herbal Kitchen  provides
the information necessary to prepare, store, and use herbs,
and create a long term healthcare plan.
Kami McBride 
Sacramento, CA (30 miles west) 
Phone: (707) 446-1290


Celestial Touch Massage  & Bodywork 
Pattie Meier
2224 J. Street 
Sacramento California 95816 (inside Healthy Habits) ..
Phone: (916) 505-7786 

The Breema Center 
In Breema bodywork,  one person gives while the other receives.
Sessions takes place on a padded floor, with practitioner and
recipient comfortably dressed. The fully-supported movements
include firm yet gentle stretches, precise and gradual leans into the
muscles, nurturing brushes and holds, and a wide variety of
playfully rhythmic movements.
Christa Bennett, CMT 
P.O. Box 417034 
Sacramento California 95841 
Phone: (510) 428-0937 or (800) 452-1008 

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Energetic Wisdom 
Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. is also a Medical Intuitive,  providing a holistic portrait of the state of your health and helping you uncover the underlying cause of illness, disease and life challenges. An intuitive reading can help you uncover the underlying cause of health or life challenges, assist in healing
both the cause and effect, and provide tools to help you create the life you desire.
Susan Rueppel 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 491-4787 

Janet Bailey
As a medical intuitive, Janet is able to provide valuable
information and understanding regarding the state of your
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (530) 305-3028

Gail Marcus 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 967-1366 

Nancy Matz 
The 15 years I worked my business in Northern California, I
regularly conducted Past Life Regressions. My training comes
from Spirit of Grace Spiritualist Church and my Ministry from
Church of Living God Studies.
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 773-1657 - 

Jin Shin Jyutsu
Cara Taylor 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 974-1509 

Garden Retreat Therapeutic Landscapes 
Joseph Pattin 
Sacramento, CA (complimentary consultation) 
Phone: (916) 397-1888 

Essential Journey Marketing 
Need help with your holistic business marketing? Before you spend a dime on expensive marketing ventures, consult with Jill to make sure you get the most for your marketing dollars!
Jill is an experienced marketing expert that can help you with graphic & web design, advertising guidance, copy writing services, public relations assistance, and more.
Jill Bernard 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 410-2222 
Email link on the web site

Christa Bennett 
Freelance Writer
P.O. Box 417034 
Sacramento, CA 95841 
Phone: (916) 331-5362


Circle Keepers Lunar Cycle Journey / 
The Storyteller Collective 

Circle keepers, A Lunar Cycle Journey, was created to teach the basic symbology of the Medicine Wheel in  a focused, directed and experiential way. By setting an intention, creating a sacred space,
doing personal daily rituals and meditations, and meeting weekly through one lunar cycle, you will take a guided journey around the wheel, experiencing the attributes of a Cardinal Direction
(East, South, West and North) each week.
Susan Lawton 
Sacramento, CA (graphic design) 
Phone: (916) 922-8016 
Email link on the web page

Radiant Light Spiritual Center 
Through her healing practice, Premsay Healing Arts, Marilyn integrates intuition with Ayurvedic wisdom and the healing arts of
Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy and Reiki.
Marilyn Buehler 
2443 Fair Oaks Boulevard #212 
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (916) 812-9496 

Christine McCaleb 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 663-4450 or (916) 203-4450 


Blue Diamond Growers 
Blue Diamond Stores
We also have Blue Diamond Nut & Gift Shops located in
Sacramento, Modesto and Chico. Please stop by and visit if
you're in the area!
P.O. Box 1768 or 1802 C Street - Sacramento, CA 95814 ..
(makers of Almond Breeze non-dairy beverage) 
Phone: (916) 442-0771 

Sacramento  Natural Foods Co-op 
Are you new to the Co-op or have you been a customer for a
longtime and would like to learn more about we have to offer?
1900 Alhambra Boulevard and S Street 
Sacramento, CA 95816 (juice bar) 
Phone: (916) 455-2667 

Whole  Foods Market 
Natural and Organic Products
4315 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95864 
Phone: (916) 488-2800

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Sacramento Ca | California Holistic Health


Sacramento Naturopathic  Medical Center 
California-licensed primary care naturopathic medical  doctor /detective that will find the cause of your dis-ease and will prescribe evidence-based alternative natural therapies and lifestyle changes.
Dennis Godby 
2530 "J" St., Suite 100,
Sacramento, CA 95816 
Phone: (916) 446-2591 

Leslie Skinner 
Sacramento, CA (El Dorado County, Cameron Park) ..
Phone: (530) 677-7546 

Naturopathic School
Gateways College of Naturopathy and Natural Therapeutics
Angela Burr
Madsen - CA 
Phone: (530) 677-3247 

Murine  Communications
Ancient Wisdom Publications is my venue of self-expression and to permeate ideas that uplift, force you to ponder and help in various are some of the books....
Andras Nagy 
2388 Nucla Way 
Sacramento, CA 95834 (North Natomas) 

Garden  Fare
We aim to make our gardens and, more generally, organic food
more financially and culturally accessible to the range of communities
we serve.
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: 530.913.2962 

Personal Coach
Gail Jones 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 362-0558 

A  Positive Statement 
Danea has helped me achieve a happier, more fulfilling life. She
helps you to focus and build on the positive aspects of your life
and teaches you how to minimize and learn from the negative.
Danea Horn -
3201 S Street, #488 
Sacramento, CA 95816 
Phone: (800) 531-6183 

Earth Spirit Sanctuary 
Integrating numerous modalities  (including but not limited to)
Myofascial release, Orthopedic Massage, Swedish massage
and deep tissue therapy, accupressure, neuro-somatic integration,
muscle-balancing, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, orthobionomy,
polarity, breathwork, therapeutic exercises and skills for self care.
Ann Sibbet 
Sacramento, CA 
Phone: (916) 446-3439 

Mind Over Matters 
Jacinta Dickens 
4144 Winding Way 
Sacramento, CA 95821 
Phone: (916) 429-5896 

Quantum Touch

Marie Diane Schilly Rev.
Elk Grove, California    
408 656 5061
I believe Quantum-Touch  is a massage for your spirit and your soul. I believe that Quantum-Touch makes an incredible difference, helping people heal physically and emotionally to achieve their dreams more 
rapidly.  I love working with this energy and being the  facilitator for the resulting transformations.    

Robert McQueen
Quantum Touch

Santa Rosa, California 95409    
obert says “I can work in person or long distance over the phone. 
I set a high vibration and the client’s body rises up to match that 
vibration to facilitate rapid healing.”  Clients experience  relief 
from pain, reduced swelling, and their spine easing back into  alignment.  
Quantum Touch is  unique because it is extremely gentle and 
soothing and yet yields powerful results in a very short 
period of time.


Quantum  Living Health    
Janine    Hassell        
420 Marsalla Drive    
Folsom    CA    95630
When I saw how powerful the results were I decided to become 
certified Reiki practitioner  myself. From there I discovered many 
other energy healing modalities, from healing with crystals, Cranial 
Sacral therapy, Ayurveda and the practice of meditation. All are 
very effective healing methods that prove that you CAN heal 
yourself if you are truly open to doing so. 

Purple Sage    
Jann    Holden        
2120 Main St. Suite C    
Red Bluff    CA    96080
530 737-3214
My specialty is distant Reiki where  I work off a picture or even 
just a name.  REIKI can be used on animals, and literally  anything 
with "energy". I offer many other modalities as well, including 
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techiques or tapping), Sound
Vibrational Therapies including OHM Tuning forks and color 
forks, drumming and singing bowls, also Ear Candling, and 
Magnetic Therapy and Roll-outs.
Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, EFT Coach
By appointment only~~737-3214


All Seasons Day Spa
1422 28th Street, Suite D 
Sacramento California95816 
Phone: (916) 737-7546 

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Jill Bernard 
3104 O Street #108 
Sacramento California 95816 
Our site is here as a place to explore the amazing, local yoga
community ~ studios, special offers, styles, classes, workshops,
retreats, teacher trainings, and more.

EPY Center 
The studio focuses on an integrated approach to health and fitness
using Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis and yoga
practices for general body conditioning, flexibility, rehabilitation,
personal fitness and overall health and wellness.
5281 Folsom Boulevard 
Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 452-6024

Judy Guadalupe 
Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga
Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 427-6403

Kriyananda Devi
2791 24th Street 
Sacramento Ca

 95818 (Land Park)
Phone: (916) 491-6792 

Shannon Wells 
Midtown -
Arden, CA (private yoga sessions, massage)
Phone: (916) 397-4696 

Healthy  Habits Fitness & Yoga Studio
Healthy Habits Studio provides fitness, nutrition, and
motivation through personal training, small group training,
workouts, and healthy eating programs to get you in shape!
Let us help guide you to achieving your health and fitness goals.
2224 J Street 
Sacramento, CA (midtown)
Phone: (916) 444-7729 

The Yoga Solution
Jennifer teaches Hatha Yoga in the Iyengar tradition. Classes are
adapted for all ages and levels with a primary focus on
alignment, form, breath work and deep relaxation.
Jennifer Sadugor 
887 57th Street #B (Antique Mall) 
East Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 383-7933

Tara Stiles
Tara Stiles began her practice of yoga and meditation as a
curious teenager over 40 years ago. She has been teaching
Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung in Sacramento since 1979.
She teaches weekly classes, workshops and has a private practice
doing massage and individualized yoga therapy. Chi Yoga,
Tai Chi and Chi Kung Classes and Retreats 
Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 454-5526

Veera Yoga
711 Pleasant Grove Boulevard #100
Roseville, CA 95677
(916) 415-6790

It's All Yoga 
2405 21st Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 501-4692
Are you...Yoga-curious? Not into hot power yoga? Coming back
after a break? Then you've found the right place.

Body Joy
Rhythms Dance, Yoga, Holistic Bodywork and Physical Therapy 
2030 H St
Sacramento, CA
(916) 267-5478 ‎

Barefoot Yoga Studio
219 E Street
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 753-9642

Rise Yoga Studio
7485 Rush River Drive #705
Sacramento, CA 95831
(916) 764-4388
Some yoga styles  emphasize physical alignment, some explore a soft
fluid healing approach while others are active and moving.

Yoga Seed Collective 
1400 E Street
Sacramento Ca
Phone (916) 978-1367
Sacramento's first and only nonprofit yoga studio!

ShriKula Yoga
1150 Sunset Boulevard #154
Rocklin, CA 95677
(916) 572-5852

Purple Moon Hot Yoga
1251 Base Line Road
Roseville, CA 95747
(916) 773-1222

Arden Hot Yoga
4397 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95864
(916) 482-5652
Welcome to Arden Hot Yoga! Our studio specializes in Hot Yoga
Bikram style classes and Power Vinyasa Flow classes.

Practice Yoga 
807 16th Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 531-6264

Herself Moms
1925 U Street V Street Alley
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 455-6789

Sacramento Yoga Center
2791 24th St # 6
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 392-9092
You will find responsive, caring instructors at the Sacramento Yoga
Center who will work with your individual needs so that you can
have a rewarding, positive experience. Our instructors know how
to make yoga "fit" the individual - rather than trying to make the
individual fit into yoga.

Natomas Bikram Yoga
3270 Arena Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 263-9642

Sattva Yoga & Pilates
2161 Sunset Boulevard
Rocklin, CA 95765
(916) 624-9642

One Flow Yoga Studio
5600 H Street
Sacramento Ca 95819
(916) 842-6082
Why "One Flow"? Because first you must connect, know and
ultimately love yourself before you can be one with everyone and
everything else. In the manner of One Love or One Heart, One
Flow is about the larger love you play an important part in.

Bikram Yoga - Elk Grove
9384 Elk Grove Florin Road
Elk Grove, CA 95628
(916) 714-9642

Granite Bay Pilates & Yoga Inc
8775 Sierra College Boulevard #450
Granite Bay, CA 95661

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Sacramento Ca | California Holistic Health

Lotus Garden Meditation Center | Sacramento  Yoga Tai Chi 
3053 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento CA
(916) 944-8577 ‎
For a varied experience in the complete yoga lifestyle, you can
attend classes in Hatha Yoga,  Meditation, and T'ai Chi. We also
offer programs that incorporate the philosophy and spiritual
wisdom of the ancient yoga system.

Hot Yoga At Sunrise
4009 Bridge St
Fair Oaks, California 95628
(916) 631-7749

Bikram Yoga Lincoln
785 California 65 #20
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 408-3900

Fusion Yoga Studio Sacramento
2310 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 922-9642
We offer traditional Hatha yoga classes that are geared toward
developing a deeper understanding of the postures along with
techniques used to focus our minds while we practice our yoga.

Bikram Yoga Granite Bay
4067 Cavitt Stallman Road
Granite Bay, CA 95746
(916) 797-9829

Padme Yoga Center 
1899 Alhambra Boulevard #120
Sacramento, CA
(916) 455-4600 ‎
At Padme Yoga Center, we believe in a regular, vigorous but safe
yoga practice to inspire you to live your life to its fullest expression.

Bo Tree Yoga Center 
803 2nd Street
Davis, CA
(530) 400-6292

Yoga Loka
4820 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento Ca 95819
(916) 454-4100
Bikram Hot Yoga is a very intelligently designed series of postures.
It works the body from the inside out, from the micro to the
macro level.

Bikram Yoga Davis
405 L Street
Davis, CA 

Asha Yoga
1050 20th Street #110 

(916) 443-6535
Why Asha Yoga? Camaraderie, authenticity, integrity and faith.
These are core values that our owner, teachers and staff all share.
Our studio space is amazing.

Kaya Yoga Studios 
1505 5th Street
Davis, CA
(530) 756-7272 ‎

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm
14651 Ballantree Lane
Grass Valley, CA 95949
(530) 272-9322

Zuda Yoga: Sacramento Yoga Center
1515 19th Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 441-1267
First time students enjoy unlimited yoga for 10 consecutive days.
Drop in today and take your first class!

Bikram Yoga Folsom
1013 Riley Street
Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 984-9000

Glenda Bell Yoga
2502 Country Club Drive
Cameron Park, CA 95682
(530) 409-2997

Canyon Spirit Yoga Center
538 Auburn Ravine Road
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 885-6407

Ashtanga Yoga with Bill Counter 
807 16th St
Sacramento, CA
(916) 441-4914
What we do is perhaps the most fun yoga Sacramento offers. Yoga
needs to be experienced rather than just read about. The practice
develops strength, flexibility and mental focus. It has a snap and
crackle that will keep you coming back. It's fun!


Kangen Purity / Kangen Water Systems by Enagic 
Discover what the Japanese have known for 30+ years... there is
nothing more important than the quality of water you put into
your body... experience Kangen water and the way to health
through cellular hydration and alkalization. Eco-friendly,
powerful anti-oxidant, purity. Say "NO" to tap and bottled
waters! Change your water, change your life.
Lisa Welge, Owner/CEO -
8690 Chambray Road -
Elk Grove, CA 95624
Phone: (916) 425-8385

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Doctor, Osteopath Holistic

Health Associates Medical Group (916) 489-4400 - Michael Kwiker - 3301 Alta Arden Expressway - Sacramento, CA


Downtown Doula (916) 320-7172 - Michelle Gaymon - Sacramento, CA 


Tamara Dorris (916) 482-5834 - Wright Type - Sacramento, CA


rEvolution (916) 308-3472 - Joe LaValley - Sacramento, CA

Feng Shui

Kim Dugoni (916) 479-1665 - Feng Shui Effects - Sacramento, CA
Feng Shui with Mary (916) 369-1166 - Living in Harmony - Mary Mieth - Sacramento, CA
Ursula Rabe (530) 432-9365 or 1-866-999-8169 - Sacramento, CA
Sandra Ruggles-Ohman (916) 835-0788 - Sacramento, CA


Shape Health Fitness (916) 730-1679 - Vernia Smith - 9017 Chantal Drive - Sacramento, CA 95829 (Churchill Downs)
Vitality Fitness(916) 710-0178 - Wanda - Sacramento, CA


Living Awareness Institute (707) 446-1290 - Kami McBride - Sacramento, CA 

Integrated Awareness (916) 806-4155 - Laurine Ann Brusati / Jill Row - Sacramento, CA (Placer and Sacramento counties)*
WellSprings Integrated Awareness (530) 333-4765 - Becca Wageman - Sacramento, CA 

Health Food

Blue Diamond Growers (916) 442-0771 - P.O. Box 1768 or 1802 C Street - Sacramento, CA 95814 (makers of Almond Breeze non-dairy beverage)

Health Food Store

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (916) 455-2667 - 1900 Alhambra Boulevard and S Street - Sacramento, CA 95816 (juice bar)

Whole Foods Market (916) 488-2800 - 4315 Arden Way - Sacramento, CA 95864

Bodhi Henna (916) 572-7792 - Audrey Womack - 900 Fulton Avenue, Suite 270 - Sacramento, CA 95825 

InnerWorks Wellness (916) 212-0043 - Lisa Stone Kelley - 1104 Corporate Way - Sacramento, CA 95831 

Sacramento Hypnotherapy (916) 549-5109 - Pete Schellhous - 2230 Loma Vista Drive - Sacramento, CA
Sharon Pierce (916) 230-6759 - Midtown - Sacramento, CA
Staying Light (916) 441-1144 - Lena Jdanova - Sacramento, CA
Trace Time (916) 373-1932 - Katherine Zimmerman - Sacramento, CA

Investments, Conscious

Bob Dreizler (916) 444-2233 - Sacramento, CA


Energetic Wisdom (916) 444-1112 - Susan Rueppel - Sacramento, CA
Nancy Matz (916) 773-1657 - Sacramento, CA
iraFlora (916) 967-1366 - Gail Marcus - Sacramento, CA

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Cara Taylor (916) 974-1509 - Arden - Sacramento, CA

Landscape, Environmental

Garden Retreat Therapeutic Landscapes (916) 397-1888 - Joseph Pattin - Sacramento, CA (complimentary consultation) 

Christa Bennett (916) 331-5362 - P.O. Box 417034 - Sacramento, CA 95841
Florence Claypoole (916) 447-7981 - Renewal Therapeutic Massage - 3101 “I” Street #203 (corner of “I” and Alhambra) - Sacramento, CA 
Massage Get Away (312) 804-1055 -Susan - Sacramento, CA
National Holistic Institute 1-800-315-3552 - Jennifer Jhanda - 1610 Arden Way, Suite 110 - Sacramento, CA 95815
EastDeAnna Castleberry Sacramento Bodyworks & Art (916) 456-5003 - Bart Jones - 3560 J Street, Suite 3 - Sacramento, CA

Massage, School

Anthem College - 9738 Lincoln Village Drive, Suite 100 - Sacramento, CA 95827
Carrington College (916) 361-1660 - 8909 Folsom Boulevard - Sacramento, CA 95826 (formerly Western Career College)
Milan Institute / Trinity College Sacramento Campus (707) 425-2288 - 1111 Howe Avenue, #620 - Sacramento, CA 95825Massage, Thai
Catalina Davis (916) 442-2639 - The BodyMind Center - 2528 “I” Street - Sacramento, CA 
Medical Intuitive
Janet Bailey (530) 305-3028 - Sacramento, CA
Medicine Wheel
Circle Keepers Lunar Cycle Journey / The Storyteller Collective (916) 922-8016 - Susan Lawton - Sacramento, CA (graphic design)
GoldVision (916) 265-0203 - Laura Hansen - Divine Spark Center - 5714 Folsom Blvd, Suite 350 - Sacramento, CA 95819
Radiant Light Spiritual Center (916) 812-9496 - Marilyn Buehler - 2443 Fair Oaks Boulevard #212 -Sacramento, CA 95825-7684
Christine McCaleb (916) 663-4450 or (916) 203-4450 - Sacramento, CA


Morning Star Apothecary - Jessica Braafladt - Sacramento, CA


Sacramento Naturopathic Center (916) 446-2591 - Dennis Godby - 2530 "J" Street, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95816


Leslie Skinner (530) 677-7546 - Sacramento, CA 

Naturopathic School

Gateways College of Naturopathy and Natural Therapeutics (530) 677-3247 - Angela Burr-Madsen - CA


Murine Communications - Andras Nagy - 2388 Nucla Way - Sacramento, CA 95834 

Organic Garden

Garden Fare - Sacramento, CA


Paranormal Conference - Sacramento, CA

Personal Coach

Gail Jones (916) 362-0558 - Sacramento, CA
A Positive Statement (800) 531-6183 - Danea Horn - 3201 SStreet, #488 - Sacramento, CA 95816 


Earth Spirit Sanctuary (916) 446-3439 - John and Ann Sibbet - 2430 K Street, Suite 100 - Sacramento, CA*
SacPilates (916) 410-2222 - Sacramento, CA

Pranic Healing

All Well Healing (916) 208-4774 - Rebecca Ryan - 2157 Peakview Avenue - Sacramento, CA 95835
Mind Over Matters (916) 429-5896 - Jacinta Dickens - 4144 Winding Way - Sacramento, CA 95821

Katherine Jones (916) 987-2950 - CA

Tina Lee (530) 403-6421 - Sacramento, CA
Pattie McIntosh (916) 726-0568 - Honoring You on Your Life's Journey - Sacramento, CA

Psychotherapist, holistic

Ann Naimark (916) 442-5354 - 2627 J Street - Sacramento, CA 95816 

Sacramento YeYoung Qigong Meditation (916) 479-1104 - Jess Wilson - 9430 Maris Lane - Elk Grove - Sacramento, CA

The Reiki Center (916) 974-1534 - Beverly Jean Farris - Arden - Sacramento, CA
Kathi Gibson (916) 486-9717 - Art of Healing - Midtown & Arden - Sacramento, CA
Paula Gordon (916) 454-1333 - Body Wisdom Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Massage - Sacramento, CA
Reiki Healing Journeys (917) 771-9086 - Lori Russo-Ocampo - Sacramento, CA 95822
Restaurant, Healthy
Tower Cafe (916) 441-0222 - Land Park and Broadway - Sacramento, CA 
Chi Yoga Retreats with Tara Stiles (916) 454-5526 - Sacramento, CA (Bodega Bay, Lake Tahoe, Pt Reyes, Hawaii, Bali)*
Sista Retreats / FeatherDancing - Kathryn Hal - CA

The Learning Exchange (916) 929-9200 - 1111 Howe Avenue, Suite 125 - Sacramento, CA 95825 
Spiritual Counseling
Mystic Soul Reader - Amy - Sacramento, CA
With Love and Grace (916) 365-2667 - Halima Love - 5009 Spica Parkway - Sacramento, CA 95823
Spiritual Healing
Carole Thomas (916) 944-4475 - Tapestry, Weaving the Colors of the Soul - Sacramento, CA

Olivus Tea (916) 601-1396 - Miraculous Manufacturing - J. Hotchkiss - P.O. Box 160347 - Sacramento, CA 95816
Connecting Compassionately (916) 444-2485 - Itara O'Connell - 2224 J Street - Sacramento, CA
Bonnie Blumenfeld (916) 663-2293 - Animal Nutrition - Sacramento, CA
Vibrational Healing
Robin Ruby DeVol (916) 442-2208 - Sacramento, CA

Starchamber Products (530) 570-5291 or (530) 877-3482 - Tommie Mercer - Sacramento, CA 95967

EPY Center (916) 452-6024 - 5281 Folsom Boulevard - Sacramento, CA 
Judy Guadalupe (916) 427-6403 - Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga - Sacramento CA
Kriyananda Devi (916) 491-6792 - 2791 24th Street - Sacramento, CA 95818 (Land Park)
Healthy Habits Fitness & Yoga Studio (916) 444-7729 - 2224 J Street - Sacramento, CA (midtown)
SacYoga (916) 410-2222 - Sacramento, CA 95819*The Yoga Solution (916) 383-7933 - Jennifer Sadugor - 5290 Elvas Avenue - East Sacramento, CA
Tara Stiles (916) 454-5526 - Chi Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung Classes and Retreats - Sacramento, CA 

Courage Martial Arts and Fitness (916) 396-7165 - Chris Domingo - 1925 U Street - Sacramento, CA 95818

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